Breaking Bad Series Finale Review – What Happened To Walt and Jesse?

Breaking Bad Series Finale Review - What Happened To Walt and Jesse?

We pick up a few minutes after the final scene last week. Walter is in a car, he puts his box of cash on the passengers seat. Walter has a screwdriver he got out of the glove compartment. Walter notices the police are coming up fast from behind. Walter just sits there saying over and over again that he just wants to get home. The police pass him by. Walter still has the screwdriver and when he moves the mirror he sees the keys to the car.

Walter pulls up to a gas station somewhere in New Mexico. Walter opens the trunk to get out his medication (lots of money is back there to). Walter goes to a pay phone and dials a number and ask to talk to someone named Susan. Walter tells her he is with the New York Times that his name is David and that he needs to get in touch with Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz. Susan gives him their home address. Walter hangs up the phone and then puts the watch that Jesse gave him on top of it (because who needs a watch when your time is up).

Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz have just arrived back home and Walter is watching them from the bench he is sitting on in the courtyard of their house. They don’t even. They don’t even notice him. Walter just opens some doors and breezes right in. Then he just stands there and looks around before following them into the kitchen. Both are still oblivious to the fact Walter is there even though he is less than two or three steps away. It’s only after Gretchen starts the fireplace and turns around that she sees Walter and screams. Walter turns to Elliot and compliments him on his beautiful home.

Gretchen wants to know why Walter is there. Walter tells her he saw them on TV and was not to pleased with what they had to say. They both want to know if Walter is going to hurt them. Walter tells them he just wants them to walk out to his car he has something to show them. Elliot picks up a knife. Walter tells him if he wants to go that route he is going to need a bigger knife.

Walter brings in stacks and stacks of cash and tells Gretchen to make sure none fell off the table. Walter tells them that it totals nine million dollars and it is for his children. They are to give it to Junior on his 18th birthday and that Junior can do whatever he wants with it. Elliot questions Walter as to why they should do it. Walter tells Elliot that his family wants nothing to do with him and wouldn’t question it if two rich people gave it to them as charity. Walter makes it clear they are to only spend his money on his family not theirs. Elliott ask what happens next. Walter tells them they shake on it. Walter shakes both Elliott and Gretchen’s hands. Before he leaves Walter ask if he can trust them. Elliott tells Walter he can. Walter tells them he has two red dot sights on them. That he hired the two best hit men he could find and that no matter what happens to him if they don’t give his family the money a countdown will begin and at some random point in time they will both be killed. Walter tells them to cheer up and he leaves. Gretchen starts to cry. (This is totally brilliant on Walter’s part, instead of killing them he makes them pay their debt to him….. literally).

Two people come running up to Walter’s car. It’s Jesse’s old pals Badger and Skinny Pete and the red sight dots were just laser pointers. Skinny Pete thinks what they just did was shady. Walter hands them lots of cash, they instantly feel better about their role in the shady business that is Walter’s. Walter ask them if the blue meth is still being sold. They confirm that it is and they believe that it is Walter selling it. Walter then ask about Jesse. They tell Walter that they think he took over the reigns of the cooking even though they thought he was moving to Alaska.

Speaking of Jesse we see him in what looks to be a wood shop building a chest and polishing it up. Jesse is shown in the present next with longer hair and a beard. Jesse pulls his chains as he works in the lab ( the chains I presume being a metaphor for the life he has had to live because of Walter and the choices he made Jesse feel he had to make).

We get several Walter flashbacks next. First we see him making the number 52 out of his bacon in the diner. Second one is of him getting the ricin out of the electrical outlet at his house. Third is of Hank when he wanted Walter to watch the bust of a meth lab.

Lydia is sitting is at her usual coffee shop and ask for her usual tea with soy milk. Todd is meeting with her and unbeknownst to them Walter is listening in to the whole conversation. Walter turns around in his chair and joins them at their table. Walter tells them nobody knows he is there and all he needs is two minutes. Walter tells them they have a new way of making meth. Lydia is more concerned about he found her. Walter tells her he knows she goes there every Tuesday. Walter has a coughing spell. Once it subsides he tells them he has spent all his money. Lydia ask how much it would cost. Walter says one million. Todd says he will talk to his Uncle Jack about it. Walter gets up and leaves. Lydia comments she would be doing Walter a favor if she goes along with it. (This scene requires attention to detail,because if you watch carefully you will notice ever so delightfully that Walter slips the ricin in Lydia’s tea, making her the first death of the finale).

