Britney Spears New Boyfriend David: Is He A Detective and Her New Bodyguard?

Britney Spears New Boyfriend David: Is He A Detective and Her New Bodyguard?

Britney Spears, the effervescent and off-kilter pop star, recently went out for a Valentine’s Day dinner with David – a lawyer, who works at a law firm, and who does “field research” – this according to a latest TMZ report. He sounds plenty normal, doesn’t he? He’s not wealthy, he’s not after fame and fortune (we hope), and he looks pretty chilled. Hey, they even played golf together!

According to TMZ’s sources, they allegedly met through friends. The pictures of their little “romantic” get together were snapped at the Sherwood Country Club where Spears stays. He is also a “big golfer and he’s teaching her the moves”. (We bet he’s also teaching her the moves in the sack…) In fact, David taught her so much about golf that she’s planning to join the country club – a true WASP in the making.

For Valentine’s, they did the sushi buffet thing – their bill was $60 and David tipped $13, more than ten percent, proving he’s not a bad person. (The age old adage goes: You can see what type of person someone is by the way they treat waiters)

We don’t know if they’re dating. No one knows. Not even their reps, but as we know Britney, they’re most probably dating. After her tumultuous history with men – read Kevin Ferderline – Brit-Brit needs some sane-sane in her life. A stable relationship with “normal” tendencies will do her a world of good. Let’s just hope Brit-Brit keeps up the good work and gets her life back to normal.

Good luck peeps – and most of all, good luck Britney! You need all the luck you can get right now.

What do you think? Do you think Britney is dating the mysterious David? Do you think they’re an item? Let us know your valuable thoughts in the comments below.

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