Castle RECAP 3/25/13: Season 5 Episode 18 “The Wild Rover”

Castle RECAP 3/25/13: Season 5 Episode 18 “The Wild Rover”

Tonight on ABC their hit crime drama CASTLE returns with a new episode called “The Wild Rover.” On tonight’s show Ryan goes undercover with a Staten Island crime family to find a killer. Did you watch the last episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On the last episode when a young woman appears to have literally been scared to death three days after watching a “haunted” DVD, Castle and Beckett delved into one of their creepiest cases yet. To make matters worse, Castle becomes convinced that he too is marked for death when he accidentally watched the cursed video. Master of horror Wes Craven made a special quest appearance.

On tonight’s show when a man is found dead in an industrial cake mixer, Castle and Beckett trace the murder to an Irish gang in Staten Island and a beautiful bar owner named Siobhan O’Doul (guest star Cara Buono, “Mad Men”). Much to everyone’s surprise, Detective Ryan has a complicated history with Siobhan and the Staten Island crime family from his days working undercover in narcotics. When the case hits a dead end, Ryan must go back undercover to expose the killer, complicating his relationship with his wife.

Castle RECAP 3/25/13: Season 5 Episode 18 “The Wild Rover”

Guest Cast for tonight’s show: Juliana Dever as Jenny Ryan, Cara Buono as Siobhan O’Doul, Brian Letscher as Liam Finch, Christina Cox as Maggie Finch, Michael Rodrick as Robert “Bobby S” Shannon.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Castle tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what your think of Castle season 5, so far?

Recap: Castle could really go for something sweet, Becket changes the subject and tells Castle that he spoke in his sleep the night before and mentioned a name, Jordan, fourteen times. Becket gets a call, there is a murder and the two head out. A guy named Jimmy was shot and fell in a mixer inside a bakery. Castle helps himself to some cupcakes. Todd, who worked for Jimmy, said that he was acting really strange and he saw this black car. Esposito finds a briefcase filled with fifty thousand dollars belonging to Jimmy. Todd says Jimmy would take that briefcase to Staten Island every week.

Becket is looking over purchase orders, Jimmy spent tons of money on equipment but the equipment is not in the bakery. Castle thinks the bakery was a mob cover and thinks Jimmy was hit by Bobby S. Esposito finds out that Bobby S. hangs out at a bar named Siobhan. Becket calls her in and says she wants answer about Jimmy. Siobhan said she wanted to order cupcakes that is why she knew Jimmy, then she tells Becket that she won’t say anything more, she wants her phone call. Ryan walks into the station and Siobhan recognizes him and plants a kiss on him while his wife is nearby and shocked.

Ryan knows Bobby S. as well, they used to be friends. Ryan explains that he used to be undercover in Staten Island and that is why he knew Siobhan and Bobby S. Ryan goes to see Siobhan, she is upset and tells him that she was told that he went into hiding seven years and he didn’t have the guts to see her before he left, he just left a note on the dresser. She then tells him to go straight to hell.

Ryan tells Becket and Esposito that his chat with Siobhan didn’t go well. The FBI has interest in the murder investigation, it turns out that Jimmy was an informant. It appears that Siobhan is also an informant and she was helping Jimmy get a bible which is loaded with mob transactions. The FBI wants to put Siobhan back in and Ryan is furious, he knows if she goes back in Bobby S. will kill her for sure. Ryan volunteers to go in, he thinks he can do it.

Siobhan is shocked, she thinks Ryan is out of his mind and tells him not to do it on her account. The FBI is going to take Ryan up on his offer and his wife is upset about it. The FBI gives him a strict warning, if he is not convincing he will be dead.

Esposito doesn’t like this one bit, Ryan is not even wearing a wire. Ryan head into the bar that Siobhan owns and a lady tells him that if he wants Bobby S. he is going to have to go through her husband, Liam.

At the station, everyone is worried about Ryan and Becket tells them if they want to help him, they are going to have to try and figure this out. Becket knows that Bobby S. is trying to build an alibi and they have to tear it down. Meanwhile, Ryan is escorted to see Bobby S., but first he has to drop his electronics.

Bobby S. wants to know where Ryan has been, he says out west. Ryan goes on to say that he has some product and can get him anything he needs. Bobby S. asks if he should welcome the prodigal son or welcome the rat. The two get into a scuffle, but in the end, Bobby S. believes him. Liam doesn’t believe Ryan and is going to look into where he has been for seven years.

It turns out that someone was trying to set Bobby S. up, at the time of the murder he was busy filing a tax return. Esposito meets with Ryan and tells him that Bobby S. was framed because the evidence was planted. Ryan still wants to stay undercover because he wants to get that bible.

It turns out, Castle, Becket and Esposito figure out that Liam is the one who killed Jimmy and he set it up to look like Bobby S. did it.

At the bar, Liam gets a call, he uncovered that Ryan is a cop and whispers it into Bobby’s ear. Ryan goes to leave, but takes a detour into Bobby’s office and opens his safe.  Ryan hears Bobby S. in the background and hides, Bobby S. opens his safe and takes out money. A moment later, Liam finds Ryan leaving and tells him that Bobby S. wants them to go for a ride.

Becket thinks something is not right when his wife walks into the station and wants to know what is going on. Becket admits that she doesn’t know where Ryan is but she is sure he is fine.

Liam and Ryan are in the car, they are heading to dock and Ryan says there are only two reasons to go there, fishing or to kill someone. Bobby S. pulls up with Siobhan and it turns out that he knows she was talking to the FBI. Bobby S. tells Ryan that he is going to give him the benefit of the doubt and gives him a gun, then tells him to shoot Siobhan. Ryan tells Bobby S. that he can’t shoot her, but he has no problems in shooting him. Ryan then confesses to Bobby S. that he is a cop, Becket, Esposito and Castle arrive just in time – Bobby S. gives up but he doesn’t care and says that he has the best lawyer in town and will walk. Ryan shows him that he has the bible.

At the station, Becket announces that Liam was not the killer, it was his wife Maggie and she wanted to get rid of Bobby S. so that her husband could be on top.

At home, Castle reveals that Jordan is the name of a car company. He goes on to say it was about a paper he had to write for school and he paid for it, he didn’t write it and got appluaded for it. This is why Castle wrote and wrote until he really did become a good writer.

Ryan goes to see Siobhan and says goodbye as she is going into witness protection. Ryan then goes home and tells his wife that his undercover work is over, she tells him that she is pregnant.

The End!