Casey Anthony Trial Judge, Belvin Perry, Says She’s Guilty Of Murder – Killed Daughter Cayley

Casey Anthony Trial Judge, Belvin Perry, Says She’s Guilty Of Murder – Killed Daughter Cayley

It has been almost two years since the monstrous tot murdering mom, Casey Anthony walked away free from a Florida courtroom. It’s a case that we all know very well, her 2-year old daughter Caylee Anthony was murdered and Casey spent months lying about the circumstances surrounding her child’s death. The 41 day trial introduced 400 exhibits and 90 witnesses and the jury still acquitted that pretty obviously guilty Casey.

After staying silent since the verdict the judge in the case, Belvin Perry could no longer keep his mouth shut. According to the May 27th print edition of GLOBE even he believes that the jury made a huge mistake. According to Perry there was absolutely more than enough evidence presented to prove guilt in the first-degree murder case. He believes that Anthony should have been convicted and that the jury didn’t pay close attention to what was presented

Perry says that there’s no way the jury competently went over all of the facts in the case and reached a verdict in only 11 hours. They didn’t really discuss the details, but seemed more like they just wanted to reach any verdict and go back to their normal everyday lives.

Perry also believes that Casey lives in fear for her life now and that she should. He thinks that ultimately some random person will probably make sure that Casey’s life ends with an act of violence just like Caylee’s did. In the meantime Casey gets to party in private and look over her shoulder all the while.

Were you one of the millions left stunned by Casey’s acquittal? Why do you think that the jury was so afraid to convict her? Do you think they actually believed the show that she put on while on the stand? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.