Celebrity Wife Swap RECAP 6/23/13: Bristol & Willow Palin and Joan & Melissa Rivers Swap Lives

Celebrity Wife Swap RECAP 6/23/13: Bristol & Willow Palin and Joan & Melissa Rivers Swap Lives

Tonight on ABC Celebrity Wife Swap returns again for a whole new episode.  On tonight’s show the popular mother-daughter duo of Joan and Melissa Rivers,  trade lives with Bristol and Willow Palin, two daughters of one of today’s most controversial politicians, former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.  Did you watch the last episode before the hiatus when Heidi Cochran and Marianne Curry swapped lives?  We did and we recapped it here for you.

Bristol and Willow Palin reside in Wasilla, Alaska with Bristol’s four-year-old son, Tripp, who rules the roost. What Tripp says goes in the Palin household. When Melissa Rivers arrives in Wasilla, she’s surprised to see snow on the ground – in May! Meeting Willow and Tripp, Melissa finds it a challenge to deal with Tripp’s boyish exuberance, and feels that he needs to have a set daily routine. Aunt Willow is no help when it comes to discipline, and in fact is often the instigator behind Bristol’s back. But Melissa is determined to bring structure to the Palin home, so when it’s time for the rules change, she immediately initiates a new sticker chart reward system for Tripp.

Joan and Melissa Rivers, one of television’s most popular mother-daughter duos, live together with Melissa’s 12-year-old son, Cooper, in her Los Angeles, California home, which doubles as a television production office and the set of three TV shows produced there. Every day in the house is scheduled to the minute. While the Rivers’ home is bustling with assistants, crew members and cameras, the family still find time to sit down together for dinner every night. Stepping into Melissa’s shoes, Bristol Palin is not prepared for the Rivers’ formality and schedule, and is reluctant to fill in as executive producer of “Fashion Police.”

We will be covering tonight’s Celebrity Wife SwapBristol & Willow Palin and Joan & Melissa Rivers episode with all the details.    You don’t want to miss this episode, you never know what Joan Rivers is going to say, and I cannot wait!  Don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM for our coverage of the episode.

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Tonight it is the Palins VS the Rivers as Celebrity Wife Swap and it is the mother of all swaps.  Melissa and Joan have a reality show.   Joan Rivers lives with Melissa and her son Cooper three days a week.  Melissa’s home has been taken over by her reality show.  In Melissa’s family education comes first, she believes if you are going to do it, do it.  Joan is very formal and she insists that they sit down for dinner every night and they dress up.

Bristol’s Mom is governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.  Bristol was pregnant at 17, has been on DWTS twice and she has written a book.  Her sister Willow lives with her.  They have a love/hate relationships.  Bristol is independent and has designed her house herself.  She does not have an assistant.  Her son Tripp runs the house and Bristol has trouble controlling him.  In Wasilla, Alaska where they live they do not dress up.  She does not feel that someone who is a celebrity would not fit in.

Melissa is going as a producer and taking what she can from the experience.  Bristol is interested to hear what Melissa has to say about how she raises her son.

Neither of the families know they are swapping with each.  Bristol and Melissa have a chance to look around their new homes before they meet their families.

Bristol is overwhelmed by the house, Bristols sees pictures of Joan Rivers and realizes it is her house.  She is interested how she is going to react too her because Joan has criticized her a lot.

Melissa sees Bristol’s picture and then laughs she wonders how Bristol is going to take her mother.

Melissa and Bristol read the manuals they have left for each other.  With the manuals read they have to meet their new family.

Melissa meets Willow and Tripp as they sit down Tripp starts to climb to the top of the couch.  Melissa sees that Tripp runs the roost and manipulates Willow.

Bristol Palin meets Joan and Cooper.  Joan tells Bristol any jokes she made about her are just business.  Joan thinks Bristol is a sweet girl but has no idea what is ahead of her.

The Rivers production team has arrived to set up production.  Bristol feels it is a lot to take in.

Meanwhile in Wasilla Melissa has had to shovel snow.  It is dinner time and Willow is opening Moose Liver, which Melissa thinks is nasty.  Meanwhile trip fell asleep on the coach.

