Dallas RECAP 01/28/13: Season 2 Episode 1 “Battle Lines; Venomous Creatures”

Dallas RECAP 01/28/13: Season 2 Episode 1 “Battle Lines; Venomous Creatures”

Tonight on TNT our favorite show the DALLAS reboot returns with its second season premiere.  This season is a particularly sad season because star Larry Hagman passed away last year.  15 episodes had been filmed before Larry passed away from Cancer.  We won’t find out until episode 8 how Larry will exit the show, but the show promises a proper sendoff for our beloved character J.R.

Tonight’s premiere will be two hours and two episodes, one called, “Battle Lines” and the other called, “Venomous Creatures.”  On the first show  Battle Lines – The battle for Ewing Energies heats up as Christopher and John Ross clash over opposing visions for the company. As Christopher seeks to gain the upper hand in his divorce from Rebecca Sutter, a game-changing revelation turns everything on its head, causing the entire family to put their differences aside and rally together — except for John Ross, who uses J.R.’s dirty little tricks to take revenge on Christopher and Elena. Meanwhile, Ann is blackmailed by her ex-husband, Harris Ryland, forcing her and Bobby to confront a shocking secret from Ann’s past.

On the second show Venomous Creatures – With Christopher and Bobby at the helm of Ewing Energies, and Elena working to gain a stronger foothold within the company, J.R. and John Ross strike a deal to wrestle control of Ewing Energies away from them. Meanwhile, Pamela Rebecca Barnes schemes with John Ross to take half of Christopher’s shares in Ewing Energies to fulfill her father’s desire for revenge against the Ewings. And Ryland’s mother, Judith, (guest star Judith Light) proves to be just as evil as her son.

Tonight’s DALLAS season 2 premiere is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Dallas — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Sue Ellen is talking up her run for Governor as John Ross watches her on the big screen at a bar where he’s drinking and watching a Bachelorette party. He hits up the Bachelorette and invites her to French kiss him until her toes curl. She lays a big smacker on him in front of her squealing friends and then he lays something else on her… We see her the next morning as he’s zipping up and leaving. She asks him to leave out the back so her Daddy won’t see him.

But rather than that, he heads right down the front stairs, shirt unbuttoned, shoes off, obviously a walk of absolutely no shame… He walks straight into her Daddy’s office – he’s Cartwell – and owns a fleet of trucks that John Ross needs for his oil company. Cartwell tells him he already said no and John Ross shows him a video clip of his dear daughter getting frisky with him and threatens to expose her naughty self to a local reporter and ruin her reputation and the wedding. Poor Brandee!

John Ross offers to do a business deal rather than blackmail. Cartwell tells him that Brandee and her fiancée love each other and John Ross says “Love is for p*ssies!” Looks like John Ross is getting the trucks he needs. He trained at the knee of master schemer JR so who would doubt him?

At Texas Motor Speedway, Christopher is doing high speed laps in his methane fueled race car. Ricky Rudd’s there and is amazed at the car. Elena is there cheerleading and Ricky agrees to test out the car and consider driving it. Elena and Chris make out – she’s turned on by him in the racing jumpsuit. Girls and fast cars – geez!

At Ewing Oil, John Ross heads in and finds his dear old Daddy with his feet up on his desk. He tells JR to get lost. Daddy wants to know if sexing up Brandee got him his trucks like he advised and is glad to hear it. JR tells him about Christopher’s ploy to get methane contracts all over the cities. He tells him he needs to shut methane down so that Bobby will turn back into an oil man.

Bobby, Chris and Elena come in and are not happy to see JR there. He makes up an excuse about dropping off muffins to the secretaries and takes the hint and leaves. The trio calls John Ross into the conference room and tells him he’s only there because they want to heal family rifts. Chris is mad because the $50 million bid for the fleet is money he wants for the methane project. Bobby votes with Christopher to spend the money on the methane rig and not the fleet. That’s 60% of the company vote and he’s shut down – all that hard work sexing up the bachelorette for nothing.

John Ross and Chris go behind closed doors and Chris says it’s only a matter of time before he’s gone. John Ross asks if it’s a threat and Chris assures him it is. Whoo – hot guy fight! Watch out ladies. John Ross sends a text to someone that he’s walking out the door. But he stops to see Elena first and tells her he just wants to work her all civil like – like they used to. She says it will never be the way it used to (snap) and walks out on him. That seems to be what she likes to do to him, right?

