Breaking Bad RECAP 9/29/13: Series Finale “Felina”

Breaking Bad RECAP 9/29/13: Series Finale “Felina”

All good things must come to an end and tonight sadly, AMC’s popular drama BREAKING BAD comes to an end.  On tonight’s series finale it is going to get emotional, as we’ve journeyed alongside Walter White (Bryan Cranston) since the beginning. We’ve experienced his struggles; we’ve watched him triumph; and, while Walter’s fate seems certain, you never know.  Did you watch last week penultimate episode?  If you want to catch up before tonight’s show, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you!

On last week’s episode it was intense as the show is rushing full steam ahead to the finish line.  Walt was relocated to a cabin in New Hampshire. After being interrogated by the DEA, Skyler was threatened by Todd not to talk about Lydia. Jesse tried to escape, but was caught. He’s then held bound and gagged in a van and taken to Andrea’s house where Todd kills her in front of him. Walt calls Walter Jr, but Walter Jr. gets enraged and hung up the phone. The police encircle Walt’s location, but he has already left.

On tonight’s show the finale episode is entitled “Felina,” which is obviously an anagram for the word finale. AMC hasn’t released much in way of the show’s synopsis either, other than a brief one line that reads, “The series finale.” Seems like they’re trying to keep this conclusion locked down and sealed tight.

Celeb Dirty Laundry will be covering all the drama of this series finale and you don’t want to miss this highly acclaimed television show featuring these top-notch actors. Prepare for the final Breaking Bad sprint to the finish line tonight and join us for our live recap of Breaking Bad at 9PM EST!  If you are curious what is going to happen tonight we have a sneak peek video and some spoilers for your enjoyment right here. 

RECAP: Walter gets into a car and has a package with him, he puts it on the other seat and takes out a screwdriver from the glove compartment and reaches into the car; with it. Walter is freezing and notices the police are right behind him; he sits there and waits for the flashing blue and red lights to go away. He just keeps repeating that he wants to get home, Walter then just sits there in the cold; he takes the screw driver and finds the keys to the car when putting down the mirror.

Walter White drive up to a gas station in the middle of nowhere to fill up; he opens the trunk of the car to take out and take his medication. Walter goes to a pay phone and asks to speak with a woman named Susan. He introduces himself as David from the New York Times, he asks for a photo for both Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz asking when they’ll be home; they have changed their address and gets it from the person on the phone. Walter then leaves his watch on the phone.

You see both Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz walking up to their house and Walter was watching from a distance on a bench; they walk inside their house and Walter then goes and closes the door to the front. Walter then walks up to the next set of doors and opens it, he takes a little look around the house and then walks on over to where they are talking in the kitchen; Mrs. Schwartz walks in and doesn’t notice Walter when turning on the fire but turns to see him and screams. Walter say hello to Elliot and Gretchen telling them their new house is nice.

Walter says they must have one great view; Gretchen questions why he’s there and says that he saw them on TV. They question if he’s going to hurt them but he says he’s going to show them something inside of his car; the three of them can walk on over to it. Elliot has a knife and Walter tells him he will need a bigger one if they are going to go that way.

Walter brings in a bunch of stack of money with them and asks Gretchen to make sure none of it fell of the table; it’s 9 millions dollars and wants them to give it all to his children. He tells them on his sons 18th birthday that they will give it to him and that he can do whatever he wants with it; Elliot asks why they should do it. Walter says his family hates him and wont take his money, he believes that they would think of nothing of two rich people giving to them as charity would be overlooked. Walter tells them to do it and if they spend a single dime of their own money on his family; only his. Elliot asks what happens next; Walter tells him they shake on it and he leaves. Walter shakes Elliot and Gretchen’s hand and then before he walks out he asks if he can trust them. Elliot says he can and Walter has two red dot sights on them; he tells them that he spent money on the two best hit men and that whatever happens to him tomorrow they will still be out there keeping tabs and if his children do not get the money a countdown will begin; they will randomly be killed.Walter grabs them and tells them to cheer up and they can make it right; Walter then leaves the house as Gretchen starts to cry.

People to come to his car; they run over and get in. It’s Badger and Skinny Pete who only had laser pointers; Badger questions about doing this all. Skinny Pete says it was shady and Walter shows them wads of cash; the two except it and feel better. Walter asks them about the blue meth still being sold, they say that it is and they believe it’s him. Walter asks about Jesse and the two say he probably took the reigns of the cooking; even though they believed he moved to Alaska.

