Dallas RECAP 02/04/13: Season 2 Episode 3 “Sins of the Father”

Dallas RECAP 02/04/13: Season 2 Episode 3 “Sins of the Father”

One of my favorite shows DALLAS returns tonight to TNT with a new episode called, “Sins of the Father.”  On tonight’s show as a new member of the family arrives at Southfork, Ann is pushed to the brink by Ryland’s sadistic games and finally takes action.  Did you watch last week’s two hour season 2 premiere episode?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show the battle for Ewing Energies heated up as Christopher and John Ross clashed over opposing visions for the company. As Christopher sought to gain the upper hand in his divorce from Rebecca Sutter, a game-changing revelation turned everything on its head, causing the entire family to put their differences aside and rally together — except for John Ross, who used J.R.’s dirty little tricks to take revenge on Christopher and Elena. With Christopher and Bobby at the helm of Ewing Energies, and Elena working to gain a stronger foothold within the company, J.R. and John Ross agreed on  a deal to wrestle control of Ewing Energies away from them.

On tonight’s show when new evidence mysteriously surfaces pointing to foul play in Tommy’s disappearance, Christopher aims to connect Pamela to the crime. J.R. and John Ross maneuver on two fronts to reclaim their birthright, including poisoning one family member against another. Pamela continues to push her father’s agenda to gain control of Ewing Energies. As a new member of the family arrives at Southfork, Ann is pushed to the brink by Ryland’s sadistic games and finally takes action.

Tonight’s DALLAS season 2 episode 3 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Dallas — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Rebecca and Christopher are having an argument at the police station. She doesn’t want to file a missing person report but he’s pushing hard. He threatens her with jail for fraud if she doesn’t. He’s confident if she files the complaint about Tommy going missing that Pamela will be implicated and he’ll get their unborn children.

Christopher sits with Rebecca while they make the complaint. He plays the voice mail message on Tommy’s phone from Pamela with her threatening him. The cop hands Rebecca a form to get his dental records released. Uh-oh. Do they already have a body?

Bobby tells Ann that her daughter was never kidnapped. Emma was taken from the fair by Ryland who raised her in Europe away from her mother. He tells her that Harris has been telling her lies about her all these years and Anne is horrified. Her daughter is going into the police station to make a statement the next day. He encourages Anne to go there and talk to her but Anne says it’s too late. Bobby wants Anne to fight for her daughter and she finally agrees but looks uncertain.

John Ross wakes up in Pamela’s bed and is ready for round two, but she tosses him his pants and invites him to leave. He tells her he wants to draw up papers to finalize their deal. She tells him there’s nothing to deal with yet. Pamela tells him she doesn’t trust him – the sex had nothing to do with their deal. He tosses her back in the bed but then she slips him over and he flips her back. They can’t seem to agree on who gets to be on top. She’s not looking very pregnant…

Harris’s mom tells Anne off at the police station. She tells her she was only an egg donor and was never good enough to be his wife. Anne tells her it’s too bad it’s against the law to marry your son and mommy lunges. Bobby talks her down and sends Anne to talk to Emma.

Emma insists that her dad didn’t kidnap her – that he rescued her from her mother. Anne asks what Ryland told her about her. Emma says her dad told her she was a depressed, drug addicted mess. Anne admits that she did have a problem with tranquilizers because she was trying to keep her marriage together. But she insists that when Emma was kidnapped, she died inside. Emma tells her she seems to have recovered quite nicely. Anne gives Emma a box and tells her she spent years looking for her.

Emma opens the box and finds her birth certificate, news clippings and other trinkets and mementos. She tells Emma she never stopped loving her and never stopped looking for her. Emma tells her she’s confused love with guilt. She tells her she’s had a great life with her father. She tells Anne to stop trying to persecute her Dad and just leave them alone. She asks Anne to leave.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, JR is getting a tutorial on digital technology so he can erase Bobby’s cloud drive with the evidence against him. JR shows him Elena’s loan agreement with Sue Ellen and if she defaults, Sue Ellen gets energy shares. John Ross says Sue Ellen wouldn’t take the shares, but JR tells him to go cry crocodile tears to his mom about Elena dumping him.

John Ross catches a syrupy conversation between Christopher and Elena about being soul mates and getting married in church after Chris gets his annulment. Andres – Elena’s brother – comes in and tells them he’s back for good to put down some roots. Elena is not happy – the boy is trouble – cute, but trouble!

Sue Ellen is taking calls from donors that are backing out of sponsoring her charitable foundation. John Ross comes in full of compliments and offering a contribution. He tells her that he knows things have been rough. John Ross tells her she was really alive when she was running for governor. He tells her she should be doing more. He says she should be getting paid back on the loan for the oil rights. He also says Elena isn’t working hard on getting the oil drilled because she’s busy getting more shares of Ewing Oil. John Ross says Elena and Christopher are rubbing his face in their new relationship.

Sue Ellen says after being married to JR all those years, she knows when she’s being played. Does that means she’s on to John Ross? But she says that Elena needs to be reminded of what’s what.

Christopher offers Andres a beer – he declines it saying he’s given up boozing. Christopher gets a call and leaves the table. Andres tells Elena he wants to drill their father’s land – he learned all about drilling when he was in the Army – he joined the Army as an alternative to jail. Elena tells him Bobby bought it to help them out and he says Bobby bought it because he knew there was oil there. He tells Elena he’s going to get their father’s land back and prove he was right about the oil.

