Blake Lively Replaces Katherine Heigl In The Age Of Adaline – Heigl’s Career Ruined By Prima Donna Behavior

Blake Lively Replaces Katherine Heigl In The Age Of Adaline - Heigl's Career Ruined By Prima Donna Behavior

Blake Lively > Katherine Heigl? Blake has replaced Katherine in a film called The Age of Adaline, to be directed by Lee Toland Krieger. Who would have thought that this would happen five years ago, when Heigl was at the top of her box office game with films like Knocked Up and 27 Dresses, and Lively was just a CW star trying to make it big?

Now, the fortunes have definitely reversed, with Blake being more bankable and Katherine being the wild card. To be fair to Katherine, her undoing was her own fault, and the fact that she’s difficult to work with is way more of a factor than her box office flops. With Blake, it’s more about her tabloid name and her Gossip Girl fans than it is about talent, as much as she would be loathe to admit that.

Now, The Age of Adaline actually does sound like a perfect role for Blake. According to the synopsis of the film, the story focuses on a beautiful woman who stops aging after encountering a near fatal accident. She travels the world for hundreds of years before meeting the one man that she loves and wants to settle down with – basically, a vampire story without the vampire aspect. And with lots of pretty clothes, which Blake is already used to.

While this type of film has been done before, both in superhero and supernatural genres, it’s never been done as a straight drama without any added supernatural elements. Sure, it sucks that every movie of this type always has to be about ‘finding the man’, but there’s Hollywood for you, in a nutshell.

What do you guys think about Blake headlining a film? This will be her first role since wrapping up Gossip Girl more than a year ago, but she has yet to open a successful film on only her name, which Heigl has done many times over – kinda shows you how badly Heigl screwed up her reputation, doesn’t it?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet