Dancing with the Stars Season 17 Episode 3 Sneak Peek Preview & Spoilers: Who’s Dancing What Style?

Dancing with the Stars Season 17 Episode 3 Sneak Peek Preview & Spoilers: Who's Dancing What Style?

While tonight’s episode of Dancing with the Stars will ultimately result in the exit of another sweet celebrity contestant, we still have a night of hot sexy dance performances to get us through the evening. On tonight’s episode, week 3, the eleven remaining couples will take to the floor and show America what they’ve been working on. Tonight’s action-packed show, deemed “Hollywood Night,” will also feature a stellar opening number comprised of the entire cast.

Here are the remaining contestants, as well as a list detailing the dance styles they’re expected to perform on tonight’s episode. As with all spoilers, take these with a grain of salt. While we’re fairly certain each couple will be performing the dance style listed beside their names, one can never be 100% certain in the land of reality television!

Amber and Derek – Charleston

Bill and Emma – Paso Doble

Jack and Cheryl – Cha Cha Cha

Christina and Mark – Charleston

Leah and Tony – Rumba

Brant and Peta – Quickstep

Bill and Tyne – Jive

Valerie and Tristan – Rumba(?? Maybe)

Snooki and Sasha – Paso Doble (?? Maybe)

Corbin and Karina – Quickstep

Elizabeth and Val –  Foxtrot (?? Maybe)

Before we let you all get back to your busy days, check out the Instagram video of Amber and Derek being super silly before one of their rehearsals! On a much sadder note . . . . Who do you think will be sent home tonight? Don’t forget to cast your vote — CLICK HERE!