Dallas RECAP 4/15/13: Season 2 Finale “Guilt By Association; Legacies”

Dallas RECAP 4/15/13: Season 2 Finale “Guilt By Association; Legacies”

My favorite television show DALLAS returns tonight to TNT with the season finale called, “Guilt By Association; Legacies.” On tonight’s show Christopher heads out to search for his mother, but as an unexpected secret comes to light, a rift drives Christopher and Elena apart. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show a conspiracy emerged intent on keeping Christopher to blame for recent events and to cripple Ewing Energies. The Ewings’ investigation into this conspiracy brought revelations in line with J.R.’s master plan and introduced a new adversary into the mix. John Ross and Pamela bonded as he helped her comes to terms with a personal issue just as Christopher and Elena’s relationship took a turn. Meanwhile, Ryland made a move against Drew to protect Emma.

On tonight 2 episode season finale, Guilt By Association – When John Ross and Pamela make a shocking discovery about an enemy’s whereabouts the night J.R. was killed, Bobby is compelled to reveal more of J.R.’s master plan to them and ask for their help in a surprising way. Meanwhile, Christopher heads out to search for his mother, but as an unexpected secret comes to light, a rift drives Christopher and Elena apart. At the same time, Sue Ellen makes an impassioned plea to convince Ken Richards (guest star Lee Majors) to do the right thing, even though it may have dire consequences for him.

Legacies – In the electrifying second season finale, the Ewings unite to execute J.R.’s master plan. Twists and turns abound as each family member tries to ensure its success in ways that would make even a scoundrel like J.R. Ewing proud. When the shocking answer to the question “Who killed J.R.?” is finally revealed, the stage is deliciously set for new alliances and new battles to begin.

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John Ross Jr and his new bride Pamela are on her private jet headed back from their Vegas wedding when her dad calls. She tells him her casino meeting ran late and he assures her that his master plan to dismantle Ewing Energies is underway. Cliff is having the contents of their offices boxed up and carted away. Pamela’s not happy about the mess she’s returning to, but JR Jr tells her they will face it together and holds her close.

He pulls out a less than subtle product placement Google tablet when he sees that Cliff’s plane was in Nuevo Laredo the night JR was shot. He calls Uncle Bobby to tell him that he thinks Cliff was the one who shot JR. If you’re a long-time fan of the show from back in the day, you’ll know that “Who Shot JR” was the pivotal question for nearly a year and now we have it revisited – only sadder this time knowing Larry Hagman is gone for good. Bobby tells Bum to put the “plan” in motion.

Pamela tells John Ross that he doesn’t know for sure that it was Cliff was that was on the plane. She tells him that she doesn’t think her father could kill JR in cold blood. John Ross doesn’t want to hear it, but Bobby gets him to back down, telling him they need more proof and says he knows exactly who to call.

Elena gets a call from her mom. She and Christopher are in Zurich searching for Pam. Her mom is frantic because they haven’t heard from Drew and Elena promises to call him. She pulls out a burner phone and dials her brother. Drew is spray painting a mystery substance onto a pair of high heels. She tells him to give up on finding Roy and head to Mexico. He refuses and tells her he knows what he’s doing. The material of the high heel starts to bubble and sizzle. Hmm…

Christopher comes back and tells her that he found what may be his mom’s home address. Elena asks if he’s prepared and he tells her he’s fine. Elena reminds him it’s been 25 years and he says she’s not his mother anymore since she abandoned him. He tells her he’s only there for his mother’s Barnes Global shares and nothing else. She wishes him luck and he heads out.

Sue Ellen finds Ken hidden away at a beach resort. He wants to know how she find him and she tells him she needs proof the governor was involved in the TESHA cover-up. She tells him the fact that he’s hiding out in the Cayman Islands means the governor has some dirt on him. She explains that they’re trying to take everything from the Ewings. Ken tells her that his son’s company did some toxic dumping and he hid the report – that’s what the governor is holding over his head.

Sue Ellen promises to protect him, but he tells her she doesn’t have the power. She tells him to give her the TESHA evidence or she’ll expose him and his son herself. She tells him if he won’t do the right thing, you don’t give him the choice – a lesson she learned from JR!

Christopher rings the bell at a lovely house in Zurich. Dr. David Gordon comes to the door and he introduces himself. David tells him his mother isn’t there and that he shouldn’t have come – he tells Christopher that he can’t help him and he should leave. There’s a noise from the kitchen and Christopher barrels past him into the house. David tells him to leave. He finds the source of the noise, but it’s the cook – not his mother. He tells David he won’t leave until he tells him who he is and what’s going on.

