Camilla Parker-Bowles Continues To Tease About Being Queen Before Kate Middleton

Camilla Parker-Bowles Continues To Tease About Being Queen Before Kate Middleton 0124

You’ve got to wonder why Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles continue to answer these questions and, presumably, drop these little hints. I assume they’re testing the waters for a Queen Camilla but they might be appearing just a tad overeager.

The Duchess of Cornwall recently made an appearance at a primary school and was asked if she was going to be queen by a young student. You can’t blame the kid for asking. Everyone kinda wants to prepare themselves. But instead of just laughing and pinching the precocious youth’s cheeks and moving on or winding a way around the question she answered, “You never know.”

Really Camilla? That’s the answer you give? So naturally now everyone’s freaking out over the Queen Camilla discussion again. It doesn’t help that this latest comment is so close to Prince Charles’ flip flopping on the issue. Instead of conceding that Camilla will just be known as the Princess Consort when Charles becomes king, his website declares a decision will be made at that time. Meaning “I don’t want to piss off mummy now but when she’s gone and I’m king I can do whatever the hell I want. Cheerio!”

But there might be some repercussions to Camilla and Charles’ pipe dreams. The people are still not entirely behind it. That couple has tried the last couple of years but their approval ratings are still dismally low. It appears no one wants a usurper of Princess Diana’s crown especially as many see Kate Middleton as the heir apparent. Funny though how Kate has done her damnedest to emulate the Queen and not Diana these last two years. Don’t think the Queen hasn’t noticed that either.

Still, I stand by my earlier thought. It’s in Kate’s best interest to let Camilla be queen before her. There will really be no way to go from there but up.

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