Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina is Marrying Her Brother – Incestuous and Dangerous?

Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina is Marrying Her Brother - Incestuous and Dangerous?
It’s official Bobbi Kristina Brown is marrying her brother. They were engaged before until suddenly her ring went a way for a while but the bigger issue is that the engagement is back on. Usually we could congratulate those lucky couples who are getting hitched but we can’t now. It’s merely too weird for us. There is a reason why incest is band, a lot of people just can’t stomach it. I mean come on how do you say I hope you and your brother make beautiful babies.

The only saving grace is that her fiance, Nick Gordan, was more her foster brother than any biological relative but still he was raised as her brother for over a decade. Whitney even referred to him as her son. So no actually adoption papers don’t matter. What matters is he is in fact her brother and now he’s the guy that sees her naked.

How do I say this kindly, I vomited a little. What is she thinking? It must not be much if she honestly thinks everyone would be happy for her with this guy. We see it for what it is. She lost her mother and her dad is a flake. That’s why she’s holding on too tightly to the closet someone there. But she has other relatives. As seen on their short lived TV show, her family has expressed deep concern for her. Her drinking has been getting out of hand and is basically self-destructive. When any family members brings it up they get cut off so I wonder how Nick was able to stay in such a shrinking circle.

Either Nick isn’t telling her to get help (rehab) or she’s not listening to him. The first one is more plausible, we did see her cut her aunt off at the knees for trying to help. Bobbi Kristina has been through car accidents and eviction notices yet Nick has been by her side as she continues in her downward spiral.  He’s not being a good brother. He is however being a great opportunist.

Bobbi Kristina came into  lot of money so its understandable why Nick won’t be holding any interventions in the near future.

  • Angel 2009

    1. He’s not biologically her brother.
    2. He’s a enabler and sees $$$ when he looks at her.
    3. Get a J.O.B Loser!