David tells him he was the surgeon who fixed her up after the accident. He tells Christopher that she told Cliff that part of her life was over and she never wanted to come back. David tells him that she won’t get involved in the Ewing-Barnes feud – that was why she left Dallas to start with. David tells him to leave or he’ll call the police. The cook looks on dispassionately. Christopher leaves in tears.
Here’s my question – I heard that Victoria Principal had refused to reprise the role of Pam Ewing on the new Dallas… So, isn’t it convenient that she’s married to a plastic surgeon? They can plug any actress in and they have the storyline covered because of the “accident” and her “recovery.” Still have fingers crossed that the fab Ms P shows up, but not likely…

Ann gets a call from the nurse at the detox center at the jail. Emma has agreed to go to rehab! Bobby and Ann agree to go get her.
Christopher trudges back into the hotel room and tells Elena what David told him. He tells her it’s like he was seven years old again being told his mother never wanted to see him again. He asks her who would act that way. Elena says she doesn’t know, but that they’re not leaving Zurich until they confront her face to face. He agrees and tells her he’s glad she’s there.

Bobby brings in Rhonda – the waitress who was with JR the night he died. Bobby’s been hiding her out in Dallas. She agrees to help them and Pamela shows her a photo of her dad. Rhonda says she saw him at the club the night JR was killed. Bobby asks if she’s certain and she says he was staring at them all night. Pamela is in shock. John Ross asks her if that’s enough proof and storms out. Bobby follows him and says he agrees Cliff is to blame but tells him they can’t get Cliff arrested in Dallas because the crime was in Mexico. He said they only have proof that Cliff was at the club.

John Ross says he’s going to put Cliff in the ground – he tells him that’s why JR left him the gun. Bobby tells him to back down. John Ross tells him to use whatever JR left him. Bobby tells him they need to get their ducks in the row. John Ross tells him he’s got Pamela’s shares and Bobby reminds him they still need Christopher’s mom’s shares.

Christopher calls in reinforcements to help find his mother. He gets a low battery light and goes looking for a charger. He finds (of course) Elena’s spare phone and dials the last number. Drew picks up the call and says Elena’s name. Christopher says “Drew” and Drew hangs up and crushes the phone to pieces. Elena comes out of the shower and Christopher confronts her – telling her that Drew killed his children. She tells him that Drew is trying to make things right – he’s trying to find Roy to make the connection to Ryland. She says she had to let him go.

Christopher blows up, telling her she lied to him. He said he thought she was the one person he could trust, but he was wrong. He said it was bad enough that he had to deal with all of Pamela’s lies, but he won’t take it from her. He tells her to pack up and be gone when he gets back and storms out.

Ann makes breakfast for Emma and greets her. Emma tells her she didn’t sleep well. Ann gives her half of a pill and says the nurse told her to give her half a pill and that they would adjust the dose down each day and that on Monday she can start rehab. Emma takes the pill, but looks less than thrilled.

Christopher is casing his mom’s house when Elena calls. He ignores her call. She leaves a pleading message asking him to come back to the hotel and let her fix it. She tells him she loves him.

Sue Ellen comes to see the governor and tells him she’s been visiting Ken in the Cayman Islands. She tells him she gave him the news that the rig explosion was sabotage. She shows the governor the copy Ken gave her of the initial report from TESHA about the explosion. She says it’s interesting that there’s proof that the governor’s office redacted the document and did some cover-up. The governor says Ken wouldn’t have given her that knowing what he has to lose. Sue Ellen pours herself a whiskey.

The governor tells her if she does anything with the report he’ll take Ken down. She tells him that’s okay. He tells her Ken should have known better because you can never trust a drunk. She tells him that when she was a drunk, she drank to stomach bad behavior in others. She sits the whiskey down and tells him the drink is for him. She sits down and tells him they need to talk about the government taking over the drill site.

Drew comes into a bar to talk to a bartender – hot chick named Mickey – looking for Roy. He asks her to call him if Roy comes in, but not to let Roy know he was asking. She agrees. As soon as he’s gone, she dials up Roy and tells him a guy came looking for him. Roy asks if she told him anything and she says no, but she knows where he’s staying. He tells her she’s a good girl…

Emma comes to see Harris. She tells him that he was right – that leaving home caused chaos. She tells him she started taking too many of her pills and that’s what caused the car accident. She tells him she wanted to call him from jail but Ann told them not to let her. She asks to come home and he accepts her back and tells her they’ll get her into detox and get her back on her medication schedule.

