Talking Bad Finale Live Recap September 29, 2013 With Vince Gilligan Plus Members of the Breaking Bad Cast


TALKING BAD returns this evening with special guests Adam Scott, Matt Jones and Bryan Johnson. Talking Bad features host Chris Hardwick who will spend time with fans, actors and producers to recap the current episode of Breaking Bad. During the half hour show, Chris will take questions and engage in commentary with weekly guests.

Did you watch last week’s episode where Adam Scott, Breaking Bad‘s own Badger, Matt Jones, and Bryan Johnson of AMC’s Comic Book Men  discussed the evening’s proceedings and took questions live.  If you missed the episode you can read our full and detailed recap here.

On tonight’s show joining host Chris Hardwick will be Breaking Bad‘s creator and executive producer Vince Gilligan plus some of your favorite Breaking Bad cast members past and present

Talking Bad airs tonight, September 22th at 10:15 PM ET on AMC and you don’t want to miss it. What do you think of Talking Bad not coming on directly after Breaking Bad?  I think the ratings might be higher if it directly followed.  Let us know what you think.  While you wait for the recap of Talking Bad, Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonight’s Breaking Bad Series Final  RIGHT HERE!

RECAP: Chris Hardwick says to turn off the show if you missed the episode and how Walter died and Jesse got free. We have Vince Gilligan, Aaron Paul and Jimmy Kimmel with him. Chris says he’s sad about Walter dying, he mentions how we saw Walter transform through the years. Chris thanks Vince for the awesome finale that wrapped everything up, he asks about his process for the finale. Vince thanks God for his writers helping him figure out the ending, they went through a lot of false starts but knew they had to give it a clear ending because the shows and movies that don’t are really annoying. Chris says that resolution is what fans wanted and was glad about it; he believes that Vince killed it. Chris asks him if he ever thought about doing a Soporanos ending; Vince says the show was intended to be very clear and starts at A and ends at B. Chris says having Jesse kill Todd was great, Aaron was so happy for him to kill Todd with the chains; Chris says it was amazing hearing his neck snap. Chris asks about how it was doing that scene and Aaron mentions that he loved doing such an intense scene; the fact that Jesse could kill his nemesis felt really good. Chris asks about Walter’s state at the mind at the end, Vince said he was with his precious like Gollum in the LOTR where the lyrics of the song at the end made him at peace. Walter accomplished what he wanted from the beginning, he wanted to leave his family off fine. Chris says that the show just takes turns you never see coming. Chris asks why Jesse wouldn’t shoot Walter, Aaron says at the beginning he wanted Jesse to kill Walter in the beginning but didn’t want Jesse do take another life besides Todd. He believes Jesse is above that and wanted Walter to die in his own misery, but Walter died protecting Jesse and thought it was really beautiful. Chris says that Jesse is getting freedom from everything now, Jimmy says Walter was giving Jesse an opportunity to do what he wanted. Chris asks about Jesse’ s future and Jimmy wonder what he does right after; Aaron says he’s just driving as far as possible or go see Brock.

Chris then asks how much Aaron raised from charity and it was about 2.2 million dollars; Aaron says that omaize is a great site and mentions how Bryan did one with them and that it was for his wife’s charity. Chris then questions Jesse doing the wood working in the one scene and asked about it in Jesse’s mind; Aaron says he’s day dreaming and that it keeps him at peace. Aaron believes Jesse was an artist at heart and thought about what his life could have been, but how it was all just a dream within his hell cooking. Chris asks Vince about Walter setting the watch on the phone booth, he says it was because Walter wasn’t wearing it at the Denny’s in the preview of the scene in a previous episode. Chris asks about Jimmy’s reaction to the remote gun scene, Jimmy says it was amazing and that he accomplished everything with that one gadget. Chris mentions how Lydia dying was pretty funny and Jimmy mentions that he had no idea that was going to happen;Chris asks if there was something in the finale they couldn’t have in it. Vince says it was a whole scene of Walter hanging up the phone he was going to realize a kid looking out the gas station at him, the kid knows he’s Heisenburg and then gives him bad look. It was a previous student of Walter’s and Walter questions him about his student about his class but they couldn’t do it because of time. Chris then says that Aaron Paul has a shelf full of Emmy’s and tells him he’s proud of how great he was on the show and how humble he is. Chris goes and hugs Aaron.