Melissa and Willow sat down to dinner but Melissa could not eat the Moose.

While poduction goes on Willow watches Cooper play the cello.  She is amazed how organized he is.

Back with Melissa Tripp has woken up and he does not want to go to bed.  Willow is going to watch TV with him until he gets tired.

Second day at the Rivers house and it is another production day.  Bristol joins Joan for an episode of Fashion Police and she is a fish out of water.  She says she does not like fashion.

In Alaska Melissa is trying to get Tripp to put his stuff away, not happening.  Once she offers him a Popsicle he did it.  Melissa is finding it tough, Tripp has no manners.  Bristol’s father shows up to take Tripp for the day.

In Los Angeles Bristol heads to Fashion Police headquarters to take over Melissa’s job and she is getting nervous.  Joan tells Bristol that they will be ad-libbing with their guests.  Bristol tells her she is better observing.   Joan ended up doing the show herself and found it hard that Bristol refuses to participate.

Melissa goes out with Willow and starts to bond doing outdoor things.

At the Rivers house they are setting up for tomorrow’s production.  Bristol is supervising Cooper’s homework.

In Alaska Willow takes the family out for dinner.  Melissa finds that Tripp does not listen at all.

Back in Los Angeles Joan invites her friends over for dinner.  Joan’s style team glams her up.  Joan warns her friends not to embarrass her.  They are serving lobster and she does not know how to eat it.  Joan and her friends are asking her question and Bristol feels like she is under attack and would rather not be at the dinner.

It is the third day at the swap and Melissa sees Willow and Tripp playing.  Melissa is concerned because she feels Willow eggs Tripp on.

Joan talks to Bristol about the dinner and Bristol tells Joan she felt attacked, Joan is shocked, she thought her friends were being nice.  Joan fells Bristol is playing the victim.  She is not pleased and mentions in her generation Bristol would be thought of as, “The little whore down the block.”

It’s the morning of the rule change and both women are going to change a few things. Bristol wants less work and more play. Joan loves her work and doesn’t think it is going to work. Bristol wants them to dress down and have dinner together with no staff. As well, there is a fishing trip planned.

On the hand, Melissa wants Tripp to sleep in his own bed. She has made a chart and Trip gets a reward after so many stickers. Getting Tripp to bed is really going to be a big challenge, Melissa sits beside him for some quiet time to get him asleep.

Bristol has sent all the staff home and invited all of Coopers friends over for a meal, macaroni and cheese.

At dinner, Melissa tries another outing and they work on table manners with Tripp. Melissa reminds Willow that she is the adult and needs to take action with Tripp.

Joan and Bristol are ready to go on their fishing trip; they head out to Bristol’s pickup that she brought with her. Cooper is the first to catch a fish, Bristol guts and slices it, then cooks it up.

Melissa has a surprise for Willow, she got her an opportunity to do a spokesperson hair for television, but Willow is not interested. At home,  Tripp is really working well with the stickers and Willow thinks Bristol is going to be so proud.

Bristol and Joan are painting each other’s nails, no rushing and some quality alone time. Joan really likes Bristol and right away her motherly instincts come together.

It’s the final day of the swap and Tripp gets his reward, a two hour trip to his favorite bounce place.

At home Joan is acting as goalie as Cooper and his friends played in the backyard.

After an eventful week both women are heading back home to their families. Melissa is really excited for the round table discussion, I wonder if Bristol feels the same.

The beginning of the round table starts with Melissa telling everyone that Willow refused the opportunity to do someone’s hair for TV. Joan says that she gave this over the top dinner party, Bristol admits that she was intimidated and had to defend herself. Joan says that Bristol probably felt like “that bitch set me up” to which Bristol says, “no kidding”.

Melissa tells Bristol that her manual really worked but Tripp clearly works the two of them, they need to put boundaries in place.

Bristol tells Melissa that she needs to sometimes take a break and dress down.

Bristol says that she realizes that she has to enforce rules. Melissa likes that Bristol’s life is a little looser. Joan says that nobody should judge people until they get to know them and she thinks Bristol is terrific.