Dexter RECAP 7/28/13: Season 8 Episode 5 “This Little Piggy”

Dexter RECAP 7/28/13: Season 8 Episode 5 “This Little Piggy”

DEXTER returns to Showtime tonight with the fifth episode of its eight and final season. On tonight’s show called, “This Little Piggy”   Dexter and Debra try to keep Dr. Vogel safe.. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed review, right here.  So head over to get caught up before tonight’s episode.

On last week’s show Dexter tracked down another potential serial killer from Dr. Vogel’s list, Yates. Quinn celebrated his passing of the Sergeant’s exam by defending Debra’s honor in a fight and his new girlfriend was none to pleased.  We found out that Quinn actually got 3 points less than the other candidate but Angel promoted him instead.  Dr. Vogel begand treating Debra for her PTSD.  Dexter found Dr. Vogel’s files on him and got really upset,  he felt a lab rat and told Dr. Vogel so.  Dexter went after Yates and missed.

On tonight’s episode Yates comes after Dr. Vogel and kidnaps her.  Yates is mad he knows Dr. Vogel sent Dexter after him.  Dexter and Deb try to keep her safe. It looks like Deb and Dexter are getting therapy by Dr. Vogel.  Dr. Vogel questions Deb about trying to kill Dexter and herself.  Her explanation she found out their Dad killed himself because of Dexter.  Finding out about her Dad committing suicide traumatized her.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss, we are down to the last episodes. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Dexter Season 8 episode 3 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!

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Debra and Dexter sit stock still before Dr. Vogel. Tired of the silence Vogel asks Debra if she was trying to kill Dexter. Debra agrees that she was, but seems to think saving him makes it okay. He blows up and tells her she would have left Harrison an orphan. He tells her that he’s always tried to protect her. Deb says she’s been in a fog and Vogel agrees that Deb’s PTSD is to blame. Deb says her trauma was caused by finding out their Dad killed himself because of Dexter.

Vogel tells Dexter that when she tried to kill him it was her hitting rock bottom. Vogel says it’s a promising sign. He gets mad, tells Vogel he’s going to catch a serial killer since that’s all he’s good for. Vogel tells Deb that Dexter is deeply hurt by what she tried to do to him. And they thought Dex wasn’t capable of real emotion…

Deb tries to call Dexter – now the ignoring a call from your sibling shoe is on the other foot. Dexter muses that family is a pain and just then Harrison comes to beg for cartoon time instead of getting ready to school. At the same time, Jamie is trying to nag him into a blind date with the neighbor. He ignores a text from Deb and heads to work where he muses it’s the first day he’s glad she doesn’t work there anymore.

He wants to lock himself in his lab and have quiet. Instead he is called into the briefing room where Vince confirms that he has a daughter – a DNA test confirmed it. Quinn and everyone else are shocked that she’s so nice looking and normal. Quinn cautions him that when family shows up out of nowhere, it could mean they want something. Dexter muses that maybe she wanted to kill him.

Yates’ surviving last victim is in the hospital but Dexter says he hasn’t been able to ID the perp from DNA recovered. Angie says the vic – Norma – was having sex with her boss but he lawyered up since she was the maid and he’s married. Angel comes in and has a photo of Yates and says he’s been ID’d and they have his address. Angie corners Angel and asks him if he’s made his choice for sergeant since he let Quinn run the meeting and he brushes her off.

Matthews tells Quinn that the Hamiltons (the boss doing Norma) are friends of the police and need to be treated right. Quinn tells him he understands and heads out. At the Hamilton’s, Quinn, Angie and Dexter come in to get a cheek swab from Hamilton. He wants to know why they need DNA and Quinn tells him about the evidence of sex. He tells them it’s no problem – he admits to sleeping with Norma. He says Norma came by to pick up some of her things after his wife insisted he fire her. He says they had sex at his house and she left alive.

Dexter notices the younger Hamilton teen skulking around. He asks if his Dad needs help and he has a mini blow-up at his kid. He tells them he has proof on his security cameras that she arrived and left – alone and alive. He tells them he wouldn’t have hurt her because he loved her. Dexter wonders to himself if Hamilton loves his son. Deb calls Dexter again and he finally takes the call, but she’s already hung up. He dials back and doesn’t get her.

