Dexter RECAP 7/7/13: Season 8 Episode 2 “Every Silver Lining…”

Dexter RECAP 7/7/13: Season 8 Episode 2 “Every Silver Lining…”

DEXTER returns to Showtime tonight with the second episode of its eight and final season.  On tonight’s show called, “Every Silver Lining…” Debra continues to track down her PI case and has to take matters into her own hands.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed review, right here.  So head over to get caught up before tonight’s episode.

On last week’s premiere episode rewinded ahead six months since LaGuerta’s murder – and Dexter was still managing life as a dad, brother, and serial killer. Debra now worked as a PI for a private firm and Batista had replaced her as Lieutenant, she clearly has not turned herself in.  Debra has turned to drugs to help her conscious.  Meanwhile, Miami Metro investigated the murder of a man who has had pieces of his brain removed.

On tonight’s show Miami Metro continues their hunt for the Brain Surgeon, while Dr. Vogel enlists Dexter to do her bidding based on her own personal experience with her previous patients. Debra continues to track down her PI case and has to take matters into her own hands.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss, we are down to the last episodes. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Dexter Season 8 episode 2 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!

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We see an old recoding made by Dr Vogel of her and Harry speaking. He tells her a 10 year old Dexter insisted he wanted to see a murder scene. He tells her he had said no, but then finally relented hoping it would end him of his remorse obsession. He took him to a homicide scene and said Dex was fascinated, like he was admiring a painting.

Zoom out and we see that Dexter is watching the tape with Dr. Vogel. Harry says he saw Dexter take something from the crime scene – a trophy. Harry begins crying and says there’s something wrong with Dexter. Dr. Vogel tells him there is a place for Dexter somewhere in the world and promises she’ll help him find a path for Dexter.
She tells him he was just 10 when Harry sought her out. She tells him she helped create him. Dexter said she sounds like Dr. Frankenstein. She tells him it was clear that he was a psychopath and would become a killer. She tells him she was the one who convinced Harry that his morbid skills could be focused – and once they knew killing animals wouldn’t help, they decided to focus him on human animals – criminal monsters.

Vogel tells Dexter she’s his “spiritual mother” because she helped create the code. She said she developed the framework for his survival. He sounds angry and accuses her of experimenting on him. She tells him otherwise it would have been jail or an asylum. She tells him she cared for him then and still does.
She tells him she saved his life and now needs to call in the favor. Vogel shows him a section of the human brain in a specimen jar. She tells him she found it on her doorstep wrapped in butcher paper. Vogel tells Dexter she thinks it’s one of her former patients. Dexter asks if she thinks it’s a threat and she says “it’s hardly a love letter.”

Vogel says she wants him to find him and do what she and Harry taught him to do. Dexter bristles and says he doesn’t take requests. He tells her to go to the cops. She tells him she can’t because he’s not the first psychopath she’s treated and some of her methods may be considered illegal. She can’t have the cops nab the guy because she could end up in jail for her psycho whispering tendencies. He tells her it’s her problem. She hands him a DVD and tells him to think about it. She tells him she’s afraid of what’s coming next and says he shouldn’t think about it too long.

Meanwhile there’s a guy strapped down to a table and an unknown assailant wraps a plastic bag around his head as he struggles. He tells him he doesn’t deserve it, but says he has to do it.

Dexter watches the DVD – it’s Harry telling Vogel that Dexter killed a drug dealer that had killed people and they agree that he’s sticking to the code. Harry says Dexter made the dealer look at photos of his victims before he killed him. He told Harry it was something he felt he needed to do and asks Vogel what it means. She says it could mean he has an innate sense of justice. She tells him that it will work out because Dexter is embracing the process. He says he hopes so.

Ghost Harry tells Dexter that Vogel believes in him. Dexter says if Vogel created him, she’s responsible for what he’s done to Deb. Harry says Vogel could help him with his problems with Deb since she knows all about her. Dexter tells Harry he doesn’t trust Vogel and Harry says that’s more reason to keep her close.

Deb and her boss are rehashing her botched skip trace. She tells Elway she was looking for the jewelry, but he thinks that’s not all she was doing in the two weeks she was gone. He asks her why she thinks undercover work is part of her job and she says she was improvising. Elway isn’t pleased that Briggs is dead and Deb lets it slip that she was staying in the room with Briggs. She wants to know why it matters and says she was doing her job. Elway says they have nothing and she gives him some keys which include a storage unit key.

