Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Adopting New Child From China, Report

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Adopting New Child From China, Report  0203

I’m so desperate for a decent Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie story that I’ll take this one. It fees like it’s been too long, right? They’ve gone underground after the whole New Years wedding competition with Jennifer Aniston. It’s like they surface at just the right moment to ruin her holiday and then once Angelina feels the job is done she hides back away again. You’ve got to love her conviction. And, reportedly, it’s on display again because she’s feeling broody and wants to snag another kid, only this time from China so she’s making the family learn Mandarin. Angelina Jolie is a tough mom! Is the baby’s adoption contingent upon the family learning the language? I feel sorry for that baby then… that language is HARD.

A source told the Sun: “Brad and Angelina want their children to be international and reckon China will soon be the most powerful country in the world and it’s also the world’s largest culture and one of the oldest. Angie is broody and friends reckon the next child will be Chinese as they have become so obsessed with the country.”

I thought Angelina was trying to charm Putin into handing over those Russian babies again?

I didn’t think she’d go the China route. I thought the whole idea was to make sure she had two kids of similar ethnic background so they had someone to culturally bond with. Pax and Maddox are both Asian but Zahara is the only kid from Africa so I assumed she’d adopt from there again. Still, we need to remember where this info is coming from. The Sun has been super tabloidy lately so I’m not putting much faith in this.

Are Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie adopting again, you think? Are you surprised China is the country of choice?


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  • Angelina Jolie is renowned for the diversity of her adopted brood.
    She says that each child is taught their biological language. Angelina’s
    adoptees, who learn their biological language amongst a foreign land
    and culture, cannot be compared to children able to live amongst their
    own people and culture.

    For Jolie to suggest that money can provide the adoptee with a better
    economic future, without realising it, she has actually placed a value
    judgement on the culture and people of her third world adoptee. Such
    behaviour pushes Western and Imperialist ideals onto non Westerners,
    whilst simultaneously suggesting that other non Western value systems
    are not valid or worthy. It is supremacist in its very nature, as it
    parallels historic assimilation of the heathen peoples of Africa, and a
    return to the psyche of White man’s burden.