Chris finds Rebecca Sutter waiting in Lou’s office – the real Rebecca Sutter – from Iowa – not the one he married who stole her identity. She says she’s ready to testify to help him get his annulment and custody of his twins from his about-to-be-history wife. Rebecca says she wants him to promise he won’t press charges against Tommy (her brother) who helped his fake wife scam her. He promises not to press charges, but it doesn’t matter since the other Rebecca killed him. They say they still don’t know who the other Rebecca really is – but we do – she’s Cliff Barnes’ daughter. She’s going to be tucked out of sight until the hearing, but it’s Dallas – someone will find her.

Ann is looking at a piece of artwork she had commissioned for Bobby’s new office when her slimy ex Harris comes sleazing up. He compliments her perfume and then lets her know their daughter is still alive. He says if she gives him back the recording she made that helped out Sue Ellen and he’ll tell her where Emma is. Sneaky bastard!

Harris tells her he’s had PIs looking for their missing daughter for the last 20 years. He tells her that the money laundering recording is protecting Sue Ellen, but he needs to protect himself. He tells her to turn over every copy. He also tells her that he ran a DNA test on Emma and knows for sure it’s his daughter he’s found. He gives her 48 hours to take care of what he wants and gives her a photo that turns her to tears.

Clyde – a PI – scored photos of Rebecca (the real one) and hands them over to John Ross. Clyde wants to know why he cares if Chris gets an annulment and John Ross says he’s got a score to settle.

Ann pulls up to Southfork and sits crying in her car looking at the photo of her long lost daughter for a long time before she heads in. Bobby’s there and wants to know what’s wrong. She confesses she had a daughter 22 years ago – Emma. When she was 18 months old, she was kidnapped at the State Fair. She tells him they could never find her but that Harris has tracked her down. She tells him Harris wants the tape she made of him admitting to laundering money – Bobby didn’t know about the daughter or the tape.

Bobby wants to know how she can be sure Harris isn’t making the whole story up to try and get the tape back. Ann shows him the DNA results and photo Harris gave her. Bobby says they’ll get her DNA checked as well so they know for sure.

Chris and Elena are frolicking in the pool when it turns sexy… Elena says he seems relaxed and he says it’s because everything has fallen into place. He’s sure he’ll get the annulment and the kids and they can have a church wedding like he always wanted to give Elena.

She tells him she loves him and then says she feels uncomfortable telling him this but admits she thinks John Ross was right about the trucking fleet for the oil. He tells her she should have felt like she could have spoken up. She reminds him that he and his Daddy own 60% of the company. He tells her she needs to come up with something big to earn a bigger share.

Fake Rebecca hops out of her Daddy’s chopper to greet Frank – he tells her she shouldn’t have been on vacation – she should have been plotting with him on blocking the annulment. Rebecca says she stayed gone to give him a false sense of security and to keep him from finding out who she really is. She says she’s back now and is ready to make an entrance.

Next morning, Chris hops downstairs happy to see his parents glum. He asks Carmen what’s up and she doesn’t know. The phone ring and it’s a frantic call – she takes a message from Rebecca’s lawyer with a meeting time. Chris thinks it’s a good sign – she must be desperate and wanting to make a deal. Bobby offers to go see her with his son and they head out.

Elena comes to see Mark – she has questions about fixed oil platforms that are ready to be dismantled. It’s $5 million per rig to tear them down. She wants to buy them if he can get the sea bed licenses extended and give them to her. Mark tells her there’s no more oil. She says he won’t have to deal with decommissioning the rigs so it’s a win-win. She’s a smart girl – I see where this is headed – they can have platforms plus the rigs.

Bobby and Chris arrive at the address for the meeting – it’s at Barnes Global – and they wonder why his wicked uncle is involved with not-Rebecca. Chris wonders out loud if it’s a game and then Frank is there to assure them that it’s not. He takes them inside. Upstairs, not-Rebecca waits, watching the skyline as they come in. Chris wants to know what the hell is going on. She tells him her middle name is Rebecca, but her Dad prefers her first name – her aunt’s name – Pamela. She’s Pamela Rebecca Barnes and tells him Cliff is her Daddy.

She tells him she had to change her name because of the feud. She says she fell in love with him but she knows they’re past that now. Pam says she doesn’t want his money, but does want her kids to have a father. Chris accuses her of conning him and lying to him. He tells her she’ll never have the kids. She says she wants custody but he can see them every day. She also tells him that since they were married when he created Ewing Oil, she should get 30% of it. He tells her that her being Cliff Barnes’ daughter proves she defrauded him. She tells him she’s going to use the might of her Dad’s power to get what she wants if he doesn’t accept her offer. He tells her to bring it…

Chris tells JR, Elena, Bobby and John Ross about Pam’s plot. Lou says they have a key witness who can prove fraud. John Ross tells Chris that his enemy is John Ross’ enemy and he’ll help any way he can. Chris is convinced Cliff wants the methane technology. JR wants to bury him. Clyde calls John Ross and gives him some good news. He heads out to make trouble. Yeah!

