Castle Season 5 Episode 12 “Death Gone Crazy” Recap 01/21/13

Castle Season 5 Episode 12 “Death Gone Crazy” Recap 01/21/13

Tonight on ABC their hit crime drama CASTLE returns with a new episode called “Death Gone Crazy.” On tonight’s show Castle and Beckett enter the world of Adult Entertainment when the founder of College Girls gone crazy is murdered. Did you watch last week’s winter premiere episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show when an up and coming DJ was killed at a pop star’s album release party, Beckett and Castle had to dive into the raucous world of New York’s music industry. Then, when the investigation led to a troubled teenager, Esposito took the kid under his wing, hoping to put him on the right track before it was too late. Taylor Cole guest starred as Regina Cane, an aging pop star who had a shadow cast on her album launch party when the DJ was murdered.

On tonight’s show when Beau Randolf, the founder of hit adult video franchise “College Girls Gone Crazy,” is murdered, Castle and Beckett are confronted with a lengthy list of husbands, fathers and ex-college girls who all have motive. So to find the killer, they must delve deep into the victim’s life, where they find surprises at every turn. Alexis starts a video blog, but Castle is not happy that personal and intimate details about her life are being made public.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Castle tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what your think of Castle season 5, so far? Enjoy some pics and a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below!

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At a hopping club, Beau Randolph – an obvious knock-off of Joe Francis – welcomes everyone to the club to celebrate “College Girls Gone Crazy.” Meanwhile there are rabid protestors outside protesting him and calling him loser. Beau is offered a drink and he says he’s working, not drinking. The bartender says “next time” and he says “I don’t think there’s going to be a next time.”

Castle is Googling himself and he found his daughter’s video blog. Martha thinks it’s charming, but he does not. Alexis is talking about a skate date and Castle freaks out because she’s sharing personal information across the world wide interwebs. Just then Beckett calls with a murder.

Kate doesn’t understand what Rick’s problem is – she tells him at least she’s not sharing like Beau’s College Girls Gone Crazy. He seems slightly relieved. Castle’s intrigued that it’s Beau that is their victim. He was strangled by a bra in the women’s restroom. Time of death 11:55 – right after he spoke to the bartender.

The bartender is a 36D, high end $200 bra. Kate tasks Ryan with finding one of the pricey shops that sell the brand. There’s a guest list, but it was also being taped. Castle suggests they check the videos. Espo and Ryan go to find Beau’s bodyguard who didn’t do such a great job. Turns out it’s a chick. He told her to wait outside by the car. She says she did her threat assessment and the only one was soft core actress Tiffany Shaw – his ex – that he dumped two months ago. Apparently she wouldn’t go away. The bodyguard stopped her at the door and sent her on the way.

His producer Troy said he didn’t see Tiffany. He’d been working with Beau all these years and knew him very well. He tells Kate and Rick about his troubled history and said he was always looking for something. CGGC’s COO – Gary – shows up and wants to know who did it. He tells them Beau got death threats every day. Parents and boyfriends of the video girls, video girls, moral crusaders and more.

Espo tells Ryan he just got off the phone with Tiffany’s reps and they don’t know where she is. She’s not on the video at the club either. They see Beau on the tape and it looks like he’s looking at someone across the bar. Espo spots a girl in pink on the clip and she happens to be in the station. They question her about where he was going when he walked by her. She says she’d never seen him before and didn’t notice him when he walked by.

At the CGGC, they find out Beau’s key card was swiped at their HQ 15 minutes after he died. They check security footage and see someone going into Beau’s new safe. They see the woman messing with an SD card and then she turns and it’s his bodyguard! Castle says she didn’t do a very good job. This is a red herring – it’s too early in the episode to see the killer. I bet she told him if he dies, to clear something out. Or sent her to do it before he marched off to his doom, but she’s not the killer.

Ryan and Espo are checking out Scarlett (the bodyguard) and saying it’s a shame someone so sexy is going to jail. Kate shows her the photo of her on the security footage taking the SD card. She said Beau left the key card in the limo and it was her one chance to retrieve a sex tape a friend of hers made with Beau. She said he could have ruined her friend’s life – Mindy Norton is the friend. She again blames Tiffany the stalker. Castle says Tiffany wasn’t in the club.

She tells them she left the club at 11:45 – before he died. Scarlett tells them Beau was attacked by a guy in midtown saying he double crossed him and he would make him pay. Scarlett broke the guy’s nose and ribcage and sent him packing. Espo finds this hot.

Kate’s watching more club footage when Espo tells her that Scarlett alibied out. She tells him he seems too happy about it. They’ve got Scarlett working with a sketch artist to get an image of the guy she beat up around to ERs.

Ryan suspects Randolph – a morality crusader who burned him in effigy at a recent protest. Kate brings him in and want the names of the protestors at the club the night before. He says no thanks and she says she’ll get a warrant. He tells her good luck and walks out.

They’ve got a sketch of the guy Scarlett beat up. Espo apologizes to her and she to him. He hesitantly asks her to get a drink now that she’s not a suspect…

Castle is watching footage of the CGGC footage when Alexis walks in – he freaks a little and turns off the video. She tells him she knows he thinks her vlog makes her catnip for predators. She tells him she’s not one of those college girls that flashes her body for a shot of tequila. She shuts down his criticism and walks out.