Another murder scene. It’s the guy from the table. His skill slides open and Dexter sees the same part of the brain is missing as on the other guy. Dexter says the head slicing is post mortem and Vince says it was asphyxiation. Angel tells everyone to spread out and look for ropes and nylons. Dexter spots a plastic bag nearby and grabs it up. He tells Angel he thinks it’s the murder weapon and Angel says a prayer for a print.
Vogel arrives at the scene. Dexter approaches her and she tells him she got another delivery of a brain part. She wonders if she could have prevented it. He asks if she ever felt guilty about what he was doing and she said she felt pride. She tells him he’s not evil and he’s making the world a better place. He says “not for everyone” but refuses to elaborate. He tells her that he’ll help her.

Dexter asks why Harry came to her about him. She says she was an expert witness on some homicide cases he worked and they became friends. She says Harry knew she worked with young psychopaths and knew she didn’t take a black and white view of things. She tells him Harry had no one else to talk to about him. She said she never judged him or Harry.

She reminds Dexter that he’s the one judging her. He tells her she should have expected that since she thinks she knows him so well. He stalks away. Vogel smiles.
Deb is sneaking around with Elway as they head into Brigg’s apartment. He’s worried about B&E but since she’s got keys, she insists it’s only entering. They go through the place looking for info. Elway pulls a photo off the fridge of Briggs in front of his car and Deb gets a little upset. She says if she had brought him in instead of trying to get the jewels, he would still be alive.

She and Elway have a little spat about her being miserable working for him. He tells her that working for him is the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Deb finds a bill for a storage unit and is ready to go open it up since they’ve got the keys. Elway can’t go with and tells her to be careful. The same mystery dude who was watching her at the hotel is watching as Deb leaves Briggs’ place.

Dexter tells Vogel he’s running the prints and based on the list she gave him, he’s hoping for a lead. He asks why he doesn’t remember her from his childhood and she tells him Harry didn’t want them to meet face to face. He tells her he could have used her to talk to after Harry died. They get a hit – Lyle Sussman – not someone from her list! She’s surprised that it’s not one of her patients. He muses that it could be someone who read one of her books and took issue with her.

He finds the address and jots it down. Dexter tells her it might mean that she did a better job with her patients than she thought. Vince interrupts and tells him that he found a bloody fingerprint on the duct tape – but it’s just a partial. Dexter lies and tells Vince he also has just a partial and Vince says “the race is on.” Now he’s got to get to the killer before the cops do. She wishes him good luck.

Dexter breaks into Sussman’s house to poke around. He says it all looks innocent – like his appointment. He stares at the A/C unit then says “nah” not figuring another killer would hide trophies like he does. He finds dead plants and muses that Sussman may not have been there in a while. He finds a photo of Sussman at a hunting cabin and IDs the location. He hears a car pull up – it’s Angel – and Dexter heads out.

At the storage unit, Deb finds it crammed full of useless crap. After a few minutes, she finds the jewels, but then is accosted at gunpoint. She attacks the guy and they get into it. He tells her she’s nuts and then she goes nuts. He kicks her in the stomach repeatedly and tells her to stay down. He holds a gun on her but then lets her live – he locks her in the unit and splits. Back in his car he stashed Deb’s gun he took from her and wipes off the blood on his face from where she hit him.

Quinn and Angel get out of the car at Sussman’s moms place. Angel wants to know why Quinn hasn’t taken the sergeant’s exam. He tells him he needs to take his career seriously – especially if he’s going to date his sister. Quinn asks how he knew and Angel reminds him he’s a detective.

Sussman’s mom tells them her son has been out of town hunting. She tells them he always brings something back for “the quilt” and drags out a monstrous blanket made from various animal skills and pelts. They decide it’s a nightmare in fur. She says she doesn’t know where the cabin is. They get a call from dispatch and head out.
They are at a murder scene. It’s the guy who locked Deb up. He’s Javier Guzman – aka El Sapo. Dexter realizes he’s the hitman that was sent to kill Briggs and begins to worry about Deb’s safety. Dexter explains the kill and finds some blood he thinks must have been the killer’s. Meanwhile Quinn bags deb’s gun from the glovebox. Dexter speeds to Debra’s house and calls Vogel on the way.

Dexter finds Deb passed out on the sofa. She wakes and tells him to leave. He tells her El Sapo is dead. He tells her he was shot execution-style in his car – he asks her if she knows anything about it. He tells her he was worried and tried to call. She insists she’s fine and Dexter says otherwise. He chides her because her sliding door was left wide open. She moans and he realizes she’s wounded. She tells him that El Sapo followed her to the storage unit and they “tussled.” He asks her what she’ll do if El Sapo’s killer comes after her and she’s unconcerned.

She tells him he doesn’t need to give a shit about her. Dexter tells her he cares about her even if she hates him. She tells him she didn’t want to hate him – she wanted the opposite (ick….). She laughs and says it didn’t work out that way and she can’t change the way she feels so he needs to go. She tells him to get the F out and he refuses. He finally relents and leaves.

