Dexter RECAP 7/21/13: Season 8 Episode 4 “Scar Tissue”

Dexter RECAP 7/21/13: Season 8 Episode 4 “Scar Tissue”

DEXTER returns to Showtime tonight with the forth episode of its eight and final season. On tonight’s show called, “Scar Tissue” Dr. Vogel begins treating Debra for her PTSD. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed review, right here. So head over to get caught up before tonight’s episode.

On last week’s episode Deb got it into her head that she had to confess to LaGuerta’s murder to clear her conscious, oh crap…. Dexter had trouble dealing with it.  Dr. Vogel did not think dexter could.  Since Dexter was the reason she was out of control, so it was going to be difficult for him to help her Dexter continued his manhunt for the Brain Surgeon. Dr. Vogel tried to prove to Dexter that he was perfect as a psychopath.

On tonight’s episode Dexter tracks down another potential serial killer from Dr. Vogel’s list. Quinn celebrates his passing of the Sergeant’s exam by defending Debra’s honor in a fight. Dr. Vogel begins treating Debra for her PTSD.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss, we are down to the last episodes. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Dexter Season 8 episode 3 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!

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Deb is reliving the shooting of LaGuerta and Dexter telling his sister she’s a good person and that it was okay to kill him. She is standing in the empty freight car where it happened staring at the light coming through the bullet hole. The Doc is asking her to share what she’s thinking and explains how Dexter’s need to kill was born in a container like that. Deb tells her she envisioned herself shooting Dexter and Vogel tells her that she can help her get better. Deb screams and asks her why she cared. Vogel tells her she must not avoid her feelings. She declares their session done for the day.

Dexter’s at a murder scene shooting pics of a dead woman. He tells Angel there’s bruising around her neck and tells him he thinks it was someone she knew because there are no defensive wounds. Quinn says she’s a housekeeper in a swanky area. Angel whispers to Quinn that he passed the test – says he nailed it.

Quinn asks about Deb and Dexter says she’s going to be okay. He leaves the crime scene and goes to meet Vogel to hear about Deb’s progress. It’s been a week and Vogel tells him he can’t see her yet – that she needs to hit rock bottom first. She wants him to prepare for the possibility that Debra may never be able to have Dexter back in her life. He says he won’t let her go. Vogel asks how he’s progressing on figuring out who the brain cutter is. He’s discarded more candidates and is now looking at AJ Yates. He attacked a school mate and was institutionalized. He’s now out and about and works for a cable company.

Dexter sees him working and notices a scar across the back of his head when he pulls off his cap. He didn’t see any notes in Vogel’s file about brain surgery and wonders if she was experimenting on him! At Vogel’s Deb gets done with the treadmill and they chat. Deb wants a beer and Vogel tells her that the boozing is making her PTSD worse. She tells her to get her ass of the table and Deb wants to know how long she expects her to stay with her.

Vogel tells her she sees a lot of Harry in Deb and tells her that he wrestled with his doubts about Dexter as well. He shows her a video of Harry talking to Vogel about a kill Dexter wanted to make as a teen. Harry asks her if Dexter will ever be right. He wonders what will happen once he tells him he can make his first kill. He worries that the code won’t work. Vogel stops the video and tells her that he could have either locked Dexter up or give him the tools to channel his urges so he could lead a functional life. Debra says she’s not like Vogel or Harry and can’t deal with it.

Vogel tells her that she was right to save Dexter’s life by not shooting him just as Harry was write to save Dexter as a child. Deb asks if she can keep the recording Vogel shows her. There’s a doorbell ring and Vogel leaves. Deb resumes watching the video. Vogel finds Dexter at the door and he demands to know what she did to Yates when he was younger.

He asks if she experimented on Yates. She tells him they can’t talk there with Debra in the other room. They go outside and she tells him he had a lesion on his brain she thought was making him worse. When he left her care to be sent to another mental hospital, she recommended they remove it, but wasn’t sure they had. Dexter asks if Deb thinks she’s a monster. He tells her he knows he’s responsible, but she has to find a way for her to get Debra to forgive him. He says he needs her in his life. Vogel wants to know why.