Walter is humming happily while building some kind of a device that is rigged to his car.

Marie calls Skyler to warn her that she has been phone calls from all around town telling her that Walter is back. Marie tells Skyler to be on the lookout and to please be careful. Skyler thanks Marie and then hangs up.

Skyler says he has five minutes (he being Walter of course). Skyler ask him a few questions like if he killed anyone. Walter tells her didn’t hurt anybody. Skyler then ask him what he wants. Walter tells her she just wants a proper goodbye. Skyler ask if he is going to the police. Walter tells her it’s the exact opposite that they will be coming to him. Skyler tells him about the three men that threatened her in Holly’s room. Walter assures that after tonight that won’t ever happen again. Skyler makes it clearshe doesn’t want his money. Walter tells her he spent it all and that all he has to giver her is for the DEA. Walter then gives her a lottery ticket with the gps coordinates to where they can find Hank’s body. Walter tells her to use it as a get out of jail free card. Walter tells her everything he did and has done he did for himself because he liked it was good at it and it made him feel alive. Skyler tells Walter that Junior will be home soon. Walter tells her before he leaves he wants to see Holly. Walter runs his hands through hair and then starts to leave. Juniors bus comes and Walter stops and watches him walk in the house and close the door. Walter then continues to walk away from the house.

Walter pulls up to where and Todd and Jack have the meth lab at. Some of the guards start giving him shit but at this point Walter could really care less. One of the guys gets in the car with Walter and then allows him to drive in. He man tells him to drive to the clubhouse. Walter drives over to it and parks his car. Walter gets out and then is given a pat down, the guy then takes Walter’s keys. (Which are of great importance). The man ask if Walter is wearing a wire he pulls up his shirt and shows them he isn’t. Walter ask for his keys back. The man tells him he will get them later.

Walter walks into the clubhouse and the man lays his keys on the pool table. Uncle Jack informs Walter he looks like shit. Walter tells him he is there to talk business not about how he looks. Jack tells him he isn’t interested in what Walter has to offer because he doesn’t need it. Todd tells Walter he never should have come there. A man puts a gun to Walter’s head and Jack tells Walter he now has Jesse cooking for them. Jack tells Todd to go and get Jesse, and to be quick about because he is going to let Jesse kill Walter.

Walter grabs his keys off the pool table. Jack has them bring Jesse in. As soon as Walter sees him he tackles him and pushes the button on his keys. The trunk flies open and a machine gun starts firing bullets everywhere, hitting anybody in its direct line of fire. ( because even after everything Walter still cares about Jesse). Todd is still alive and he is crawling around looking for the gun. Jesse gets on top of him and starts chocking him with his chains (you can hear Todd’s neck snap). Walter just stands and watches. Jesse goes into his pants gets the key and unlocks his cuffs. Walter picks up a gun looks over at Jack who is still alive and shoots him right in the head. Walter then puts the gun down and kicks it over to Jesse. Jesse picks up the gun and Walter tells him to kill him because it’s what Jesse wants. Jesse notices the bullet wound in Walter and drops the gun and tells him to do it himself. Jesse leaves. Walter goes over to Todd’s body gets his phone and Informs Lydia who is on the other end that he killed everyone including Todd, oh yeah , by the way I also poisoned you with ricin earlier, bye now, have a nice last few hours. Walter hangs up the phone.

Outside Jesse gets in a car and takes off. Jesse slams the car through the gate. Jesse is crying and laughing.

Walter looks down at his wound and see that he is bleeding way too much. Walter just starts walking and ends up at the meth lab. You can hear the police sirens in the distance. Walter goes into the lab and sees the gas mask, he picks it up and smiles. The police have arrived. Walter bends down to get a closer look at the equipment when he falls to the floor dead, blood pooling up around him. ( the song Baby Blue by the Badfinger’s is playing in the background, which to me is absolutely perfect as the last song on this show). The police enter the meth lab and find his body. The End.

What did you think of the ending? I’m personally happy with it. It ended exactly as it should have. Walter payed the price for all that he has done and Jesse is finally free.