He goes out to Sussman’s cabin and muses that he’s staying ahead of Miami Metro. He enters the cabin and finds lots of blood and death. He hears a squeak and turns. It’s Sussman, swinging from the porch rafters. He’s an apparent suicide! Dexter tells Vogel what he found and they discuss whether he had an accomplice. She doesn’t think so. Dexter is insistent and Vogel tells him to calm down and quit being agitated.

She tells him he has the need to be right. He bristles and says he doesn’t like her talking about him in terms of less than human. She asks if he’s read her books and he says no. She tells him psychopaths are indispensable to the success of mankind. She tells him most successful CEOs have psychopathic tendencies. He relaxes.

He tells her they’re back to zero on knowing who is doing the killing. She tells him she has faith in him and that he’ll find the killer. She asks him about what’s going on with Debra. He refuses to talk about his sister and she relents.

Jamie hops in the car with Quinn who’s checking his messages for one from Dexter about Deb. Jamie starts acting jealous about his possessive and doting attitude about ex-fiancee Deb. He asks her what’s wrong with “you people” and asks if it’s a Cuban thing. He tells her what Angel said and then he blows up about her and Angel pushing him. She walks out of the car and back into her house as he drives away. Jamie comes back in the house and starts yelling at Angel in Spanish. She tells him to mind his own business.

Dexter is running DNA on the blood from the window that should indicate El Sapo’s killer. Oops-  it’s Deb. She killed him in cold blood!

Deb comes into the police station and Tom stops to talk with her. He tells her she never should have left the force. Vince comes up to hug her and be a pervert. Angel comes to greet her as well. She tells them she’s there to answer questions for Quinn about a case. Angel tells her he still thinks of his office as her office and that it’s not the same without her. Quinn comes up and Deb walks off with him. Intrigued, Dex follows. He takes her into interrogation because he says the briefing room is full. Dexter goes to the other side of the mirror and turns on the room mic to listen in.

Quinn tells her they’re looking for leads about El Sapo. She fills him in about Briggs and said she overheard him talking about fencing the jewels to El Sapo. She tells him that Briggs was supposed to meet El Sapo the night he died. She says she thought it was going to be a while so she went for a sandwich but he was dead by the time she got back.

Quinn shows her crime scene photos from El Sapo’s killing and tells him what his theories are about how it went down. Deb starts to freak out. Dexter busts in and says it’s a family emergency and he needs to borrow her. He escorts her outside of the police station. He tells her he knows she killed El Sapo. He tells her he found her blood at the crime scene. He asks her what happened. He begs her to talk to him. She tells him she’s a little fuzzy on it. She says she was mad and wanted the jewels back and the last thing she knew she was standing over a dead body. He asks why she didn’t call the cops and she says she didn’t know what to tell them. He asks why she didn’t call him and she says he gets her into trouble and not out.

He tells her there was a gun in El Sapo’s glove box and asks if it’s hers. She tells him it could be. He asks how she’ll explain it once it’s traced back to her. She tells Dexter he can switch it out for her. He asks what if he wasn’t there to cover for her. She asks him what if he wasn’t a serial killer – what if their dad has left him in the shipping container all those years ago. She tells him it’s probably not the last person she’ll shoot in this hell hole that’s now her life.

Dexter goes to evidence to look for the gun – hoping they haven’t tested it yet. He muses that he’s covered up evidence for himself many time before, but that he’ll never get used to doing it for Deb. He swaps out the gun.

Quinn comes to Angel’s bar and he asks if he’s patched things up with Jamie. Quinn tells him he’ll start studying for the sergeant’s exam. Deb sits outside the bar in her car. Quinn sees her and their eyes lock. She pulls off in her car.

Dexter muses on Vogel saying that psychopaths are a gift in nature – he sees himself as destructive, not a gift. Vogel calls him and says she thinks there’s someone in her house because it’s open. He tells her to get in her car and stay there. Dexter pulls up behind her. She tells him she hasn’t seen anyone leave. He tells her to stay put and she thanks him.

Dexter checks the house but doesn’t find anything. There’s a red DVD on her laptop that she says isn’t hers. They play it. It’s the murder scene with the baggie and you can see that Sussman was held at gunpoint and made to kill the other man. Dexter tells her he was wrong and she was right. Sussman was another victim. He tells her he should have listened to her.

Hmm… I’m going to throw this out there. I think Vogel might be the killer…
Dexter feels useless because he didn’t trace the right killer. He tells her he’s destroyed his sister – he says she’s gone. He tells her she’s wrong and that he’s a mistake. She says he’s exactly what he needs to be. She goes to him and holds him and whispers in his ear that he’s perfect. Dexter tears up. It’s like he’s found a mommy!