Britney Spears Doesn’t Approve of Gay Marriage

Britney Spears Doesn’t Approve of Gay Marriage

At first Britney Spears was afraid, she was petrified, kept thinking how she could not live without an umbrella by her side. But then she kept thinking how Simon Cowell did her wrong and she grew strong and she learned how to get along. But now she’s back from outer space.

And hiding a Ryan-Gosling-Behind-The-Pines-deleted-scene-type-secret.

The National Enquirer discovered that Brit-Brit hates gay marriage. Her management team is “desperate to keep her views under wraps”, but the Enquirer loves unwrapping juicy secrets.

A source said, “Britney has worked with and danced with a LOT of gays over the years. She’s never been homophobic but she doesn’t support gay marriage because the Bible is against it.” During a recent Twitter Q&A Brit-Brit bit her lip when she named Max Lucado as her favourite author.

Who is Max Lucado?

He’s the Texas-based preacher dude “who penned a 2004 article claiming that homosexuality could lead to ‘legalized incest’.

When Britney spouted off about Lucado being her favorite author, I doubt that she even knew about his opposition to gay marriage. She just shot off her mouth. Now she’s stunned that her remarks have everyone so worried. Her handlers have always promoted her to the gay audience, and they’re scrambling to do damage control,” said the secretive source.


The source alleges that Britney’s upbringing in the local Baptist church is the reason why prejudice simmers beneath Britney’s bubbly candy pool. “Britney grew up singing in the church and attends the local Baptist church when she’s home in Louisiana. She says the Bible bans gay marriage and she follows that teaching.”

Maybe Britney should stick to singing pop songs, or she could just stop “singing” altogether and start a career in sandwich making. Most people approve sandwiches and gay marriage. And peanut butter.

And Ryan Gosling in that infamous deleted scene.

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  1. Pamela says:

    She is an idiot though, always has been..