Pamela is chewing someone out on the phone when Rebecca shows up demanding to know where Tommy is. She tells her that Christopher is threatening her – she tells Pamela about the message on Tommy’s cell phone that shows Rebecca was in on the con and another that makes it look like Pamela did something to Tommy. Rebecca demands $1,000,000 so she can leave town for good and go somewhere Christopher can’t find her. She says to hand over the dough or she’s going to testify like Christopher is demanding.

Pamela tells the police that Tommy had hit her and that when Chris found out, he threatened to hurt Tommy. She says she wanted him to get away before Christopher did something to him.

Elena comes into Christopher’s office and tells him about Andres’ plan to drill on their dad’s land. She says her brother (they’re calling him Drew) won’t relent.

Pamela instructs Frank to pay Rebecca off but to make it clear she’d better never come back. Frank says he’ll take care of it but it seems ominous.

Sue Ellen comes to see Elena about the drilling problems with the money she borrowed from her. Elena asks Sue Ellen if her anger is about something personal. Sue Ellen tells her John Ross will get over it – she says this is about business and gives Elena one month to hit oil or she’s calling in the loan.

Christopher’s secretary has been spying on John Ross and says that he’s been talking to his Mom a lot and that he wrote her a big check for her foundation. Chris gets a call from the cops to come to Pamela’s condo – says they found some evidence about Tommy. Chris heads out.

A forensics team is there and the cop asks Chris to put on some booties to preserve evidence. The cop tells Chris that Pamela tried to point the finger at him, but that he wasn’t buying her story. They found blood in the vents and in some floor seams. They expect to have a blood match to Tommy soon and that Pamela will have some explaining to do.

Rebecca gets three texts to her phone from Chris – one telling her about the evidence, one saying she could be in danger and one saying Tommy is dead. She calls for a cab, grabs her bags and is rushing out the door of her hotel room when she runs right into a scary looking Frank!

Elena finds her brother out on their dad’s old land. They reminisce about their dad letting them drive when they were little. Drew reminds her he was with their dad when he died. Elena tells him there’s no oil on the land. She tells him them pumping oil under the Ramos name will make him proud – he asks how. She offers him to pump the oil that she borrowed from Sue Ellen to make happen. She tells him she hit a salt dome, but he agrees they can get past that. He doesn’t want to work for his little sister, but she insists it would be them working together.

John Ross finds his friend Bubba who got hired on to head the rig on Elena’s oil project. He asks about the salt dome and says it can be tricky when the GPS on the drill is off. Bubba says that wouldn’t happen with him in charge. John Ross said he would be very happy if they didn’t strike oil there for a very long time. John Ross hands him a fat roll of cash and promises it will keep coming every month there’s no oil.

Frank comes into his place and finds JR waiting for him. He knows about the high velocity splatter in Pamela’s old condo. Frank says that’s Pamela’s problem. JR says he knows that Frank is supposed to clean up messes for Cliff Barnes and this would count as a mess. JR asks him how he feels being burned by Pamela pushing him out of his rightful place running Cliff’s business interests.

Frank asks what he’s suggesting and JR tells him to point him to the body and weapon and he’ll make sure Pamela is implicated. Frank says Cliff will know he betrayed him and JR says he can make a body appear in the middle of Sunday church service with no one knowing how it got there. He tells Frank that he’ll be expecting his call and leaves. (I am going to miss JR so much… So sad that Larry Hagman passed…)

Chris gets a call from the police confirming it was Tommy’s blood in Pamela’s condo. He is told it’s now a homicide investigation. Chris is waiting Rebecca to show up for the emergency annulment hearing, but she’s nowhere to be found. The judge is getting impatient and Chris is about to lose his one shot at an annulment.

The investigator shows up to tell Bobby that Harris can’t be prosecuted – with a parent, it’s called custodial interference and there’s a statute of limitations that has already expired. He tells Bobby there’s nothing else to be done. Anne is listening in and she grabs her purse and heads out.

Bobby finds JR Googling himself and laughing. Bobby says he needs his help and he tells him about Ryland and the statute of limitations – he wants him to pay. JR says Bobby can’t go over there now – he’ll beat him to death. Bobby asks JR to find a way to bring Ryland down and JR agrees and tells him it will be his masterpiece.

John Ross comes to see Pamela. He wants to know if she killed Tommy. She doesn’t answer. John Ross says he knows Tommy hit her and she says it happened more than once. He asks her if it was self-defense and she wants to know why it matters. He says he’s just protecting the deal but it seems like more. They kiss and embrace and get busy on the desk.

Anne finds Harris in his study. He tells her how amazing Emma is but says she really holds a grudge. Anne demands to know why he took her away. Harris says the last time they had a serious conversation, she was wearing a wire. He feels around looking for a recording device. She demands to know why. Harris says because Anne was about to leave him. He says he wasn’t going to let her shame him like that – he says she had to pay a price. She says that he abused and broke her.

He says nothing she can say is going to get back any dance recitals or bedtime stories. Harris says he took all that away from her forever. He asks her if nothing that helped her. Anne says it helped a lot. Then she shoots him in the chest and walks out.

Way to end an episode! OMG – I can’t decide if I hope Harris dead so he’s gone for good or hope he’s alive so Anne doesn’t get the death penalty!