Caroline Manzo’s Plans For Political Office – Real Housewives of New Jersey In Government?

Caroline Manzo’s Plans For Political Office – Real Housewives of New Jersey In Government?

In season four of Real Housewives of New Jersey Caroline Manzo said she wanted to downsize from her giant mansion in Franklin Lakes, NJ. She and husband Albert Manzo decided to rent an apartment in Hoboken, NJ where their sons Albie and Christopher Manzo live. This season Caroline said she loves her apartment because it’s where she finds sanity. Albert and Caroline are seeking refuge from their skinny but bitchy daughter Lauren Manzo, Caroline’s sister Fran Laurita and Fran’s menagerie of animals. There is, however, more to the story than just test driving an apartment. One of the Manzo’s sons will be running for political office.

Reports are that Caroline and Albert’s move to Hoboken was purely for political reasons. A source told All Things Real Housewives “Caroline and Albert moved to Hoboken in Hudson County because they plan for one of their sons to run for political office. Name recognition is important in politics, and the Manzos want to establish a presence.”

The red haired dragon said in the June 30 episode of RHNJ she thinks her sons are following too closely in their father’s footsteps by opening their own restaurant Little Town New Jersey. Albie’s law career did not pan out, and neither did his and Chris’ venture with their uncle Chris Laurita selling BLK water. Albie and Chris are falling back on the only other thing they know. They both grew up in the restaurant business working for Albert at The Brownstone banquet hall.

The Manzo kids have never done anything for themselves. In season four Lauren opened a store with her mother. The BLK venture was due to an investment by their uncle. The chef for Albie and Chris’ restaurant are using the Franklin Lakes butinzky’s meatball recipe. Albie and Chris are allowing their parents to oversee everything about the restaurant. Now the elder Manzos are moving to another city in order to launch one of their son’s political career. This family seem alright with their dysfunction but what will they do when their parents are gone?

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  • This cast of characters is nuts.

  • SonnySky

    This is a joke right? Manzo’s in politics. What will they do when Caroline cannot financially support the children?