When Dex is packing up his DNA kit, the son comes to talk to him. He asks if he was at the crime scene where Norma was killed. He asks what he saw there. Dexter tells him she was beaten to death. The son tells him that his Dad is an asshole but not a killer and that’s as good as it gets in his family. Dexter muses – another happy family…

Vogel turns on some music and sits down with her coffee and leafs through her mail. Someone walks by the window behind her and then throws a chair through the window. It’s Yates. He grabs her and tells her if she tries to get away, he’ll kill her. Deb calls Vogel, doesn’t get an answer and leaves a message that she’s coming by. She finds the mess in Vogel’s house – but not the doctor.

At Yates’ house, they find graves. Over each body, he planted roses. Vince shows him that he broke each of their toes, but one at a time over a process of time. He ultimately stabs them once in the chest to kill. Vince finds their purses and IDs with the bodies and leaves only one shoe. Deb shows up at the scene and Angel offers her her job back.

Deb tells Dexter that Vogel has been taken and her house trashed. Dexter tells her it’s Yates and he has to find and kill him. Deb says she wants to help him. He doesn’t want her help. She tells him to hate her later and let her help. He tells her he doesn’t hate her. Dex asks why she saved his life. She tells him she saw the car go under and knew he was going to die. She says she couldn’t imagine her life without him in it. He asks if they just go back to normal and she reminds him it was never normal. She pleads with him to let her help and he agrees.

They head into Yates house and Deb says they should bring in the police on it and Dex reminds her that they’re already looking for him. He finds a list of places that where Yates has worked and muses that if any of them are out of town, it would be the perfect place to take his hostage. Dexter cautions her not to do anything without her. He tells her he doesn’t want her hurt.

Yate takes the bag off Vogel’s head and demands to know who the guy is she had break into his house. She asks if he blames her for his surgery. He explodes and asks her who wouldn’t like having their head sawed open and their brain cut into. She tells him she was only trying to help as he rages at her. Vogel tells him that her friend was only there to protect her. She tells him if it stops now, he’ll get away. If not, her friend will find him. He says good.

Angie and Quinn asks a veggie vendor if he saw Hamilton near Norma’s house. He points to the son in the picture – not the dad! The vendor agrees to come down and make a statement. Quinn calls in to Angel who tells him Matthews has been bugging him about the case.

Vince is hanging with his daughter and asks why she came looking for him. Niki tells him she moved down for school. He pries more and she tells him that her Mom passed away recently. She tells him she’s been feeling alone and he tells her he’s glad she reached out. She asks if he’s single and he tells her lives in Coconut Grove and she asks if he’s rich. She orders food and then tells him she left her bag in the car – he tells her he’ll pay and then she orders even more food…

Dexter is frustrated because there are too many homes that Yates has been in recently and he’s worried he won’t get to Vogel in time. He checks in with Angel to see if Miami Metro has made any progress with tracking him from their end. Angel says he hasn’t used his credit cards in three days and he’s on the phone with the bank. He tells Dexter he’s been using an ATM near Morningside Park.

Quinn tells Matthews that Hamilton’s son was at the crime scene, but now the witness has recanted and he thinks the veggie vendor was paid off. Matthews tells him that the kid has lawyered up and he has to leave him alone unless he gets some concrete proof. He throws in a jab about him wanting to make sergeant to keep Quinn in line. Okay – here’s the thing – the only other person who knew about the witness was Angel who said he was going to tell Matthews and we know Matthew can be a sleaze bag – did he call it in to the Hamiltons?

Vince shows up to Deb’s office and asks to speak to her in private. He wants to hire her to look into Niki’s background. He tells her it’s personal and she asks who he’s stalking. He giggles and says it’s a family member. He tells her he has a daughter from donating sperm in college. He tells Deb she showed up out of the blue – that she’s smart, pretty and seems normal. He tells her he wants to know what the catch it. Deb asks if he really thinks she’s there to rip him off. He tells her he’s got no one but his retired parents and when she showed up, he liked the idea of having a daughter unless she’s only there for the money. Deb tells him it’s nice to have family. He asks her to be discreet and Deb assures him Niki won’t know.

