Dallas RECAP 2/11/13: Season 2 Episode 4 “False Confessions”

Dallas RECAP 2/11/13: Season 2 Episode 4 “False Confessions”

One of my favorite shows DALLAS returns tonight to TNT with a new episode called, “False Confessions.” On tonight’s show John Ross is forced to choose between a Ewing and a Barnes. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show when new evidence mysteriously surfaced pointing to foul play in Tommy’s disappearance, Christopher aimed to connect Pamela to the crime. J.R. and John Ross maneuvered on two fronts to reclaim their birthright, including poisoning one family member against another. Pamela continued to push her father’s agenda to gain control of Ewing Energies. As a new member of the family arrived at Southfork, Ann was pushed to the brink by Ryland’s sadistic games and finally took action.

On tonight’s show With the future of Ewing Energies in jeopardy, Christopher does everything possible to keep a key deal alive. J.R. works to undermine Pamela, forcing John Ross to choose between a Ewing and a Barnes. Cliff Barnes (guest star Ken Kercheval) returns to meet with an unlikely visitor.

Tonight’s DALLAS season 2 episode 4 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Dallas — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Harris lies bleeding (dead?) on the carpet when his mother Judith comes in calling for him. She sees him on the floor and screams and calls for Emma to dial 911. Anne comes back home to Southfork and hustles past Bobby to go upstairs and scrub her hands clean. She’s clearly snapped. Bobby comes in and asks what’s wrong and sees the gun. He asks what she’s done. She tells him she overheard him talking about how Harris was going to get away with kidnapping Emma. She tells him she shot him.

The cops come to the door asking for Anne. Bobby greets them and the police tell him Harris has been shot and Anne’s car was seen leaving the house. Anne comes down and says “He’s not dead?” Bobby shuts her up and says his lawyer will talk to them. When she starts to speak again, Bobby says he’s the one who shot Harris! Christopher’s jaw drops.

Bobby is arrested and read his rights while Anne cries and screams and starts to confess but he quiets her down. He tells Christopher to take her in the kitchen. He asks the police for a moment alone to check on Anne and they agree. She pleads with Bobby to let them take her and Christopher asks if it’s true. Bobby says there’s no other way. He tells her if Emma finds out she shot Harris, she’ll never have a relationship with her daughter. He directs Christ to call his lawyer and tells Anne they’ll figure it out. He leaves with the cops.

Pamela is googling Tommy Sutter. Frank comes in and she tells him the police found some of Tommy’s blood in her condo. He tells her without a body, it doesn’t matter. John Ross staggers out in his boxers and asks for pancakes. Frank looks at JR Jr and tells her she doesn’t need to be distracted. She tells him the blood is the only distraction – blood he should have cleaned up – and that he’ll be the one answering to her dad.
Lou tells Christopher that he doesn’t know why Bobby went after Harris – Chris keeps mum on why his dad did it. Chris asks a passing detective what’s up with the Tommy Sutter case and he tells them he’s still a missing person. Chris gets aggressive and says it was obviously a murder and Lou calls him off. Chris tells Lou that he needs Pamela to be shut down for the murder so he can get his kids. Lou says to be patient and he and his dad will both get justice.

Frank digs up Tommy’s rotting corpse and calls JR while he’s gagging from the smell. He tells JR he has a deal about the body. He also tells JR that John Ross is spending time in Pamela’s bed. JR does not look pleased!

Bobby is being arraigned for Harris’ attempted murder. Bail is set at $1 million. Judith looks on hatefully. Anne is there and is freaking out. Lou tells Chris there’s a long road ahead. Judith comes to whisper to Anne that she traded down when she went from Harris to Bobby. Anne tells her that her son was a monster that deserves punishment. Judith says it’s interesting then that Bobby is the one who’ll be rotting in prison.

John Ross comes in and JR tells him Bobby has been arrested for shooting Harris. John Ross thinks it’s time to make a move, but JR says you protect your family. JR chastises John Ross for sleeping with Pamela – he tells him it didn’t work when he slept with the last crazy. John Ross says Pamela is going to give him her shares of Ewing Energies she gets in the divorce. JR says there’s not going to be a divorce – that she’s going to be out of the picture. JR won’t tell John Ross what his and Frank’s plan is. John Ross plans to meet up with Sue Ellen to collect a favor.

The roughneck John Ross bribed changed the angle to mess up getting around the salt dome. Drew realizes that the angle is messed up and tells him to change it back. The guy refuses and Drew fires him. Uh-oh, looks like the drilling project may be back on track.
Sue Ellen comes to see John Ross and he wants an answer with no question why. He wants her to put him in touch with Cliff Barnes. She tells him she won’t help him plot against Cliff. John Ross said he’s not out to get Cliff. Sue Ellen tells him if he makes a move against JR with Cliff, that JR will make him pay in a big way. She says she knows from experience. He tells her he’s protecting something that’s worth it. Sue Ellen tells him he’s inherited too many of JR’s grudges. She tells him he’s half of her too and he needs to be his own man. She gives him contact information for Cliff – a private number – and tells him to be careful because it will change everything.

John Ross heads out and his assistant asks where he’s going and he says “none of Christopher’s business.” Hmm… I guess he knows that Chris is spying on him. The roughneck – Brian – comes in to talk to John Ross, but then has to pretend he came to see Elena about Drew firing him. Chris wants to know why Brian was talking to him and John Ross blows him off. Chris then asks why Sue Ellen was there and wants to know why she’s busting Elena’s chops about the loan. He tells her his Mom is a savvy business woman. John Ross calls Clyde – his PI – and wants dirt on Drew to get him fired.