She tells him Deb was a mirror that gave a positive reflection to balance out his vision of himself at his monster. Vogel says now that the mirror is cracked, he’s struggling. She tells him he needs to accept that he’s a necessary part of nature and once he comes to grips with that he won’t need Deb. He says he’ll still want his sister in his life and Vogel agrees but says it will be want, not need at that point.

Dex breaks into Yates’ house and starts poking around. He finds a present wrapped with an envelope that says Dad and a photo of Yates and his Dad. He muses that Yates found a way to keep his family in his life and wonders if he will be able to do the same with Debra.

He opens a closet and finds a collection of women’s shoes – single ones. Then we see a screen and someone is watching Dex check out the trophy collection. Yates has his house monitored via camera. And he was in the house – in the basement or a hidden room. Dexter calls Vogel on speaker and tells her about the shoes. Yates listens in from around the corner. He tells her the shoes are a far cry from brains. He’s printing the shoes for fingerprints for missing person. He tells her he won’t have results til tomorrow because he has his son tonight. They hang up and Yates hides from sight. Back in his lair he tells the woman he has tied up there that Vogel found herself a hero.

Dexter comes home and finds a strange woman – Cassie – in his apartment. Jamie let her in to borrow laundry detergent. She and Jamie leave and Dexter’s playing with Morgan while his son giggles.

Angel, Jamie and Quinn are celebrating Quinn passing the detective test (which I don’t believe for a minute because Quinn is a major hottie, but also a near-Forrest Gump moron) when Quinn overhears some cops laughing about Deb being drunk in her car. Quinn asks the officer not to talk out loud about Deb and when he walks away says that Quinn used to bone her and that Deb made lieutenant on her back. Quinn punches him in the face. Angel breaks it up and offers a round on the house. Jamie drags Quinn out and they head home to bed.

Dexter’s making pancakes when Jamie comes in. Harrison is feeding pancakes to his invisible elephant. Jamie’s late because her car died on the way and Angel had to drop them off. She says she’s going to catch a ride from Cassie to get Harrison to school, but Dexter insists she keep his car instead. Jamie tells him Cassie thought he was cute…

Next day, back at the container, Vogel and Deb are trying therapy again. Vogel had to promise her a beer to get her back there. Vogel shuts them in and tells her to explain how it would have been better for her to kill Dexter instead. Vogel asks why she even came there that night. Doc tells her that Dexter can’t help what he is, but Deb knows what she was doing. She tells her she killed La Guerta in cold blood just for doing her job. Vogel tells her she knows she would do it again – that Deb knows in her heart she will always choose Dexter. Deb asks how can she make it right. She tells her she must accept that she’s a good person who was forced to do a terrible thing and that she made the best of an impossible sitch. Vogel tells her she can walk out the door and move forward with her life – that it’s her choice.

Matthews tells Angel he was looking over the test results and was impressed that Quinn passed. But Angie scored three points higher. Matthews wants him to promote Angie instead of Quinn, but Angel insists on Quinn. Matthews tells him it will reflect on him.

Dexter finds matches for the fingerprints from the shoes – all are missing women – the most recent from two weeks ago. He meets with the team to discuss the murder. Vince asks if Dex can clear out of the lab for awhile. There’s a chick coming to see Vince and he wants some alone time with her there. Dexter’s pleased and goes to check on Yates.

Quinn apologizes to Angel and Angel tells him he had to run a tab all night to make sure the beat cop didn’t press charges. He tells Quinn if he wants to make up for it, he needs to solve the case.

Young girl – Nikki – a University of Miami student shows up to meet with Vince. He’s giggling and pervy and flirting and she tells him she thinks he could be her dad. He asks her about him being a sperm donor in college. He says holy f- and she says it was a bad idea. She backs up and knocks a bunch of stuff over. He tells her she has his soulful yet haunting eyes and she giggles weirdly then he does too and – oh gross – they sound just alike!!! Ick – a seed of the demon Vince!!!

Deb’s at the office sorting through a floor full of papers when Elway finds her. She said she’s trying to get a head start on some new cases. Elway orders them take out and keeps her company. He tells her that his Dad was a rule stickler and that him becoming a cop pissed his dad off. He tells her he knew that becoming a cop was a mistake, but he wouldn’t admit it to his dad. He tells her as soon as his dad died he quit and started his PI practice. He tells her his mom is still ashamed to mention him at the country club.

