Brad Pitt Bashes Jennifer Aniston and Exalts Angelina Jolie – Justin Theroux Plays Hero

Brad Pitt Bashes Jennifer Aniston and Exalts Angelina Jolie - Justin Theroux Plays Hero

Well, it’s about time! What am I talking about? Justin Theroux has had enough of Brad Pitt’s hurtful comments to the press about Jennifer Aniston, that’s what! I’m actually surprised that it took him this long to speak up. Not defending her sooner is kind of uncool if you ask me! Anyway, apparently Brad has given yet another interview slighting Jen. He has already called their 8 year marriage a waste of time, boring and drug fueled. Now he says he has never been happier in his life than he is right now.

According to the June 19th print edition of Star magazine, Justin finally had a mutual friend have a chat with Brad on his behalf. The friend basically suggested that Brad shut the hell up about Jen because his slights are hurtful and if he’s so happy now then there is no reason to reference their former union anyway.

I have to admit, I’ve questioned how happy Brad really is. It sounds like he lives in the past quite a bit and now is finding reasons to still bring Jen up. Think about it, their marriage busted up nearly a decade ago and they still are regular tabloid fodder! How on earth has this Brad-Jen-Angelina Jolie triangle had that sort of staying power? I kind of think Brad’s recent interview bites have only helped to fuel the drama. If he was so happy he’d want to put an end to it, don’t you think? Is Brad madly in love with Angie or just obligated to his family and now making the best of the hand he has been dealt? I used to think Jen was the one stuck in the past but Brad’s reason slights make me think that he’s right there with her! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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10 responses to “Brad Pitt Bashes Jennifer Aniston and Exalts Angelina Jolie – Justin Theroux Plays Hero”

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  2. lilgrandma says:

    He looks more like a druggie now than before!!! STFU brad don’t be such a butt hole!! If he can’t stop is b/c deep down he might still love her!! Or is he trying to proof something to angie will if he is stop useing Jen!!!!

  3. Pamela says:

    This wasn’t the smoothest thing he’s ever said.

  4. JJsjoy says:

    He has big problem. He is so arrogant and rude.
    Jennifer is a very lucky woman who divorced Brad years ago. Now she has found the happiness with Justin.
    I’m so happy for Jen. She is really blessed.

  5. Ross Sherri says:

    I just can’t believe he would put her down since he is the one who cheated on her. He is sounding more like Angelina more and more since she is extremely jealous of Jennifer. I like them all but grow up and stop acting like your kids Brad have a little more class.

  6. Mary Starr says:

    Brad Pitt and Angelina love drugs and booze and their past history isn’t Jen’s at all. True Angie was into more varied sexual activities he sucked up, but Brad and Angie only secured their PR Internationally by buying orphans instead of giving American orphans a home. Thinking Brad is living in the past remembering his better times with Jen and can’t let her go. Angie is a con and their kids are out of control monsters raised by nannies, only paraded for photo ops. It’s my opinion but look at Brad, he needs a bath and he’s not functioning on a full deck. His popularity has bombed and what’s Angie’s next move to get attention. Her decision when she didn’t have cancer is questionable and not for everyone at all. Could be a disaster for some. I wish them good health and a bath but a broken jaw and toothless would serve Brad well if he can’t apologize. Jen was the one who worked hard and she wasn’t the drunk, dirty druggie,, she just married the non God believer Brad who has to put that out all the time selling atheism when we don’t ask. No wonder he’s not popular now. I’ll never see another film of his and guess that’s true of many people. He’s rich, he can live with his dreams of Jen’s better body and her magical personality. She’s fun .. he’s a mess and looking less than sexy. More like dirty and dumb.

    • Jan says:

      Good gawd girl, get a grip…you’re so far off the facts it’s absurd. You sound like a dumb drama queen.

  7. Mary Starr says:

    Oh, Brad still has a fan…. good. You can bathe him cause he needs some cleaning up. And drugs, oh, he and Jen weren’t the ones, it was he and Angie who loved their lives fueled with booze and drugs behind the scenes, not Jen. I think he misses Jen more than you’ll ever understand. When he’s on his drugs and drinks, he can’t keep her out of his mind. But he’ll cool it soon. Justin is respected and even George Clooney and his girlfriend don’t like Angie and you notice they are not double dating. George won’t let Angie and the kids back to stay at his home either. Sad for Brad’s family is awesome but unlike him who has to tell us there is no God when we don’t ask, they are fabulous. Justin and Jen are a great couple with so much going for them, and Brad, well, his time has come and gone. He’s still drugging and drinking and it’s no secret but to him. I bet he thinks of Jen when he is stuck now with Angie.s a habit for people who do drugs. They live in their past and Jen’s the one he can’t get over. He’d better, Justin warned him now. He means it.

  8. Jan says:

    I don’t think he’s making a dig on Jen at all. Honestly, being happier than ever doesn’t mean you hated your past. We all have a “best” part of our life. He’s with Angelina, not Jen, because he’s happier with Angelina. What’s wrong with that? When he says he was wasting his life away, he sure was wasting it, sitting around stoned and a homebody for years and years, doing basically nothing and going nowhere….this doesn’t mean he wasn’t in love with Jen. It was time for him to go and grow. He shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it. This was no “lateral” move to another woman, it was an entire life and lifestyle change, almost the opposite of how he had been living with Jen.

  9. a says:

    Grow up people… They have all moved on… Brad was in love with Jen and now he is in love with Angie… Both Jen and Angie are equally pretty and Brad looks pretty damn good