Bobby and JR are sharing a stiff drink. JR asks if he really shot Harris or if he’s protecting Anne. Bobby doesn’t answer and JR knows what’s what. Bobby says he’s got to find a way to beat the case – JR offers to take care of the judge – he says his baby brother won’t be spending his life in jail.

Elena comes in to see Drew raging about him firing Brian. He shows her the GPS data and Elena realizes he was right and apologizes. He tells her he wants to earn her trust and has really changed. He walks out frustrated. Clyde is waiting and follows him off the drill site.

John Ross meets Cliff at the Cowboys stadium. He tells him Frank and JR are plotting to take down Pamela. Cliff tells him Frank is like family and he says JR told him the deal himself. Cliff asks if he’s willing to turn on his father and he tells him he hasn’t been a standout dad. Cliff wants to know why he’s so interested in Pamela’s well-being and John Ross tells him someone has to be. Cliff dismisses him, but John

Ross urges him to check up on what Frank’s up to with JR.

Anne and Sue Ellen are talking and Anne says she feels guilty. Sue Ellen still thinks Bobby shot Harris and Anne insists Bobby did it for her and Emma. Sue Ellen tells her that Harris told Emma lies and Anne says he told some truths too. Sue Ellen says there was a time when JR had turned John Ross against her too but it worked out later.

Chris shows up at the bar where Brian hangs out and takes a seat beside him. He wants to know why he was really at the office earlier. He says he seemed nervous when he saw him talking to John Ross. He says he knows he did have the GPS off and it seems like a big mistake for someone with 20 years of experience. He asks if John Ross put him up to it. Brian insists he had an off day. Chris tells him if he finds out he sabotaged him, he’ll have him blacklisted on oil sites.

The news comes on and the lead story is that Tommy Sutter’s body was found by some joggers. Chris is excited, Cliff is pissed off and Pamela is frantically trying to call her Dad.

Elena comes home and Chris tells her Tommy’s body was found. He says Pamela is a key person of interest but there’s not enough evidence yet for an arrest. He’s horrified she might have actually killed him. Lou comes in and tells them evidence in Tommy’s case is looking good. But he’s got bad news about Bobby’s case. Lou can’t represent Bobby in the murder trial because he was present when Bobby threatened Harris a few days ago. He said Bobby’s prior arrest for assaulting Harris combined with the complaint means no self-defense plea is possible and he’s looking at 20 years.

Judith is taking care of Harris who looks to be on life support. She tells him he never should have brought Anne into their lives. She tells him to save his strength and she’ll make sure Bobby goes to jail. She says Anne needs to know what it’s like to look at someone you love in pain. She tells him when he wakes up, he will be king once more. Okay – Mommy’s crazy. Creepy, son-loving crazy.

John Ross has been blocked from Pamela’s building by security. He calls her and tells her that Frank is setting him up. He says JR got to him and doesn’t want him to get any Ewing shares in the divorce. She wants to know why he’s helping her and he says it’s because of the deal. She tells him she can take care of herself and to go away.
The police are searching the woods and very conveniently find the gun. The coroner is working on Tommy’s body and pulls slugs out of his chest. They test the ballistics and match the gun to the bullets. They fingerprint the gun and lift a print. Police head to Pamela’s whose hurriedly packing. The cops are in the elevator and come in, guns drawn. Wait – they’re not at her place – they’re at Frank’s!! Twist. There is someone at Pamela’s though – it’s her daddy!

Cliff comes to see Frank in jail and he accuses Cliff of setting him up. Cliff wants to know why he set Pamela up and Franks says she treated him like a dog. Cliff said he’s been like a dad to him and he should have come to him – he said he was building his empire for he and Pamela to run together. Frank tells him he loves him. Cliff says he’ll take care of his family forever but that he needs to do the honorable thing and he needs to do it soon. He hugs Franks, calls him son and tells him he loves him.

Drew is meeting with a truck driver. He’s talking to him about a shady side job and tells him to watch out for the cops and criminals. The guy tosses Drew the truck keys and he climbs in the rig and drives away. Clyde watches all this and calls in to John Ross. He tells him Drew is into something shady and illegal. John Ross tells him to stick with him.

John Ross brings Brian a big packet of money and Brian tells him Chris is after him and thinks he put Brian up to shifting the GPS. John Ross calls Chris a pussy and tells him he’ll take care of it.

Bobby gets a call from his new lawyer and he says they’re in for quite a fight. Chris tells Bobby he should tell the truth. Bobby says he can’t let Anne lose his daughter – Chris doesn’t want to lose him. He says they all shouldn’t keep this secret and the truth will crop up. At the hospital, Harris has recovered enough to make a statement. Harris says that Bobby shot him!

Lou comes by to tell them that Harris is making a statement. Anne says that Harris is going to tell the truth. Anne confesses to Lou.

Judith says she wants to make sure Bobby is sent away for a long time. Lou tells Chris that Frank was arrested for Tommy’s murder and Chris runs out to make it to the hearing. He gets there just as it’s starting. John Ross is also there as is Pamela. The judge asks for a plea and Frank makes a statement. He confesses to the crime and says he shot him because he was threatening Pamela. Frank also confesses to killing Rebecca for poking around about Tommy. He apologizes and looks at Pamela when he says it. Chris explodes and says they’re letting Pamela get away with murder. When everyone is distracted, Frank slips something in his mouth and goes into a seizure and