Deb tells him her dad meant everything to her and that she’s realizing they’re more alike than she thought. Elway and Deb toasts to dead dads taunting them. She declines the beer though – good for Deb – and they get back to work.

Dexter’s back at Yates and it looks like the dude has cleared out – and took all his shoe trophies with him. He muses whether or not that means that Yates is who he’s looking for. He clicks off his flashlight and spots a sliver of light under a door. He heads down into Yates’ secret basement lair and sees the video screens. He realizes that Yates saw him there and likely heard everything he said to Vogel. He finds a bone saw and specimen jars. Then he finds a brain cutting guide. He’s the brain surgeon! He starts to call Vogel when he hears a noise. There’s a giant tool box. When Dexter goes to pull her out, she starts to gush blood. Dexter realizes the guy left her for dead, but thinks he can help her.

He drops her off in front of the ER and meets Vogel back at Yates’ place. They find her patient files on Yates’ computer including a file of Dexter’s which she tries to stop him from opening. He’s upset but she tells him she never used his name. She calls him O. He reads that she wrote that he has deluded himself into thinking he has genuine feelings for his sister. He’s furious and tells her that he knows she’s using him as a lab rat. He asks if keeping him apart from his sister is part of the experiment to see what he’ll do. He tells her that once Yates is done for that she’s out of his life forever. He asks if she understands and she consents.

At Vogel’s, Deb tires of reading and goes into Vogel’s office. She breaks into her desk and looks for more videos with Harry. She finds one where Harry is explaining how he found Dexter’s first kill. The plastic on the walls, the body. He tells her that Dexter was proud. He had killed a drug dealer that had killed Harry’s partner. He tells her that he was horrified – that he thought the code was just a theory. Vogel tells him that Dexter did what they taught him to. Harry says he can’t live with what they’ve created. And Deb asks herself how she’s supposed to…

Yates is sleeping in his van when he gets a call from the nursing home about his Dad. It’s actually Dex! He tells him his heart is failing and he might not have much time. Dexter is waiting in the room with his gloves on. Yates shows up and Dexter comes in. He tells him he was counting on Yates being a good son. Yates pulls out his dad’s breathing tube and the nurses come running as Yates hops out the window. Dexter sneaks out, but he’s appalled that he Yates would sacrifice his father to save himself.

He muses that his feelings for Deb are real and that she’s not his mirror. Vogel tries to call him, but he ignores the call. He tells himself the experiment is done.

Dexter gets a bag from Angel – it’s the clothes from the stabbing victim. The attacker broke all her toes! Ties into the shoe fetish nicely.

Quinn finds Deb outside the police department – she was heading in to see Dexter. Quinn tells her that he’s having problems with Jamie because she thinks there’s still something between the two of them. Deb tells him to make it work with Jamie because she wants him happy. She tells him to remember that she means a lot to him. Uh-oh. Sounds like she’s saying goodbyes. Dexter sees her and goes outside to her.

She tells him they need to talk and that it’s important. He was headed out after Yates but decides Yates can wait and his sister can’t. She asks him to take a ride with her. He drives them and tells her that he’s glad to see her – that Vogel told her to stay away. He tells her he’s not on good terms with Vogel anymore. Deb tells him that Vogel doesn’t understand the two of them. He tells her he can’t lose her and that they always need to be together.

Deb asks him if Vogel ever showed him the videos of Harry. He tells her he saw some. She tells him she saw the last one made before Harry died. She asks him if their Dad killed himself. He tells her that Matthews told him a few years ago that he had OD’d on his heart medication. She asks if it was because of Dexter and he said yes – that he couldn’t live because he thought he’d created a monster.

Deb says that their Dad only got it half right. She grabs the steering wheel and plunges their car into the water. A bystander jumps in and pulls her to shore. She watches the car go under with Dexter in it and without hesitating, jumps in after her brother as the car sinks down in the water. Is she going to drown herself? In the last moments of the episode, she breaks through the water holding Dexter. She saved him! And herself!