Ann pores over mementos from when her daughter was tiny – a little hat, photos in a locket – and then she gets a call. It’s the lab with the DNA results – she starts crying. Yep – it’s Emma that Harris found. At Sue Ellen’s, Harris is there already and he’s told Sue Ellen everything. Ann tells her she’s sorry but she has to have her daughter. Sue Ellen hands over the tape but tells him she won’t do anything as Governor that he asks. Ann demands the address and he hands it over. He tells them if there are more copies of the tape, there will be hell to pay. Sue Ellen tells her to go find Emma. Ann assures Harris if the address is bogus, she’ll send him to hell.

Chris is looking for Ricky at the speedway and finds him tearing up the track in the methane car. They flag him in and Ricky tells Chris he’ll drive for him. He’s a little hurt that he doesn’t trust him with security but Chris tells him it’s an industrial espionage issue and he’s mollified. He wants another lap in it and Chris tells him to take off. He peels out!

Bobby is at his desk scribbling when Ann rushes in smiling. She tells him the DNA is a match and she has the address for her daughter. Bobby tells her she should have let her handle Harris – he tells her she shouldn’t negotiate with a terrorist. She begs him to come with her to meet her daughter – she says she can’t do it alone.

At Sue Ellen’s campaign headquarters, things are abuzz. It’s the day before the election. Dr. Rassmussen is on TV, offering his resignation and confesses that he took a bribe from Sue Ellen for declaring Marta del Sol’s death a suicide. They show her opponent’s chief of staff saying the voters will make the right choice at the polls. JR watches, stunned.

At the riding ring, Emma is taking her horse through some dressage paces when Ann and Bobby come in. They ask for Emma and are directed to the young woman on the horse. The trainer calls her down to speak with them. She dismounts and Ann approaches her – she calls her darling girl and tells her she’s her mother. She tells her she’s Ann. Emma said she knows who she is and that it’s a mistake. She says she didn’t want her there and had hoped never to see her again. She walks away and leaves Ann in tears, collapsing in on herself. Bobby holds her as she crumples.

John Ross finds Pamela (not-Rebecca) at Barnes Tower. She asks him why he’s there and he tells her they’re going to be friends. John Ross admits she caught him off guard. He also tells her she should continue taking aim against Chris. He tells her they want the same thing – to destroy Chris and Elena and make them hurt like they hurt them. Pamela reminds him they hate each other, reminds him he blackmailed her.

He tells her that was just ambition and that same ambition can help them take over Ewing Energies. She asks him what he can offer that would make her want to get in bed with him. The elevator dings and out comes the real Rebecca Sutter. He tells her she can be on their side if they want. Yowza!

Chris is sanding an old crib when Elena walks up. He tells her it was his and he found it in storage. He wants to get it ready. Chris tells her he’s sorry that they’re starting a family so early in their careers and he recognizes the sacrifices she’s making being with him when he’s got twins on the way. John Ross pulls up and tells Elena that her raising someone else’s kids is amazing.

She and Chris get pissy, but then Elena asks about Sue Ellen. He tells them the press vultures were all over her. He wishes Chris good luck in court today (HA!) and heads in to Southfork. Chris calls him a douchebag then tells Elena that he talked to Rebecca and her testimony is all set – he’s sure court is going to go his way. He gives Elena a big kiss as John Ross watches them, glaring out the window.

JR tells him to give in to the dark side – to use his anger. Okay, that was the intent, but I like quoting Darth Vader and it was very Vadersque advice to his son. God I’m going to miss JR when he’s gone from the show… L

Ann is in bed crying as the doctor gives her a shot of Lorazepam. Bobby says he won’t rest until he finds out what went on with Emma. Ann tells Bobby to give her regrets to Christopher for not being able to be at the annulment hearing. Bobby promises he will get her daughter back for her.

Bobby meets with Derek – the police officer – who tells him there’s no information about the Emma Ryland case. Bobby says he has to know what happened and Derek says to let them handle it. Bobby says he won’t be sidelined.

