Celebrity Wife Swap RECAP 4/4/13: Heidi Cochran and Marianne Curry Swap Lives

Celebrity Wife Swap RECAP 4/4/13: Heidi Cochran and Marianne Curry Swap Lives

Tonight on ABC Celebrity Wife Swap returns again for a whole new episode.  On tonight’s show self-proclaimed redneck Heidi Cochran and pageant mom Marianne Curry swap lives.  Did you watch last week’s episode when Gina Loudon and Comedian Angela Envy swapped lives?  We did and we recapped it here for you.

Heidi Cochran lives in Vancouver, Washington with her husband, Scott, and two children, Josiah (10) and Savannah (4). Heidi spends the majority of her days decked out in camouflage, duck hunting with her husband. She’s not at all concerned with appearances and spends more time singing to her chickens than cleaning her home — which includes a “bone yard” in the backyard and the ever-present “laundry volcano” in the living room.

Marianne Curry, better known as Miss Marion Popcorn Festival 2011, lives in Columbus, Ohio with her doting husband, Craig, and their three children, Marin (7), Leo (6) and Layne (3). Marianne is a pageant mom who regularly practices pageant poses with her kids and dreams of competing on a national level. She and her husband shuttle their kids around to all kinds of after-school activities, including dance, soccer and gymnastics. Marianne believes appearances are very important, and won’t even allow her sons to get haircuts because she thinks it makes them look unique.

We will be covering tonight’s Celebrity Wife Swap, Heidi Cochran and Marianne Curry episode with all the details.    For the first time in the show’s history, a family breaks the rules of the swap and refuses to reunite for the roundtable discussion.  You don’t want to miss it!  Don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM for our coverage of the episode.

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Heidi Cochran and Marianne Curry are the chosen and unfortunate women who have decided to swap lives this week. Modern redneck Cochran

Pageant Mom Curry started doing pageants when she was teenager and still dreams of being Mrs. America. Mother of three and the pants wearer in the family, she also enlists her children into pageants. Curry is one to believe in appearances should make a good impression. Unbeknownst to her she’s switching with “Modern Redneck”

Redneck Mom Cochran believes in hunting and is not one for appearances. Her house is unorganized and she admits to waiting on her husband. How will these two women switch without problems?

Looking around at each other’s homes, they’re automatic reservations. Especially when Curry catches the dog licking a carcass. Marianne is the one to meet the new family first. When she meets the husband, he comes in with two dead ducks in his hand. Meanwhile Heidi has to deal with Marianne’s kids, who have taken this opportunity to go wild. It seems Mom was the one who ran a tight ship while Dad is already looking a little lost.

Marianne is cooking along with the Cochran’s daughter, Savannah whose 4. She’s surprised that no one eats around the table but taking in in stride about cooking deer meat. Heidi on the other hand is dealing with the wild and out of control kids with little from their dad. This allows her to make a statement that Marianne is making the family too much about her.

In Heidi’s own words “the kids are freaking out” and their dad, Craig, admits that Mom usually handles them. Without Mom the kids are rebelling against everything their Mom taught them. Including the kids suddenly claiming they hate pageants. Heidi gets teary eyed over hearing their busy schedules.

Marianne and Heidi’s husband, Scott, nearly come to a full blown argument. Its starts after their failed joint hunting trip and extend to Scott’s poker night where Marianne has to look after the boys while being treated, in her opinion, disrespectfully. When she is doing the dishes, Scott stands over her and tells what she’s doing wrong with his mini me of a son egging him on. Marianne refers to her husband who helps clean but Scott relies that he’s real man. The chores are wifely duties.

The wives change the rules. Heidi tells the kids that he need to respect their dad. The boys’ hair will get a haircut. Also she’s getting rid of all the rules and activities. The kids cheer about the no activities but still have a hard time listening to their dad.

Over at the Cochran’s, Marianne tells the family they need to clean up the house. Scott has to clean up his appearances and little Savannah gets to be in a pageant. Everything seems to be going fine until the bone yard. It’s the place where Scott puts the carcass of everything he’s hunted for dinner. Marianne wants to dispose of the bones but Scott refuses before he begins cursing and telling his kids to go back inside.

Heidi talks to Craig about the kids listening to him. She tells him to be more assertive even though he’s currently feeling outnumbered.  Craig who’s now relaxing has also stepped up with punishments.

Marianne and Scott are back on good terms despite the bone yard debacle. He even got a pedicure and wore a suit. The one who is most happy with Marianne’s changes is Savannah. She especially loved the family dinner.  Yet she shines when Marianne sets up a red carpet that she sashays down and gets crowned. The Cochrans are say goodbye to Marianne and everything is peaceful.

But it won’t last because before Marianne even finds out that her son’s hair was cut she mentions how she had to walk into a dirty house. This sets off an argument with Heidi saying at least she made the kids happy which Marianne wasn’t doing. Also that she taught Marianne’s kids to respect Craig. Marianne hit back that Heidi’s son was completely disrespectfully chauvinistic like his Dad.  A slob she got dressed up for Heidi today. They nearly come to blows, until the tension is quickly deflated.  The haircut gets brought up however Craig diffuses the situation because he was happy with the haircut.

In the end no one jumps from the table and both women equally admitted they needed to learn something new. Both families learned something. This is weirdly calm. Luckily next week’s promo shows someone rushing from the table so everything returns back to normal.