Dallas RECAP 2/25/13:Season 2 Episode 6 “Blame Game”

Dallas RECAP 2/25/13:Season 2 Episode 6 “Blame Game”

My favorite television show DALLAS returns tonight to TNT with a new episode called, “Blame Game.” On tonight’s show With Drew’s help, Christopher makes a startling revelation that could change the fate of Ewing Energies.  Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show Ryland continued his onslaught of Ann, exposing secrets from her past that threatened to destroy her. Meanwhile, John Ross’ plotted to take over Ewing Energies solidifid; Christopher changed tactics with Pamela Barnes; and an enemy from the Ewings’ past resurfaces.

On tonight’s show John Ross continues to persuade Sue Ellen to help him take control of Ewing Energies. Christopher and Pamela Rebecca work with their lawyers to settle their divorce. With Drew’s help, Christopher makes a startling revelation that could change the fate of Ewing Energies. And the whole family comes together when an outsider tries to undermine them all.

Tonight’s DALLAS season 2 episode 6 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Dallas — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Sue Ellen comes to visit Ann on the day of her sentencing to reassure her but she’s not comforted. She thinks the jury will give her the max, but is more focused on whether Emma will ever forgive her. SE tells her not give up.

At the courthouse, SE finds Elena and demands a progress report on the Henderson ranch drill. Christopher tries to interject and SE shuts him down. She’s furious that she even has to ask for an update (understandably so) – she tells her to clear the salt dome or else. John Ross is on-hand and encourages his mom to stop asking and just take what she’s owed.

The killer of faux Marta (Veronica Martinez) is receiving a chilly welcome at the Venezuelan embassy. He’ll be picked up tomorrow and deported him, but for tonight will be treated like a criminal. He’s plotting a “proper goodbye” for the Ewings before he leaves the country.

At their mediation, Pamela says she will swap the divorce for a big chunk of Christopher’s stake in Ewing Energies. He counters and they agree on 10% of Ewing Energies, an annulment after the children are born and joint custody. She got a good chunk of his shares and says she’ll see him at the next board meeting.

JR Jr tells his mom she can invoke the morals clause because of Drew’s criminal behavior and arrest and she can get Elena’s shares in Ewing Energies. SE is a little annoyed that he was using her to get Elena’s shares, but JR Jr says he sees her as a partner with him in the energy company. He says he needs her there by his side to fight back against Bobby, Christopher and Elena. SE wants to know if he set Drew up and he says he didn’t – he just made sure he got caught.

JR’s nurse is showing him the apps on his iPad. He’s annoying Bobby by IMing him from his device. He’s sending Bobby funny dog videos to try to cheer his brother up. Bobby laughs but yells at him to leave him alone and get a hobby. JR sends him a winky face and Bobby has to laugh again.

Elena is discussing Drew’s plea deal when Chris comes on and he leaves ASAP. He wants to know what happened and she tells him he was smuggling fake purses to buy their mom a car. Elena says she doesn’t want her mom to know but Chris wants to know why she didn’t tell him. She says Drew is her family and he hugs her and says she’s his family now. Chris shares the good news that he got an annulment even though it cost him 10% of the company.

Bobby is testifying about his and Ann’s relationship at the sentencing hearing. He tells how she was doing equine therapy for abused women and talks about what a caring and compassionate woman he knows. He tells them the facts of the case support her conviction, but hopes for a lenient sentence. Bobby talks sweet to her after the hearing ends and Harris tells them they’re going to be talking through dirty plexiglass for the next 20 years.

Pamela gets a call from her daddy and tells him she got the Ewing Energies shares. She tells him she loves him and ends the call. She rubs her belly as she cries – looking lonely.

JR Jr comes in and asks her if she had a good day and she tells him about the shares she got in Ewing Energies. He tells her once she signs over the shares she can have the methane patent. She has a funny look that he questions and she tells him she has to keep the shares for her children. She says she can’t be at war with Chris anymore for the sake of her children.

JR Jr tells her not to defy him. She tells him she won’t need her shares because of her mom getting Elena’s and promises to be his ally on the board. He tells her he will destroy her for betraying him and stalks out.

Bobby comes to see Emma at the stables. She demands to know what he wants and he says he came to check on her and to remind her that she has another family at Southfork if she ever needs anything. She says she won’t be needing them. Bobby smiles. He said the little hair flip she did was just like her mom. He reminds her again that the Ewings are there for her and leaves her there thoughtful.

Chris finds Drew at the Henderson site and chews him out. He tells him he’s the same old loser. Drew says he’s not that same guy –but Chris wants to know why he did it. Drew says he wanted money to buy his dad’s land back from Bobby. He says he wants to prove his dad didn’t die in vain and insists he didn’t know the goods were counterfeit. He says the taillight was fine when he took it and someone busted the light to set him up. Drew said it could have been the foreman he fired that changed the drill angle. Chris asks who would purposefully want to keep them from hitting the oil and Drew says “exactly.”

At the office, Chris orders his assistant to pull all of Elena’s files on the Henderson drill. Flipping through them, he finds the morals clause and curses. Chris calls Elena to try to stop Drew from signing the plea bargain – he tells her she’ll lose all her assets and that John Ross set Drew up. She steps back in the room, but Drew has already signed it. Elena chews Drew out for costing her everything. She doesn’t want to hear his John Ross excuse – she said he’s the one who broke the law. She tells him to find his own ride home and leaves him there.