Dexter comes home and finds Cassie the neighbor, Quinn and Jamie setting up for a little dinner party at his place. Dex pulls Jamie into the hall and asks her what’s up. He tells her he has to reschedule and goes into his bedroom. Jamie follows him and says he can’t ditch – she tells him she planned the whole night for him. Jamie puts her foot down. She tells him she puts up with a lot out of him and tells him that if he tries to skate, she will leave and he’ll be stuck there with Harrison. She promises if he eats dinner, she’ll watch Harrison so he can go do his thing.

Deb calls and tells him she’s got 12 homes and he says he’s got 7. He promises to call her back in 5. Dexter leans around the corner and gestures to Cassie who joins him in the kitchen. He tells her he’s got to leave but doesn’t want to upset Jamie. Cassie tells him to go and she’ll deal with Jamie. Cassie comes in and apologizes, saying she’s got to call it a night. Dex leaves and calls Deb and she wants to know what took him so long. She asks him how they’re going to know which house. He tells her they have time because Yates takes his time with his victims. He’s on his way to pick Deb up.

Yates has one of Vogel’s feet in his hands. She tells him he has the right to be angry because of the way his mother abused him. She tells him that his mom probably caused the lesion in his brain. She talks about the abuse he suffered at his mother’s hands and how he would hide under the bed. He tells her that she paced in front of the bed with her shoes clacking while he hid. At least we know where the foot fetish came from… He grabs an instrument and tells her to shut up. He tells her to take the pain quietly or struggle and he’ll kill her right then. He holds her foot and asks her which little piggy won’t be making it to market.

Vogel takes a stern tone and calls him Albert – she tells him to stop it – calls him a shit and says all he does is disappoint her. As he takes her toe in hand to break it, Vogel slaps him across the face, then again drawing blood. When she reaches to slap him a third time, he says enough and then stay. He walks away to take care of his bloody lip and leaves her on the sofa.

She tries the door and finds the deadbolts locked with a key. She grabs a phone and dials Dexter. He picks up the phone and hears Yates and Vogel talking. She left the phone on when she called. Deb calls in to Elway and asks him to trace the number – tells him she can’t go through the police. He agrees and takes the number. Dexter asks Deb what if Yates kills Vogel. She reminds him that he usually takes a week. Deb gets a call back with the address and they speed off.

Vogel and Yates are talking and Dexter is surprised to hear her admit to hitting him. Vogel tells Yates she can still help him. She tells him that what he does to the women is an effort to try to connect with his mother. She tells him that the two of them can make a real connection that will help him. She asks him to trust her. He jerks away and picks up his phone. He finds the phone on and starts yelling. Vogel screams for Dexter to help. Yates says F-you Dexter and breaks the connection.

Deb and Dexter come into the house and the doc and the killer are nowhere to be seen. They creep through the house looking for them. They find bloody tissues in the kitchen and hear a thumping over their heads. They go up the stairs… In the bathroom, they find Vogel tied and taped up. Deb asks where Yates is just as Dexter figures out he’s under the bed. He tells Vogel that he wants to get her out of there so he can find Yates. He grabs a curtain rod and jumps up onto the bed, impaling Yates. Deb watches open mouthed. Vogel asks her if she’s okay and Deb says she’s good.

Vogel thanks him for saving her – he reminds her that Deb helped. She tells them she’s glad they found their way back to each other. Deb smiles and says the family that kills together… Vogel says she had worried that as they got older they would drift apart. Deb says if anyone else got to know either of them, they’d run screaming. Vogel walks out as Deb packs up the body. He takes Deb and Vogel out on the boat with him to dump the body.

He muses that he’s not sure where their relationship is headed – he thinks it’s new and different. Yates says it’s nice out on the ocean and he says he likes it out there alone. Deb reminds him that he’s not out there alone. She asks why he brought them along and he says he wanted to be there with family. Aww…