Breaking Amish LA RECAP 8/18/13: Season 2 Episode 5 “Exile”


Breaking Amish: LA continues on TLC with a new episode called, “Exile.” On tonight’s show the group takes a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas. Did you watch last week’s crazy episode? If you want to get caught up we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

On last week’s show Andrew’s arrival lit a fire and the spirit of rebellion was contagious. The time came to take the plunge and trade in traditional Amish clothes for a modern English makeover. It was all cause for celebration, until things took an unexpected turn.  All eyes were on Betsy as her behavior became increasingly suspicious.

On tonight’s show Betsy is confronted as more is revealed about what took place at the house one night behind closed doors. Iva calls on her boyfriend Sam to help her in a time of need, but gets a surprise of her own. And the group takes a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas.

We will be covering Breaking Amish: Los Angeles tonight at 10PM EST so don’t forget to come back to this site for our full and detailed recap.  Make sure to refresh often to get the most recent details.  While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.  Enjoy!

 Tonight’s Recap HERE

Betsy is freaking out Andrew. She’s explaining that she wasn’t practicing witchcraft but instead trying to keep the evil spirits away. That’s why she has all the candles. They keep the devil away. Betsy leaves Andrew alone in the house as she goes out. He falls asleep and wakes when the rest of the house returns.

The house is freaked out what with Betsy’s witchcraft business. No one wants to touch the candles. They’re afraid what that might do. Iva is so freaked she calls her boyfriend from back home to come out here so they could talk.

The next day Betsy comes back and Lizzie, Iva, and Andrew talk to her. They tell her the candles crap has to stop along with some other than things. Like her flirtatiousness. She’s tried to sleep with several people in the house and that includes Iva. Betsy tried to defend herself on that charge but despite the footage Betsy is denying everything. She keeps saying Devon was with them although Iva says it was only Betsy.

All of the arguments have culminated into Iva wanting her gone. It’s only Matt willing to talk to Betsy calmly in order to get her to stop with all the talk about the Dark arts. He takes her outside to talk and when they return to the house to see Betsy’s stuff on the front porch. He pulls her off to a corner and goes back to talk to the rest of the house.

He tries to get them to understand that Betsy needs acceptance and not rejection to let go of her former behavior but Lizzie is worried about her child and Iva’s situation goes for something she wasn’t talking about to suddenly being taken advantage of. Matt gets them to drop the subject for now but the moment they leave the house Betsy comes back and she does destroys the house. She leaves messages on everything saying die and you’re all hexed. She even messed with Matt’s things.

Basically everyone that was impartial is now firmly against her.

Iva’s boyfriend comes out for a visit. She wanted to tell him about Betsy. She says she woke up with Betsy kissing her with her hands in Iva’s pants. It took a while for Iva to process it all and she regrets coming to L.A. After hearing what happened, her boyfriend Sam tells her to go to the cops. He drives her there to report it.

Back at the house, there’s something wrong with Andrew. There was no behind him when he was suddenly pushed and injured his foot. He thinks it was Betsy’s hex. At the hospital he was diagnosed with torn ligaments. His foot could have shattered if the sprain had happened one millimeter in. Andrew believes God saved his foot from Betsy.

Meanwhile Sam has some plans for Iva. He takes her out to dinner where he brings her flowers and surprise surprise proposes. Back home Iva didn’t want to get married so soon. She first wanted to have her career but this time she says yes to Sam’s proposal. Yet notice how she says he really loves me over how they really love each other.

She may have said yes because what happened with Betsy. Betsy has been hiding out. She can’t return to the house or to back home and her husband. She says Iva made up her attack. What really happened was that both girls were grinding up on Devon that night and the next day Iva told her not to tell anyone because she didn’t want her boyfriend to find out. But then Betsy told Andrew and Andrew talked to Iva about it. That’s when Iva started to say Betsy attacked her.

Betsy has no other option other than to confront Iva. She doesn’t want to go to jail for Iva’s lies.

Iva announced her engagement the next day and to celebrate Andrew suggest they go to Las Vegas. The city of sin isn’t that appealing to Matt but he says Jesus is with him. Once there Matt goes with the girls to what he thought would be a dance show that really is a stripper show. Matt is mortified. He leaves early after seeing a good deal of the performance.

In next week’s promo Betsy shows the video of what really happened to her former housemates. She follows them to Las Vegas.