Chelsea Handler Bashing Angelina Jolie For Jennifer Aniston Again

Chelsea Handler Bashing Angelina Jolie For Jennifer Aniston Again 0307

I used to have a huge girl crush on Chelsea Handler. She was silly and smart and irreverently funny without playing the cutesy girl comedian card. Her “whatever, go f-ck yourself” attitude was pretty kick ass. But then came the fame and the celebrity friends and now I can’t help but feel she has an agenda every time she opens her mouth. She’s not an equal opportunity basher. If you make your career off of calling out celebrities than you have to call out all the celebrities – not just the ones your celebrity friends hate. It’s not meangirling (because that’s a stupid ass term I refuse to use) but it is high school and Chelsea Handler seems like the girl desperate to hang with the cool kids so is more than willing to do their dirty work for them.

Case in point – on Watch What Happens Live, Chelsea Handler bashed Angelina Jolie again, presumably for her bestie and the soon-to-be married, Jennifer Aniston. Why do I think this? Because she specifically made the point to say, “It has nothing to do with Jennifer….” Oh really? Then why say that? Why bring Jen’s name into the discussion at all? Is it because you’re her best friend and she’ll always be linked to Angelina? Allegedly, Jen bitch slapped Chelsea before when she ripped on Angelina but it must not have been that hard because she’s at it again. She’s got to know this always looks bad for Jennifer. It makes her look like she’s using her loud mouth friend to get revenge which is shitty timing since Jen is supposed to be madly in love and getting married any day now.

Now, Chelsea could have just been a little tipsy and lippy when she told Andy Cohen: “She [Angelina Jolie] seems like a demon. It has nothing to do with Jennifer. As a woman, I know when you see somebody walking across the room that’s a bad girl.” But should a woman her age be able to use the drunk card to get her dumb ass out of another stupid predicament? She needs to move on and get new material. With all the other famewhores out there right now it should be rather easy.

What’s great about the whole thing is that Angelina Jolie never (publicly) engages and, for all I know, has no idea who Chelsea Handler is. That makes Chelsea look even more like a child. My secret theory is that Chelsea just wants Angelina to acknowledge her and be her friend. That would complete the collection of celebrities Chelsea likes to have around as validation. That’s all this really is. The coolest chick in school is way too cool for her and that pisses Chelsea off so she retaliates by hating her. She likes to think she’s above it all but really Chelsea Handler is just an older, road hard and put away wet version of Taylor Swift.

What do you think of the Chelsea Handler/Angelina feud? Isn’t it getting a little old? Is Jennifer cringing right now since she knows it will all get back to her?


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