Castle sees the attacked Scarlett beat up. Ryan found his name – Seth Perinno – got it from an ER. He’s got priors for racketeering and violence. Castle conjectures that Perinno is mafia and they offed him. Kate and Castle head to Perrino’s place and he tries to chase them out. Apparently he’s shooting gay music videos of some sort. There’s hot guys in loincloths dancing to Jungle Boogie…

Kate tells Seth they want to talk about Beau. He said they disagreed, but he didn’t kill him. He’s doing a project College Guys Gone Nuts and wanted to partner with him, but Beau backed out at the last minute. He said Beau told him he had decided to invest in children’s programming instead. He tells them he saw beau having a fight with a woman at the club around 11:30. She had short brown hair, hot body and a mole over her lip.

They find her on the video and it’s Tiffany in disguise! Kate tells Espo to get a warrant on her and he begs off to go out with Scarlett. Ryan said he found out Tiffany owned the bra and was heading into the shop to get a new one. They bring her in and show her the bra – she thanks them for finding it. They tell her it was the murder weapon.

Tiffany tells them she didn’t kill Beau. She said they were soul mates but that two months ago, he started changing and dumped her. She said Beau told her she wasn’t the kind of person he could be with. She said she just wanted to ask him for an explanation. Tiffany tells them she had revenge sex with a random guy in the ladies room and that’s how she lost her bra. They ask her for the guy’s name to alibi her and she said it was club sex – she has no idea who the guy was.

Tiffany said she left at 11:45 and her driver can confirm it. She said the bodyguard was suspect. Tiffany said she followed bodyguard Scarlett after Beau starting to act weird and saw her pick up a dead drop of a bag of cash in the park.

Ryan talked to Mindy – Scarlett’s friend – and it wasn’t a sex tape on the SD card, but it was something really important. Scarlett paid Mindy $1,000 to give them the sex tape cover story.

Meanwhile Espo’s making time with the hot bodyguard at a bar and she asks him to come back to her place. Kate and Castle saunter in and Kate tells Scarlett that instead they’ll be going to her place – meaning the precinct. Uh-oh.

They’ve got Scarlet in the interrogation room. She tells them she had nothing to do with his death. Kate wants to know what was on the SD card. She insists she had no idea what was on the card but that Beau was paranoid about it. She said she was hired to get incriminating evidence on him and so it seemed like a good thing to grab. Scarlet says she was working for Little Frog Enterprises – a children’s media company. That ties back to Seth’s assertion that Beau was looking into kids programming.

At Little Frog, Evan Pierce (the boss), insists he built the company to provide wholesome entertainment for kids. He said his company was in financial trouble and Beau offered to invest. Beau told him he didn’t want CGGC to be his legacy. Evan rejected him, but Beau went to the board – went over his head. Evan insists he had nothing to do with his death, but said he might know who did. He gives them the SD card and says Beau was using it to blackmail someone.

So it is a sex tape after all – it’s the girl in pink from the nightclub! Her name is Candice Mayfield – a kindergarten teacher. Her real name is Candice Armstrong – uh oh – she’s the daughter of Armstrong – the Voices of Decency protestor crazy.

They figure out that Beau was blackmailing Candice into getting her Dad to back off of CGGC and leave Beau alone or face being exposed.

Castle comes home to find Alexis making an ice cream sundae. She says she hates it when they argue. She tells him she’s 18 and doesn’t need his permission. Castle tells her this case has shown him that once you put anything out there, it’s out there forever – and can impact job interviews and her future. Alexis says she knows it – she says she grew up in the digital age. He tells her there are bad people out there and if she overshares, it can be dangerous. She says she has to live her life her way. They make peace over giant ice cream desserts.

Candice is called back into the station. The club video shows her heading in the same direction as Beau. She says she headed back out onto the dance floor. Kate tells her they know about the video. Candice begs her not to tell her Dad. Kate says she knows that’s why she killed him. She says if she confesses, she can go to the DA on her behalf. Candice asks for her attorney.

Kate sends out for a warrant to search Candice’s place for proof of blackmail. Her Dad storms in demanding to see her. They tell her she’s a suspect in Beau’s murder. Kate pulls him into a private room and asks him if he knows of any connection between them. He tells them his daughter wouldn’t have been caught dead in the club and they show him a security photo of her at the party. Armstrong tells them he just wanted to stop him, not hurt him. He asks them if his words and mission could have led her to hurt Beau.

Espo grouses to Ryan that Scarlett misrepresented herself. He’s not happy, but still thinks she’s hot.

Ryan finds an email from Beau to Candice setting up a trust for someone. Turns out Candice is pregnant and the $5 million trust is for her unborn baby. But who’s the baby daddy? Candice tells them she met him at a bar and had no idea who he was. She said he seemed nice. They had a one night stand and she got pregnant. She figured he wouldn’t care and would tell her to get lost.

But she said Beau surprised her and wanted to be totally involved. That was about two months ago, when he started cleaning up his act. She had told him she didn’t want him around the baby because of his reputation. Beau told her he would convince her he could change. He told her he was shutting down the business – not selling it – just closing up shop. They ask who else Beau told he was rolling up the awning.

Kate and Castle come to see Troy and they tell him they know Beau told him he was shutting down. He tells them he was filming all night. They noticed that during the period when Beau was killed, the camera was on a tripod. It went from handheld shaky to stock still. They tested his DNA against DNA found on the murderous bra.

Troy snaps and confesses. He says the baby stuff was stupid. He rages, saying how can you give up all this. Castle tells him he’ll be finding out.

Candice tells Kate and Rick that one day, she’ll tell their daughter that her Dad died trying to be a better person. She heads off to tell her Dad the baby news. Kate asks Castle if she thinks he’ll accept the news and he says yes. She asks why and he says a Dad will do anything for his daughter. Aww…