Meanwhile disgraced Sue Ellen opens a bottle of wine and pours a nice big glass. Will she drink it? The press is beating down her door when JR and John Ross come in – saved by the bell (the knock actually.) John Ross says it’s his fault that she had to lie to get him out of jail. She said she would do it again. JR said since she left him, she’s made great things of herself. She says her foundation has lost 12 donors and she’s facing criminal charges. JR said he can take care of the state attorney. She thinks she needs to face the music. John Ross gets a text – looks like it’s from Pamela.

JR tells Sue Ellen she needs to go see Ann that she’ struggling. Sue Ellen pours out the glass of wine and then the bottle. Yeah – still on the wagon!

Frank is running a meeting when Pamela comes in and tells the assembled board that they are changing the company’s focus away from casinos and into clean energy. Frank is surprised when she tells him her Dad wants them to refocus on energy – where the company roots are. Frank tells her they’re too deep into the casino deal to back out. He tells her she would have known that if she came to meetings. She takes the top seat and tells him she’s got two hours before the annulment.

At the court hearing, Chris is on the stand accusing her of lying about everything. Her attorney said there were no lies. She had legally changed her name so there were no lies. Lou calls real Rebecca to the stand and asks if she can verify that Pamela was defrauding Chris. She says she can’t verify any fraud. Rebecca says that she loved Chris, quit conning him and threw her brother Tommy out. She said she wanted the marriage to work. Lou says that contradicts her signed statement and Pamela’s attorney said that was duress. Chris threatens her with punishing Tommy for this and she looks pained. The judge does not like this at all. Whoopsy – looks like no annulment for him anytime soon!

The judge finds in Pamela’s favor – no annulment. She says they can reconvene for divorce proceedings later. Her basis was that she confessed and they reconciled. Chris chases down Pamela and accuses her of getting to Rebecca. She tells him he should have taken the deal and he tells her she’s getting a war.

John Ross is waiting in Pamela’s limo and asks her how Chris took the news of no annulment. He tells her “you’re welcome” for handing over Rebecca. She tells him she’s appreciative. John Ross wants the shares of Ewing Energy that she’ll get in the divorce. She says her Dad wants them. He asks what she wants – he says giving them to him will ensure Chris is crushed and that’s what she wants. She has the limo pull over and tells him it’s going to be on her terms and she puts him on the curb – literally.

JR finds Peter Bedford – the State Attorney – and explains the erroneous murder charge on John Ross was the issue. Bedford tells him he has no choice but to pursue an indictment. He tells him he has no skeletons in his closet for JR to blackmail him – he walks away.

Bobby and Lou come to see Harris and his lawyer. Bobby wants to know when and where he found Emma and why he didn’t notify Ann. His lawyer says Harris will explain all this to the police. Harris said he only took the meeting to see how the mother-daughter reunion went. Then he asks if Ann already asked for a special shot from the doctor to calm her down – he tells him that’s a slippery slope. Bobby lunges but Lou talks him down. Bobby assures Harris that when he finds the truth, he’d better hope he’s not in the middle of it. He stalks out.

Elena comforts Chris and tells him not to be upset. He tells her he’s sick of playing by the rules when no one else does. She tells him they’ll get through it together. Elena says she has good news – she got them four drilling platforms that will save them millions. Chris tells her she’s amazing.

Pamela is wrapping up a board meeting when Frank stops her – he doesn’t like the lack of respect she’s showing him. He tells her that her Dad wanted her to wreck the Ewings but not sail into the wreckage. Then JR is there – he says he’s there to look the enemy in the eye. He congratulates her on her win in court – he tells her can give her expert advice on divorce court – he’s been there. JR tells her if she goes after Ewing Oil in the divorce, she’ll be dealing with him – he says he’s kicked a Pamela out of the Ewings before. On the way out, he asks Frank how he likes being a poodle.

Bobby heads to the stables looking for Emma. He shows the photo around, but no one has seen her. He spots the horse she was riding and the groom says they just arrived there from London last week. He also doesn’t know the girl well, but said she came from London as well.

At the hotel, Pamela comes to see Rebecca with a huge stack of money. Rebecca says it was more money than she asked for but Rebecca doesn’t want to leave without her brother. Pamela says if she stays, Chris will lock her up. She tells her to go back to Iowa with her money and leave Tommy alone.

Ann and Sue Ellen are having a coffee klatch about the pain in their lives. Sue Ellen says that JR said he’d take care of it. She tells Ann she almost drank some wine and it seemed like an old friend that would cure her pain and then JR was there. She said it was the first time in his life he was the lesser of two evils.

