Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Addiction – Friends Plan Intervention!

Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Addiction - Friends Plan Intervention!

Aging has a way of getting to most people, but celebrities seem even more susceptible to it’s influence! No, they don’t age any differently in terms of biology, but wrinkles have a way of working through their bodies, into their finger tips, and then on to their credit cards! In the latest ridiculous plastic surgery report, it seems that Friends veteran and Cougar Town star Courteney Cox has joined Britney Spears in the extreme celeb makeover department, and has dished out a whopping $100,000 on cosmetic procedures! But she looks great—right?

Star Magazine, print edition January 28, 2013, reports that Courteney is hooked, but her friends aren’t so enthused, and “told her that her face is looking more and more fake and compared her to the queen of plastic surgery, Janice Dickenson!” Courteney previously joked to New You Magazine that she is “very open to prolonging the inevitable.”Her friends have vocalized their concerns, but their warnings fall on deaf ears (deaf from Botox injections, maybe?) and “they may have an intervention if she doesn’t stop!” I think Courteney looks pretty good—that is, I wouldn’t go so far as to compare her to Janice Dickenson, who I think has started to look like dry clay in the shape of a human face.  What’s Courteney had done?

Plastic surgeons Dr. Anthony Youn and Dr. Garo Kassabian gave Courteney a once over and guessed her cosmetic procedures. They believe she’s had a face lift, a neck lift, and the trendy new Ulthera treatment, which “is meant to lift, tone, and tighten your skin with ultrasound technology.” Add to that repair of the little details—Botox in her forehead and around her eyes, lip filler, and fat injections to fill the hollow concaves of her face. Take a look at Courteney’s face—is she pulling it off, or addicted to the surgeon’s chair? Should she quit while she’s ahead, or is there more room for ‘improvement?’

Photo Credit: FameFlynet