Lea Michele and Cory Monteith’s Fake Relationship Exposed as Glee Ratings Ploy Showmance – Nasty Accusations By UnNamed Sources

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith's Fake Relationship Exposed as Glee Ratings Ploy Showmance - Nasty Accusations By UnNamed Sources

There are two sides in an argument brewing up. The argument is whether Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were a real couple. So let me be the one to point to last night’s episode on Glee titled the “Quartarback”. Lea is first and foremost not that great of an actress to pretend how deeply her emotions ran throughout that episode. Because it wasn’t a performance. It was her saying goodbye to Cory. She really was his girlfriend. Just accept it instead of trying to knock down a relationship that unfortunately no longer exists like some cruel blogs are doing.

She was the same girlfriend that was with his mother and brother before he was cremated. His own father wasn’t invited and yet this girl was there during when the family dropped Cory’s body off. Do you know how much that takes from a person to see people go through that? So no you don’t get to demand she shows proof they were a real couple.

Lea was there with that family through the whole thing and only because she went back to work to try to live on with her life are people claiming her relationship was a showmance. Cory died several months ago. She is allowed to start showing signs of happiness. The whole wearing black for year went out with the Victorian Age.

According to our friends at Blind Gossip, they picked up stories from friends about how the couple was fabricated for ratings – like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Here is the suppsed proof that the Lea and Cory were a hoax: Vacation photo ops were staged. They each brought their own friends, stayed in separate rooms and simply got together for photos.

When planning a large party be it on vacation or just in the neighborhood it doesn’t mean a couple will automatically stick together like glue. Not even spouses do that. Also she probably didn’t like his hard partying friends that she knew were a bad influence on him. As his brother said after Cory has passed, everyone had tried to speak to him about the enablers he hung around with. But Cory was too nice of a guy to drop anyone.

So these stories from friends and others seeking their 15 minutes of fame by claiming Cory would go out partying with them and make out with other girls can all be lies. If by chance Cory was hooking up with other women then I’m sure these friends probably helped cover it up just so Cory wouldn’t stop their gravy train. Yet look at that, the train stopped anyway. Cory is dead and he won’t be granting people any more vacations or be the one paying the drug dealers. No worries though, they found a new revenue source.

Oh those tidbits about how the production company was helping out financially to play out this whole fake relationship sounds absurd. No one dishes out money for a fake car and house only to sell a romance. Not when they’ve been readily losing the ratings war and have to hire big name guest stars. There is no fake relationship fund. Show me the receipt on these items and we’ll know who really paid for them. Till then all anyone has is hearsay.

I rather take the late Cory’s confirmation on what his relationship to Lea was then hear it from people that refuse to be named. They don’t give it when they don’t want to be sued. To me all I needed to hear was that she prayed with his mother. Being there for someone whose lost their son isn’t something to be taken lightly.

  • Robyn

    I don’t believe this at all, she is not that good an actress…..

  • busybeeblogger

    LOL robyn. I just never thought of them as a really serious couple. more of one of convenience and red carpets

  • Sorry

    GLEE sucks anyway.

  • Glee

    I just read this and u have a lot of BS running out of your mouth. Lea can do things herself and think for herself she doesn’t need assistants to plan a funrel for the man she loves and she doesn’t need YOU talking like you know her and how she felt about cory. Just because u have your own ideas about there relationship doesn’t mean there true. I’m not saying I positively know that they were truly going out. All I’m saying is that they cared about eachother and that u have no right to say that everything was a hoax.