Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Split Over Brad Paisley Affair and Cheating Rumors?

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Split Over Brad Paisley Affair and Cheating Rumors

Would Carrie Underwood really cheat on Mike Fisher, her NHL husband of three years? Well, if the rumors are to be believed then yes, she and Brad Paisley have been hot and heavy for months. He has been married to his wife Kimberly for over a decade and appears to be happy at home raising their two children together. The problem is that when Brad and Carrie get together the chemistry is ridiculous and they get along a whole lot better than she does with Mike.

Carrie has always had a bit of a prickly personality and according to the Dec. 2nd print edition of the National Enquirer, she and Mike have been fighting a lot over starting a family. He is ready to really settle in and have kids while her reaction is to tour more and run herself into the ground. Carrie and Mike aren’t on the same page at all and sources say that she has spent months confiding in Brad, allowing him to cheer her up.

When Carrie was in NYC recently to rehearse for her live upcoming performance of The Sound of Music her husband was nowhere to be found, but Brad stopped in to see her on set instead. That sure raised eyebrows and caused those close to her to question what’s really going on behind the scenes. Do you think that Carrie would cheat on Mike and maybe the even bigger question is whether or not she would have a hand in busting up a family? Is Carrie and Brad’s friendship innocent or is their a whole lot more going on between them behind closed doors? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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6 responses to “Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Split Over Brad Paisley Affair and Cheating Rumors?”

  1. ny4carrie says:

    You are complete liars! First- the rumors are completely false and Brads wife already laughed them off to us weekly.second- mike fisher is a professional hockey player with an intense game schedule and career of his own which is why he was not in nyc – he has a job too!! Third- brad and Carrie met in nyc for abc to do the cma tv promos and that is documented! You guys are insane! Carrie is a sweetheart and shoukd sue you for slander! She and brad are good friends only- brother and sister friends. Believe the Inquirer all you like- I have a bridge to sell you- call my people.

  2. Alison Galloway says:

    No way!!!!!! That’s BS!

  3. helene jennings says:

    Can u give this girl any more crap? Insults and now this disgusting story. Leave them alone as she has enough on her plate with the Sound of Music and of course the next thing will be to bash her in that as well. All you naysayers are just ruthless and jealous. DISGUSTING!!!!!!

  4. Adam says:

    For one, I wouldn’t be upset if the rumors are true. Brad and Carrie would make the cutest couple ever. I don’t think its true, But, it would be awesome! Think. Garth & Trisha 2.0 :-) LOVE IT

  5. […] that Carrie and Brad haven’t necessarily ‘cheated’ physically, but they have been getting very, very cozy. Apparently, the two ‘sparked rumors’ after the November 6th Country Music Association […]

  6. Hannah says:

    Would not surprise me at all. Underwood set herself up on a pedestal and her adoring fans worshipped at her feet. People like that always fall, and fall hard. Prepare for this Cinderella story to have an unhappy ending when reality sets in.