JR’s back on the golf course seeing Peter – the State Attorney – he has a caddie with him who took pictures at a charity golf tournament where Peter was getting friendly with some girls in the hospitality tent… Uh-oh.

At Ewing Oil, John Ross finds Elena, Bobby and Chris laughing in the conference room. He tells them it makes him feel left out. They say they were talking about giving Elena some more stock because she made a deal to get him the fleet he wants and four drilling rigs where he could only afford one. Chris and Bobby decided to hand Elena some of their shares. John Ross stares thoughtfully and then says he’s willing to give her some of his shares as well – he tells her they should all give up enough percentages so they’re all equal partners. They all agree. Elena rewards John Ross with a hug. He says he’s just trying to do the right thing.

John Ross knows math. Once the divorce comes through and Chris loses some shares, John Ross will be the king. Chris asks his assistant to get friendly with John Ross’s assistant and find out where he’s going and who he’s seeing – he wants to know what he’s up to.

John Ross and JR are plotting. John Ross says Elena is in debt for the oil leases next door to Southfork. Sue Ellen holds the debt but they think they can get her to side with him. JR wants to know if he’s prepared to screw over Elena and he says yes. JR is pleased. JR reminds him that they agreed when Sue Ellen and John Ross take over Ewing Oil, he’ll get his piece.

Chris is on the phone to the city of Dallas about the methane contract. He gets a delivery from Tommy Sutter that the courier says they were told to delay by a month. Out falls a cell phone and there’s also a note that says “If anything should happen to me, you deserve to know the truth. Check the voice mail!” Hmm… Chris stares off into space. Check the voice mail damn it!!

At Southfork, Bobby’s on the phone with the groom. He tells him the horse is an award winner from London ridden by Emma Brown – not Ryland! She’s been riding the horse for eight years and the whole time it was owned by Harris Ryland. That oily bastard has known where his daughter has been since she was 14 at least!

Ann comes out and tells Bobby she’s not taking a shot today. She says she needs to be clear-headed to find out what happened with Emma. She asks if there’s news and he lies and says not yet.

At the hotel, Chris is pounding on Rebecca’s door. He tells her he has news about Tommy and she lets him in and he plays the voice mail for her. It’s Pamela telling him to stop pushing her around because she’s got powerful friends that can make him disappear. Chris tells her that’s the person she picked over him and she probably did something to Tommy.

Then he plays another voice mail for her.  It’s her demanding the share of the con against Chris – she tells him she wants her cut for letting Pamela use her identity and she wants it now. Chris tells her they’re going downtown and she’s going to recount her statement or he’s going to press charges and her next room is going to be behind bars. Why are these women leaving incriminating messages on cell phones? Morons!

At Sue Ellen’s, JR is at the door smiling. She tells him she heard from the State Attorney’s office – she says she doesn’t want to know what he did, but she appreciates it. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and invites him in for tea. He says – I thought you’d never ask.

John Ross heads to Barnes Tower to find Pamela staring across the way at Ewing Oil’s offices. He quotes her some Great Gatsby and says the way she was staring reminds him of Gatsby. She offers him 50% of the shares she gets in the divorce in exchange for the methane patent. He says he wants all the shares and she says she’s not that easy and offers him 60% – he counters 95% – she counters 65% – he counters 90% final offer and she offers 70% and gives him a big kiss. He tells her he would have settled for 50% and walks away. He’s several floors down when the elevator stops and reverses course – he heads off the elevator and into her arms and they get naked right away.

Frank meets the shifty courier and pays him off for delivering the phone to Christopher – nice plot twist. Seems he wants to take the air out of Daddy’s little girl.

Bobby comes in looking for Harris and finds his mother (who looks younger than him – and BTWs, I looked her up – Judith Light is only four years older than Harris yet is playing his mom!). Judith Brown Ryland is Emma’s grandma and Emma’s last name is Brown! She knows who he is. Bobby wants to know where Emma is and she says she doesn’t want to talk to him or Ann. He says he knows they found her at least eight years ago and have been raising her in Europe. He tells her she’s sick and so is Harris for hiding her from Ann. He wants to know who took Emma and why they kept her from Ann.

Judith said she had a proper upbringing and a bright future and she won’t let anyone ruin it. Bobby sees a photo of a young Emma with Harris at various ages. He realizes it was her and Harris that stole Emma from Ann. Emma comes in and tells him that she was raised by her father in Europe. Bobby tells her she was kidnapped from her mother and she says that it’s not true – her Dad saved her from her mother!