The killer leaves the Venezuelan embassy and they take off his cuffs and hand him a gun. Uh-oh.

Pamela signs the annulment settlement documents and tells her assistant she’ll take them and a 4D ultrasound DVD of the babies to Christopher herself.

Emma comes to see Ann in jail. She asks why she decided to come today. Emma insists she’s there to support her father. Ann tells her she understands her feelings. She tells her that when she was first married to Harris, she got highlights in her hair but then on her way home panicked, worried that he would be angry and she died it back before he could see it. Emma asks what happened and she said he knew and was furious at her anyway. She said it reinforced her belief that she was useless. Ann promises Emma that it will get easier.

Chris tells Bobby about the loophole in Elena’s loan docs with SE and that she gets her shares of the energy company. SE comes in and Elena gets saucy with her about making it personal. SE tells Elena off and says she ditched John Ross when she found a shinier bauble in Christopher. Christopher tells JR Jr that he’s a sociopath just like his father. Bobby says he warned JR what would happen if he tried any shenanigans. He heads to his room to confront him, but he’s gone – bed made – stuff all gone.

Bobby tells SE he’s got a cloud drive with evidence against JR and John Ross and he opens the file and watches in horror as it erases. He asks JR Jr how he deleted it and he tells him he did it himself when he opened the doggie video.
Pamela is outside the house overhearing their argument when she’s taken captive by the killer’s people. Vicente comes in and starts slapping John Ross around and tells him he isn’t going to get away with breaking their deal.

Ann and Lou worry why the family is not there to support her at the sentencing. The Ewings are all being held at gunpoint by the Venezuelans. He tells Chris to go to the office and send everyone home and then bring him the plans for the methane patent. Vicente holds a gun to Pamela’s head and tells Chris he’s got an hour to get back or he’ll kill his wife. Chris doesn’t look impressed, but John Ross leaps to her defense. Vicente takes in the looks and realizes that it’s Elena that Chris has his eyes on and trains the gun and threat on her instead.
At the hearing, Ann speaks on her own behalf. She talks about the abuse and the grief over having her child stolen from her. She tells the jury that she was distraught over Ryland stealing her daughter and finding out she’s been alive all these years. She tells them she just broke on the inside and went after him. She begs them for a second chance.
At Southfork, Bobby watches the clock. John Ross paces until Vicente orders him to sit. Elena asks John Ross why he screwed her out of her shares of Ewing Energy. She tells him they could die then and he should tell her the truth while he can. He tells her she broke his heart.

One of Vicente’s henchmen is with Christopher and tells him if there’s any trouble, he’ll text Vicente to kill them. Bobby tells SE that they’re mixed up with these guys because of JR. SE says they won’t come out of this unscathed. Bobby tells SE she can break the cycle by giving Elena her shares back.

Ryland takes the stand and attacks Ann. He says he had no choice but to take Emma away to protect her. He tells them that she has no remorse and that her last words to him in the hospital were that she hopes he dies. The judge prepares to hand the sentencing over to the jury.

Lou and Ann still worry about Bobby not being there. At the office, Chris opens the safe and hands over the methane extraction prototype.
John Ross corners Pamela and asks why she double dealt him. She tells him that her dad wanted a piece of Ewing Energies and she had to do it – says it was the first thing she’s ever done that pleased her father.

Chris carries the prototype out of the office at gunpoint.
Pamela asks John Ross if she was just revenge sex and he tells her it was all he could afford and walks away.

Chris turns and throws the prototype and as the guy goes to catch it, Chris leaps on him and they fight. Chris gets the drop on him but he henchman has the phone ready to text Vicente the message “KILL HER”. He asks Chris who he thinks has the faster trigger finger with his finger poised above send while Chris has his finger on the trigger of the gun!

At the hearing, Ann stands to get her sentence and the jury sentences her to probation! OMG! Judith stands up and screams for a mistrial and the judge tells her to sit down or be in contempt. The judge lets her and Ryland have it for their part in the tragedy. He is disgusted with the kidnap of her daughter and says if he had done it to him, he would have shot it too. He tells Harris the jury did right with their sentence and says he’s not the victim, that she is.

Back at Southfork, the henchman hauls Chris in and tells Vicente he made a move. Vicente snatches up the prototype and tells him he’s taking Elena with him. He says she can help with the technology and that he might like having her with him.

A heli is landing at Southfork and Drew sees it and sees Elena being hauled out. He heads to his bunk and starts unzipping a bag he’s got stashed there. Meanwhile, the henchmen tussle with John Ross and Bobby. Chris runs out and punches Vicente and then shields Elena with his body. There’s a gunshot – but it’s Vicente who bleeds and crumples. The heli takes off and flies away.

John Ross, Bobby and the girls haul the henchmen out. Drew shakes Chris’s hand – who’s grateful for the save. Bobby tells SE they’re all better together as a family. John Ross holds Pamela and kisses her and asks if she’s okay.

At the office, John Ross introduces SE as the latest board member at Ewing Energies. Bobby is outraged. SE says she’s just looking out for her and John Ross and that they’re stronger together than apart. JR Jr tells Bobby to shake it off – that they have work to do. He walks off. Bobby says he doesn’t go looking for a fight, but if someone brings it to him, he’ll finish it…