Chris is back with Jimmy Kimmel, Vince Gilligan, Anna Gunn and RJ Mitte; Chris compliments Anna and her Emmy win. He asks her how it felt, Anna says it was so incredible and was lot when she was called; she just couldn’t believe that she won and felt it was surreal. Chris mentions how Breaking Bad also won for best drama, he then asks about how Skyler felt after Walter admitted he did it for himself the whole time. Anna says that Skyler finally read in Walter’s eyes that it was the truth and it was something she waited for a long time; it was like a moment where she could actually breath again. Vince says that it was an amazing scene that shot of Walter and Skyler; it was a wonderful moment. Chris says it was heartbreaking how Skyler still loved a piece of Walter and she sees back to the moment where the were in the past as Walter is with Holly and there’s nothing they can do. RJ mentions the season 1 flash back was so weird and it really made him feel so emotional; Chris asks if it’s like losing a piece of himself. RJ says the lost nothing but it feels like it’s the end of the story; he believes it was everything he wanted. Chris asks about Juniors thoughts on Walter’s legacy. Chris says that Junior’s character was strong with calling the cops on his dad so fast and RJ says that he did not have an idea of what’s going on and when he saw the knife fight it went to far; he got in the middle to protect his family and feels that when the 9 million pops up he will probably take it for the family.

Chris then says he got a version of closure for himself but says every character got their own closure towards Walter and him coming to the conclusion to protect his family. Vince says that Junior will never know about the truth of how Hank was not killed by Walter; though Skyler knows the truth.

Bryan says that thinking of the last episode was really scary to read the script, it’s bitter sweet because he’s so happy to have had the opportunity but having to say goodbye is sad. He says the bonds with the people he worked with will always be there and loves them all very much. Chris then asks about how vital Bryan Cranston was to the show, Vince says that you can write the best script you want but without the actors it could have never happened. Vince can’t picture anyone else playing Walter White; Chris asks why it was important for Vince to direct the episode. Vince says it’s fun and loves being with the crew, Jimmy mentions he loved the directing from all the episodes; the tone of the show changed so much but the directing was just phenominal. Vince says the image of Anna in the microwave that Jimmy loved was nothing but a mistake; Chris says the show has such amazing writing, music and acting is amazing. Chris asks Anna about Vince’s directing, Anna says that Vince was amazing to set the details everywhere at all the scenes was just amazing; she couldn’t believe how well Vince was so focused on everything. Vince says a camera man was crying when Walter and Skyler were together.

Chris introduces us to Giancarlo Esposito and Jonathon Banks; Vince asks Giancarlo why Gus is such a fan favorite. Giancarlo says it’s because have how well written the character it was, he loved how Gus was pretending to be a kind and loving human being; but how he was aiming for revenge. Chris says he was always calm and collective; he was always in control. Giancarlo says that Gus tried to make the best of people; Chris then talks about Mike. Chris then asks why people love Mike, Chris wanted Mike to be his dad. Jonathon says that Mike lost his soul and that when you live long enough you lose a piece of yourself; Mike was also never afraid and many people liked that a lot. Chris is giving away a Heisenburg sweatshirt to everyone in the audience.

Chris then asks Jonathon what he thinks about Jesse getting away, he believes that Jesse is going to take care of Brock without a doubt. Chris asks him how it feels about it ending, Jonathon says that Breaking Bad is as good as it gets and that he feels a little adrift. You fell in love with the people on set and that everyone was so happy to be there. Chris asks Anna the same thing but she says Jonathon said it amazingly well; she couldn’t believe how amazing the scripts for the show. She was astonished by it every time and her hands were shaking when she read them; she feels like the luckiest actors in the world to be a part on it. Chris asks Vince about the legacy of Breaking Bad, he says he wants it to out live him to give an immortality to his work. Chris says it’s the end and thanks them all for respecting their fans; their show never dipped and it ended the right way.