Bobby and Bum stare at JR’s iconic monogrammed belt buckle. He asks Bum to send John Ross in. John Ross finds his new wife brooding – she tells him everything is screwed up. She tells him she loves him and is glad they’re married, but worries that every time he sees her, he’ll be reminded of what her dad has done. He tells her he doesn’t think that, but he needs her help. He shows her the belt buckle and she says she thought it was stolen when JR died. He tells her it’s a replica and asks her to plant it in Cliff’s things. He tells her that they both deserve justice for what Cliff did to them – taking his dad’s life and her babies’.

Roy comes to Drew’s hotel and it looks like Drew gets a warning call. While Roy is upstairs looking for him, Drew breaks into his truck. He then takes off noisily on his motorcycle and Roy hops in his truck and takes off after him at top speed. Soon enough, there’s a motorcycle cop pursing them. Roy tells the cops that the guy he’s chasing is Drew Ramos who’s wanted for blowing up the Ewing rig. The motorcycle driver pulls off his helmet and it’s not Drew! The cop sees a bag of what looks like drugs on the seat and tells Roy to step out of the car. Roy protests that it’s not his, but cops know that’s what they all say…

The blond motorcycler meets Drew to get his payoff and give him back his bike.

Sue Ellen comes to see Bobby and tells him that the governor should be more reasonable from now on. He tells her she got there just in time – the phone rings. It’s Bobby calling for Drew. He tells him that he got Roy arrested for narcotics possession. He tells him that the shoes they’ve been smuggling are actually made of high end drugs. Bobby tells him that he still needs to run himself in.

Drew tells him he’s sorry about what happened and asks Bobby to tell Christopher he’s sorry. He hangs up on Bobby, gets on his bike and motors away.

Elena’s back with her mother and staring at her engagement rings. She tells her mom that she tried to explain it to the Ewings – that Drew had no choice. Her mother tells her that Drew had other choices – he could have gone to the police. She tells Elena to go to Christopher and apologize for choosing her family over his and that in time, he’ll understand.

John Ross and Pamela are at the bank, planting the belt buckle in Cliff’s safety deposit box. She sees her aunt’s engagement ring and tells him that Cliff said she could have it when she finally brought home a man he could be proud to call family. John Ross promises her a big ring after all the drama is done with.

Christopher gets a call that wakes him from his drunken stupor telling him his mom is clearing out her bank account. He tells them not to confront her and that he’s on the way.

Emma is rifling her dad’s desk looking for something. She doesn’t find it and tries the safe. Her dad comes in and demands to know what she’s doing.

At the bank, Christopher runs toward David and the woman he’s with. He yells “Mom” and the woman turns. It’s not Pam! Just then, Pamela finds her Aunt Pam’s death certificate in the safety deposit box. She tells John Ross that Pam really is dead.

Ryland wants to know what Emma’s doing and she says she was looking for pills. She tells him she’s sorry and he tells her it’s not her fault, that he’ll get her some help. He opens the safe and takes out some medication. She stares at something else in the safe while he does it. He gives her a couple of pills and she thanks him. He leaves to take a call and she stares at the safe.

Christopher demands to know where his mother is and who they are and says he’s going to call the police on them for fraud. David tells him the accident burned over 60% of her body. He says she left Dallas because she was hideous and didn’t want to terrify him. He tells him that midway through the surgeries, she found out that she had pancreatic cancer. He tells him she was heartbroken because she wanted to go back to him in Dallas.

He tells Christopher that Cliff asked him to keep Pam’s death a secret because otherwise, Christopher would get her shares. He tells him that Cliff has been supporting them all these years to keep the secret. Christopher is horrified that his uncle would let him think that he’d been abandoned all these years.

David’s wife – also Pam’s nurse – gives Christopher his mom’s will and a letter she wrote him right before she died. She tells him her biggest regret was that she never made it back to him in Dallas!

John Ross, Bobby and Pamela come to see Roy in jail and they tell him to come clean because Cliff is going to let him take the fall. Bobby tells him the DA will cut him a deal and protect him. Roy stares at Pamela and then gets taken away.
Cliff tells Ryland that Roy’s been taken into custody. Ryland tells him that Roy will do the time like a man. Clif tells him that it would be a shame if all their hard work was for nothing. Cliff makes a call and tells the person there’s a job he needs them to do.

