Courtney Stodden Might Release Her Sex Tape Now

Courtney Stodden Might Release Her Sex Tape Now

Apparently Courtney Stodden must have been putting her feelers out there when it came to the release of her sex tape. Now, it appears that the young oversexualized arm candy for her “saggy balled” husband Doug Hutchison has been reconsidering her stance on the release of the tape of her diddling herself.

She has already confirmed the tape’s existence, but said that it’s not “out in the media”. Will she go as far as “leaking” the tape herself?

She said in a new interview, “There is that saying ‘never say never.'”

You know what that means, right? She got a call from Vivid head honcho Steve Hirsch and she is considering becoming independent of her hubby. Will James Deen be called in to hook up with her on camera?

With regard to Farrah Abraham’s decision to film a porn, she said, “I’m not here to judge her decision regarding releasing a sex tape. That’s what she chose to do and to me, she seems to be happy with it. I wouldn’t say that I would never go down the same route as anyone. We are all on our own unique journey. Only God knows what the future holds.”

She added, “I was recently asked if I had a sex tape. I will always be honest with the public, and since I happen to have an XXX video I wanted to tell the truth…but it is private.”

She’s so gross, isn’t she?

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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