Big Brother 2013 RECAP 8/11/13: Season 15 Episode 20 “HoH & Eviction Nominations”

Big Brother 2013 RECAP 8/11/13: Season 15 Episode 20 “HoH & Eviction Nominations”

Tonight on CBS BIG BROTHER returns for the twentieth episode of their 15th season. On tonight’s episode we see the HoH competition and who the new HoH puts up on the block.   Did you watch the last episode where someone was evicted from the BB house? We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On last week’s show we got to see the newest houseguest get evicted.  With a unanimous vote, the houseguests decided to send Candice home.  The houseguests were given a surprise and BB decided to cram one full week of Big Brother into last week’s episode.  That meant another HoH competition, another Veto and another houseguest sent home.  Aaryn won HoH in the competition and she nominated both Jesse and Spencer.  At the Veto competition Aaryn won again and took Jessie off the block and replaced him with Judd.  Aaryn’s explanation was that she felt Judd had been playing her.  Finally Judd was blindsided and he was sent home.

On tonight’s show because last episode the HoH competition was not held last week we get to see the HoH competition and who wins the HoH.  We also get the lead up to the eviction nominations but not the actual nominations.  If you want to know who becomes HoH we have already spoiled the episode.  [CLICK HERE]

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 8 PM EST with its eleventh episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you?  Who do you think America is going to put up for eviction?  While you wait for the recap, let us know what you think of this season of Big Brother, so far?

RECAP: It seems that Big Brother is doing a little recapping first tonight: Ginamarie says that Candice acted like a rat and showed it right at the end before she was evicted. The fighting between Candice and Ginamarie continued, Andy thinks it was so ridiculous. Ginamarie made a low blow though, she told Candice that nobody likes her not even her mother. Aaryn thinks Ginamarie is hurting herself. As Candice walks out the door, Ginamarie says again that Candice’s mom doesn’t like her. Next they show Aaryn winning HoH. Next is the nominations, then the Veto ceremony and we see when Judd was back doored and also sent to the Jury House with Candice. We get to see a little behind the scenes on why Judd got sent home, basically Helen knew how strong he was and made the decision to get him out and Aaryn as we all know, does exactly what Helen wants her to do. Judd knew he was getting evicted and pleaded for his case, Aaryn started crying but knew if she went against Helen she would go after her next. Amanda starts crying as well, what an actress. Jessie knows that if it wasn’t for the last minute switch, she would have been going home. Amanda is sure that Judd was the MVP two weeks in a row and put her up, so she has no remorse. Just goes to prove who is running the house, Helen, well that is what she thinks, but Amanda is really running it. Honestly, the way some of the houseguests were crying and going on, you would think that Judd just died.

Helen goes to console Aaryn and tells her she is like former Big Brother house guest Janelle and for once, nobody in the house is after her. Andy is crying and gets consoled by McCrae who also misses Judd. Amanda takes Aaryn in the Have Not room for a chat and tells her that what she did is huge and nobody will doubt her every again. Aaryn really trust Helen, but she makes a final four deal with Amanda, McCrae and Andy.

Andy and McCrae are still crying, Andy says that he knows it was for the best, but it really sucked. Andy leaves to be alone for a bit. Helen tells everyone else that even though it is hard, this was best for their game. Spencer is shocked how the house went after Judd like wild hogs.

Time for the new HoH competition there are juke boxes outside and Aaryn is dressed like an old time waitress. Aaryn tells the house guests that they have to land a cherry on the top of a large sundae, to advance to the next round. The house guest to win the head to head round, will win HoH.

First round is Helen v. Jessie, Andy v. Ginamarie, Amanda v. Spencer and Elissa v. McCrae. Aaryn announces that the winner of the HoH must name the four Have Nots for the week. Jessie advances to the next round, so does Andy, Amanda and McCrae. The second round has Jessie v. Andy, Andy wins and advances to the final round. Amanda v. McCrae are next, McCrae wins and Amanda is ticked off and annoyed that he didn’t throw the competition for her. It is down to the championship match, Andy vs. McCrae. The winner of the HoH is Andy.

Andy has to pick the Have Nots, but the women come forward and volunteer; Helen, Aaryn, Elissa and Ginamarie.

Amanda is alone with McCrae and tells him how annoyed she is that she hasn’t won at anything. McCrae can’t believe the way she is going on. It is time for America to vote, they choose the food for the Have Nots; cottage cheese and cow peas, turnips and taffy or head cheese and Habaneros.

Amanda is still crying and Helen is consoling her and telling her they are all still in the house because of Amanda is an amazing game player, she wins without having to win and has no blood on her hands. Andy walks in and Amanda tells him that she is so happy for him even though she is upset that she never won anything. Andy tells Amanda wouldn’t she be happier if she won HoH on her own than if McCrae threw the competition. Meanwhile, Jessie thinks Amanda should just stop her pity party already.

Helen sits down with Andy and tells him that he should put up Amanda and McCrae, but little does Helen know that he has an alliance with them. Helen is a little surprised that Andy is not eager to be on board, he is supposed to be working with her. Helen tells Andy that she is worried that if they don’t make a move soon, they won’t have a chance. Andy needs to make a decision on whose side he is going to be on.

Nomination time, Andy puts up Jessie and Spencer for eviction.

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