Pamela comes to see Roy in jail. She asks what she has to do to get him to tell the truth about Ryland and Cliff being behind the rig explosion. She asks if he has children and then asks if he knew she was having a boy and a girl. She tells him she needs to know the truth – she asks if her father knew people were on that rig or if it was unintentional. She says she needs to know if her dad knew she was on the rig. She tells him he doesn’t need to confess to anyone, if he’ll just tell her the truth. Roy tells her to have other children and forget her father because there was nothing unintentional about it.

At the jail, Roy is on the phone talking to his daughter and tells her to take care of his grandbaby and reassuring her that he’ll be fine because he’s got a good lawyer. But then he’s attacked and his throat is slit by another prisoner! Emma’s watching the news and Ryland comes in and promises her he had nothing to do with it. She tells him she’s glad Drew is gone and Roy’s dead because now there’s nothing to link the awful accident to him. He thanks her and hugs her.

The Ewings are watching the news as Christopher comes in. The family gives him their sympathy for finding out his mom is dead. Christopher tells them he mourned on the plane ride home and he wants to know what’s next. He shows them the will that says he owns one third of Barnes Global. John Ross adds the death certificate they found in Cliff’s bank box.

Christopher tells him they’re one-third in and Pamela says two-thirds actually. They break the news that she and John Ross got married. Sue Ellen is thrilled and calls her daughter and they hug. Christopher congratulates them as well. Bum comes in and they tell him they’re ready to move.

Bobby tells them he’s ready to show them what JR left him. He says that JR was working on taking Cliff down for good. He shows them the gun. Pamela ID’s it as her father’s gun and Bobby says it’s the gun that killed JR. Bum says JR had called him and told him he had a bad feeling. JR was dying when Bum got there. The cartel Cliff was working with had the gun, but they arranged to buy it from them.

John Ross is furious that they hid it from him. Bobby says they need to make all of this go down in Mexico because Cliff would fight extradition. Pamela tells them she can get her dad to Mexico. Bobby asks if she’s okay with that and she assures him she is. Game on people!!

Elena is pacing when Christopher comes in. She tells him she’s sorry about his mother and is there if he wants to talk. She admits she was wrong not to tell him about Drew. She said Drew wanted the chance to bring Roy in which he did. Christopher says that now that Roy is dead, it doesn’t matter. He says if she wants to make it up, she should call Drew and tell him to turn himself in. She says she has no way to contact him. He asks her how he can ever trust her again and leaves. She watches him go, devastated.

Cliff and Pamela are in the limo headed for their private plane. She convinced him that she’s working a casino deal that Frank had started (Cliff’s dead substitute son). He says he’s proud of her. He heads into the plane as she plants the gun case in the limo.

Meanwhile Emma mixes her dad up a nice cup full of drugged OJ while the cops check the safety deposit box with a warrant and find the belt buckle. Emma breaks into her dad’s safe and pulls out a ledger and a briefcase. She delivers them both to Ann telling her she couldn’t let him keep pulling all the strings.

The cops comes to Ryland’s and arrest him for drug trafficking and tell him they’ve got his dirty little ledger.

Meanwhile, a body is being exhumed and evidence gathered from it.

The cops stop Cliff’s limo and find the gun which they fingerprint. They test ballistics while they’re at it.

Everything is falling into place.

Meanwhile, in Mexico… Pamela and Cliff are checking into their rooms when they get a call. Pamela answers it – it’s his secretary trying to warn him about the warrant. Pamela hangs up and unplugs the phone and pretends it was room service. There’s a knock at the door – it’s Bobby – and the rest of the Ewings.

Christopher starts by revealing that they know Pam is dead. Then John Ross and Pamela follow with the marriage news. They deliver the coup de grace and tell him they own two thirds of Barnes Global and now control Ewing Energies again as well.

The cops come in. Sue Ellen lets him know that the evidence has all been gathered and it all points to him. He tells them the gun was stolen from him and admits he was in Mexico, but said he was in Cabo. He tells them he’s been framed – he said someone moved the plane. He rants and says JR is trying to frame him from the grave. He repeats about five times that he did not kill JR. He seems pretty insistent. So this begs the question, who did? Obviously Cliff didn’t… Was it Pamela? Who would have the stones to take him out besides Cliff? Could Ryland have set him up?

At the jail in Mexico, Bobby comes to see Cliff. Cliff asks Bobby how he did it – who he paid off – how he framed him for JR’s death. He tells Bobby that if Pamela finds out that they framed him, there will be a third generation blood feud. Bobby offers him one last chance – he says if he admits to blowing up the rig that killed his grandchildren, plotting with Ryland and killing Roy – and he’ll get the charges dropped in Mexico. Cliff demands to know who killed JR and Bobby tells him “you’ll never know.”

