Britney Spears $150,000 Diet, Plastic Surgery, Liposuction Makeover

Britney Spears $150,000 Diet, Plastic Surgery, Liposuction Makeover

I would imagine that $150,000 is chump change to Britney Spears, who made upwards of $50 million in 2011. The singer has been all over the place—one day, she seems like she’s back on track—parenting, working, staying out of trouble. And the next? She comes out with deep wrinkles, bad make up, stringy hair, looking like she’s been living under a rock since 1998. And we aren’t the only ones who noticed—Britney is apparently unsatisfied with her current look, and is undergoing massive surgery to correct it!

A source reported to National Enquirer, print edition January 14, 2013, “Britney Spears is rolling in the new year with a new look . . . planning a full-body overhall which will include a strict diet and exercise program along with extensive plastic surgery to her body and face.” I understand proper diet and exercise, but it sounds like she’s trying to one-up Simon Cowell for beauty treatments! Apparently, “she’s unhappy when she sees photos of herself with a very obvious triple chin, and she complains she has fat on her back and stomach.”

Now, I’ve certainly noticed little things like that in her pictures, but does it really matter? Surgery is really drastic. Couldn’t she just hire a bunch of hot guys to follow her around and give her dirty look every time she picks up a piece of bread? Or better yet, a 24/7 trainer who portions everything? Remember—Britney doesn’t live like a normal person. She has teams of professional helpers. So if she tells her personal chef to keep it on the lighter side, the problem should be solved, right?

Well, some cog is broken, and now “Britney wants to do as much as she can to her body to improve her appearance. So right after New Year’s she’s going to go full steam ahead to look wonderful again.” So what does a $150,000 cosmetic surgery to do list look like? The source reports she’ll be “having excess eyelid skin removed, and a possible brow lift as well as Botox injections around her mouth, forehead, and crows feet, lip-plumping injections, and a chemical peel.” But it doesn’t stop there! Conventional weight loss and exercise won’t be enough, so she’s hoping to “get back into a size 2 by undergoing LipoDissolve treatments on her butt, stomach, and thighs at a Las Vegas clinic.”

Okay. I can settle with a little Botox, a chemical peel, and maybe even the lip injections. Those are fairly common, easy procedures. But Britney’s alleged makeover sounds more like a trip to that mind-control spa in Zoolander than a real medical procedure. What the heck is LipoDissolve? Brit may be having a mini mid life crisis, but she’ll probably just start hitting people with umbrellas again. Do you think Britney would undergo so many treatments, or is this just rumor?

5 responses to “Britney Spears $150,000 Diet, Plastic Surgery, Liposuction Makeover”

  1. hasn’t she been using lipo dissolve for years anyways? I remember hearing about her using that when I was in high school five years ago.

  2. Horrez White says:

    Well, she does look rather tired so I think she could use some plastic surgery, for real.

  3. Rhys Branman says:

    Actually, workout and diet do not touch the problems that “having excess eyelid skin removed, and a possible brow lift as well as Botox injections around her mouth, forehead, and crows feet, lip-plumping injections, and a chemical peel” correct. Also liposuction is for those pockets of fat that are exercise and diet resistant. When one loses a lot of weight, you often end up with excess skin, and because you lose weight from your extremities inward, the face often shows the most loose skin. Having excess eyelid skin can often be necessary for vision as one ages also. So it sounds to me as if she is going about this in a well thought out manner, diet and exercise, and cosmetic corrections for those issues she wishes to change that do not respond to the basics. Good for her! Nothing wrong with self improvement.

    Dr Rhys Branman
    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center