We see Jesse making a wooden chest and polishing it up; he looks much younger here and he smells the wood. Jesse is then shown in the present with longer hair and a beard; pulling his chain with him as he works in the meth lab. We now see Walter at the diner making his age out on his hashbrowns with his bacon. We also then see him get the ricen from the electrical outlet at his old house and then we see a flashback of when Hank asked him to watch them bust a meth lab and Walter then leaves the house. Lydia is at a restaurant and asks for tea with soy milk, Todd goes to meet her and Walter is there listening to the whole thing. He grabs a chair and spins it around to sit with him, he says nobody knows he’s here and tells them to listen for two minutes.Walter asks if Todd is running out of metholmene and wonder if he’s running out; he says he has a new method that they don’t need it. Lydia asks how she knew they were there, he knows Lydia always goes there on Tuesdays. He has a coughing fit and then says he needs the money since he’s spent almost all of his; Lydia asks how much it would cost. Walter asks for a million; Todd isn’t sure about it but Walter offers to go and talk to his uncle jack about it. Walter then gets up and leaves the table; Todd says the doing business with him isn’t smart. Todd says they aren’t doing business with him at all, she says he looked so bad and they will be doing him a favor.

We see Walter humming a song and with a bunch of gus and building a weird device; Walter has it rigger to turn on with the car. Skyler gets a call from Marie who says Walter is in town and how Carol saw him at their old house. Marie is getting so many calls from around several people saying he’s around in town; she believes that the family might be in trouble. Marie says that he will be caught for sure and she says for Skyler to be on the look out; Skyler says thanks and they hang up. Skyler says there’s 5 minutes and Walter repeats it; she asks if he killed anyone. Walter says he didn’t hurt anybody; Skyler says he looks terrible and Walter says he feels good. She asks why he’s here, Walter says that it’s over and he needs a proper goodbye. She asks if he’s going to the police but Walter says they will go to him, she tells him about how the three men threatened her but Walter says it wont happen again after tonight. Skyler says she doens’t want his money, Walter said he spent it all getting there and all he has to give her; he tells her to call the DEA about him being there and how he gave her the ticket. They are GPS coordinates and it’s a burial site for Hank and Gomez also where he buried the money; Walter tells her how the men murdered Gomez and Hank. He tells her to make a deal with the prosecutor to get out of it; Walter says everything he did it all for himself. Walter says he liked it and that he was good at it; it made him feel alive. Skyler then tells him that Junior will be home soon, Walter tells her before he goes home if he can see Holly. Walter runs his fingers through her hair and then leaves; Junior’s school bus arrives and he gets off. Walter outside the house and sees him walking over, Walter watches him go to the door and go inside. Walter then turns around and walks away.

Walter drives up to where the meth lab; two guys meet him and question his car. Walter basically doesn’t care and then the guy lets Walter in after getting in the car with him, he tells him to go to the club house. Walter drives over and parks, Walter takes the keys with him and he’s given a pat down for any weapons; the guy takes his keys. They ask for a wire and Walter says it’s fine; the then untucks his shirt and makes it clear he has nothing on him. Walter asks for his wallet and keys but the guys tell him he gets it later. Walter goes inside and they puts his keys on the pool table, Uncle Jack says he looks like shit but Walter wants to talk business. he doesn’t care about what Walter has to offer, Uncle Jack says they are not in need of his offer; Todd then says he should have never come. A man puts a gun to Walters head and then mentions how Uncle Jack partnered with Jesse who’s cooking for him now; Uncle jack says they are not partners and Jack tells Todd to bring him there. Jack tells him to hurry with bringing Jesse over and how he will kill Walter himself. Jesse is brought to the house and Walter takes his keys off the table; Jesse is brought in and Jack shows him off. Walter sees Jesse and then tackles Jesse; he then opens his car trunk and the gun goes off killing everyone in the room. Walter and Jesse are on the ground out of the bullets way; the gun stops. Bullet holes are everywhere and everyone is down; Walter sits up and Todd is crawling around looking for the gun, he sees the device in Walter’s car. Jesse gets up and strangles Todd with the chains of his cuffs. Walter gets up and just watches; he then picks up a gun off the floor as Jesse kills Todd. Jesse goes into his pocket and unlocks his cuffs; Walter takes his gun and shoots Jack in the head. Jesse gets up and Walter puts down the gun and slides it over to Jesse; Jesse picks it up. He then points it at Walter and Walter tells him to do it; Walter gives him a nod and tells him it’s what he wants. Jesse tells him to say that he doesn’t want it; Walter tells him to go for it. Jesse notices Walter has a bullet wound, Jesse puts down the gun and throw it away. He tells Walter to do it himself and leaves the house, Walter goes over to Todd’s body and finds his phone. Lydia begs for him to pick up and Walter answers, Walter says it’s all done and that Todd is gone and so is everyone else. Walter tells her what he did and asks how she feels; he mentions he gave her ricen in her drink and then says goodbye to her. Walter drops the phone and then Jesse basically gets into a car and leaves Walter there, Jesse is speeding and breaks the gate. Jesse is laughing and crying in the car; Walter just stands there and looks at his wound bleeding really badly. Walter then just starts walking. He goes into the meth lab and takes a look around the whole place as you hear the police coming; Walter picks up a gas mask and smiles. Walter then looks at the equipment closer and the police have arrived; Walter falls over and has died. The police arrive and find his body in the lab.

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