Whoa! Has Bobby turned bad ass after all these years or is just channeling his big brother? Bobby’s at JR’s grave and is thanking him for taking care of them even from beyond the grave. John Ross and Christopher come and find him and Bum there and tell him they want to know what really happened. They demand the truth.

Bobby and Bum share a look and Bobby nods. He pulls JR’s last letter from his wallet and reads it to them. It reveals that he has terminal cancer and has a few days left to live. JR says the feud Digger Barnes started with their family had caused too much pain over the years and it had to end. The letter says that he stole Cliff’s gun and that he knows Cliff is always in Mexico that time of year for a fishing trip.

JR’s words confess that when they were kids, he planted shotgun shells in Bobby’s room so their dad would think he had taken his hunting rifle without permission. Bobby is too teary eyed up to continue reading. Christopher hugs his dad and takes up reading the letter. The letter apologizes to Bobby for being jealous all of his life but tells him he loves him dearly. He says he’ll be duck hunting in heaven with their dad soon and will tell him it was him that had the gun.

John Ross asks who shot his father. Bum admits that he did it. He tells him that JR insisted he do it to end his suffering and to put an end to the feud. Bum tells him it was the hardest thing he’s ever done and that JR died loving him and their family. John Ross tells him that the only person that could take down JR was JR and offers Bum his hand. They shake. Bum walks away in tears.

The three remaining Ewing men stare at JR’s grave. John Ross holds the letter. Christopher and Bobby walk away. John Ross kneels at his father’s grave and says “Thank you Daddy for watching over us. I love you.”

Elena’s mother tells her that Cliff Barnes is in jail for JR’s murder. Elena tells her mom that she went back to their old property to check the drill site and she found that there was no oil pocket there. She tells her mom that her dad wasted his life for nothing, as did Drew. There’s a knock at the door and a courier delivers property documents to Elena from Cliff’s lawyer. He wants her to come see him at the jail.

Emma comes to see her dad in jail. He tells her she has no idea what she’s done. He tells her she let the Ewings get inside her head. She tells him this has nothing to do with them – that it’s all her. He tells her she’s not the girl he raised. She tells him she is exactly his daughter and leaves him there.

Ann comes in next and Ryland says he bets she’s enjoying it. She says she’s not because she’s not a sick, sadistic prick like he is. Can they say that on television??

Pamela finds Christopher drinking a beer. She tells him she was walking the grounds. He asks if they’ve moved in yet and she says not yet, but she doesn’t want to go back to her place and just wants a fresh start with John Ross. She tells him that he should forgive Elena because he’s always loved her. She tells him not to be like her dad.

Elena is visiting Cliff and demands to know what he knows about the land. Cliff tells her the history of the land. He says that JR thought the land had oil too. She says that there’s no oil. Cliff tells her that JR switched the deeds and gave her dad worthless land and took the oil rich property instead. He says JR killed her father with his actions. He tells her that he will give her his proxy for the last one-third of Barnes Global if she’ll go after the Ewings for what they did to her family and his.

The Ewings stare at a portrait of JR they’ve hung in the Ewing Energies office. The staff and family toast JR with his whiskey. Ann comes in and tells Bobby that Ryland is suffering appropriately in jail. Sue Ellen finds John Ross staring out over the Dallas skyline. He tells her that with all the drama he’d forgotten he now owns half of Southfork. Sue Ellen tells him to take good care of his new wife and he asks if she takes him for a scoundrel. She smiles and walks out of the room with JR’s whiskey bottle.

Christopher comes to Elena’s house. She’s driving and crying. Christopher is knocking on her door, telling her they need to talk. He says “I love you.” He goes inside and sees she’s not home.
John Ross is buying flowers and heading up to a hotel room.

Elena pulls up in front of a fancy home. She tells the speaker she’s there to see Joaquin and that they grew up with him in Mexico. Spotlights flare on as armed guards take a shooting stance. She walks into the heavily guarded home.

John Ross comes into the room where there’s champagne and two glasses. We see a flash of leg. It’s Emma! She hands her dad’s satchel over to him and tells him she’s got what he wants but it will cost him. He tells her he’s willing to pay the price as long as she doesn’t tell his wife. They collapse on the bed, kissing passionately! OMG!!!! He is his father’s son after all!

THE END!  See you next season!