Camilla Parker-Bowles Plots To Seize The Throne From Kate Middleton and Prince William

Camilla Parker-Bowles Plots To Seize The Throne From Kate Middleton and Prince William

Camilla Parker-Bowles continues to act like a crazy person dead set on becoming Queen, and now she’s plotting to seize the throne from Kate Middleton and Prince William! It all sounds a bit like a super dramatic, over-the-top, unebelievable Lifetime movie, but the truth of the matter is this: The Royal Family is an epicenter for drama, and things are going to shake up even more over the next couple of months as The Queen finalizes her decision to make Prince William the King and, ultimately, Kate Middleton his Queen.

In the recent print edition of the Globe, insiders are saying that the Queen’s decisions have caused a dangerous feud that could have Camilla Parker-Bowles storming out of the palace–with a vendetta and all the Royal Family’s secrets. This would, to say the least, be very bad for the royalty. But the Queen has set her plans to save the monarch in motion; she recognizes that making Prince William the King is the best way to maintain the monarch’s longevity.

GLOBE January 7, 2013 print edition: insiders say her Majesty made her historic decision to make Prince William King in a bid to quell the turmoil that erupted behind the scenes at Buckingham palace since her health took a sudden turn for the worse. At the center of the furor is her eldest son, Prince Charles, 64, and his scheming wife, Camilla, 65, the Duchess of Cornwall, say sources.

Despite the Queen’s feisty 91-year-old husband, Prince Philip, ordering Charles to divorce, Camilla is fighting back and still plotting to seize the throne.

“Elizabeth is trying to stop the war before it rips the royal family apart,” says an insider who spoke exclusively to GLOBE.

“She broke the news to Charles and Camilla just before Christmas that he’s been passed over so the nation can be led by the vibrant young newlyweds, who can ensure the future of the monarchy. The news didn’t take Charles by surprise, but Camilla was enraged. Finally knowing she was never going to be Queen, sitting beside Charles, hit her like a bomb.”

“She was talking on her cell phone vowing Charles is going to pay for this big-time,” Camilla has threatened in the past to sue for a $50 million divorce settlement if she fails in her lifelong quest to be crowned Queen.

“You know the palace will have to pay if they want to keep her silent about all the royal secrets,” says a source.

Queen Elizabeth confirmed her monumental decision with William, 30, a week earlier during a secret meeting at Kensington Palace. “Elizabeth has gone back and forth on the issue over who would succeed her,” says GLOBE’s insider. “But she eventually promised William He’d hand the crown once Kate was pregnant with a new heir.”

Her revolutionary plan for the monarchy’s future has been created as good news by influential insiders. “This is what the royal family needs,” the source said, “but don’t think Camilla is going to go away quietly. She still obsessed with Charles winning the throne so she’s considered Queen. I don’t see her giving up that dream anytime soon, no matter what.”

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5 responses to “Camilla Parker-Bowles Plots To Seize The Throne From Kate Middleton and Prince William”

  1. S K says:

    Methinks the horse faced Ms Bowles is a harpy and a shrew and needs to get over herself.

  2. deb wilkin says:

    this women worries me- in the old days, this fight for the throne would include knocking off relative in line before you- I hope W&K has a good security detail, just say’en………..

    • Gloria says:

      Camilla seems like she can have a evil side to her, just her impressions alone and intent. Certainly the Queen can see this. So what if she storms out . All the money in the world will not shut her up if she don’t get her way. People use your heads here.She will make herself known one way or the other, bad or good.No one respects Camilla on earth it seems, are the Royals blind ? If she’s using Charles to get to be Queen and fighting already for what is the Queens decission says plenty.Charles is staying out of it and have nothing to say so he’s not the problem it seems.I respect him for that. Why pay Camilla, she will not be loyal in any way there or not. Let the woman go as she will do what ever pisses the country of regardless. The country needs to send plenty of mail to the Queen asking her to please keep a loyal young caring couple in charge for a lot of years and this couple have the countrys people at heart.Not allow someone to tear down what the Royals have had for years. Send thousands of letters requesting your good opinions of why William and Kate should be there. The Queen is a good woman, respected and care’s also for her country and will after she’s gone. Take Camilla on a boat trip fishing.Damn she fell overboard. Hey we are not over Diana yet and we still in our hearts know this was not just a car accident. Save the country

  3. Why would she think that she would one day be Queen? They went against the church and the Crown in having an affair that crushed Diana and caused the first divorce in Royal history, which ended up making those poor boys her step-children. She drinks too much and I really started to believe she was somewhat sorry for her behavior.I am so for William becoming King and his beautiful wife Kate the Queen. Putting them and the children as the head of the Monarchy will put some solid laughter and fun into the life of the Monarchy.What fun it will be to see this happen.Sorry Camilla you had to know the minute you laid in his bed while he was still married knocked him off the throne.

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