Dexter Season 8 Episode 2 Review “Dr. Vogel Is Dexter’s Spiritual Mother”

Dexter Season 8 Episode 2 Review "Dr. Vogel Is Dexter's Spiritual Mother"

So this episode opens in a completely unexpected way Dr. Vogel knows Harry, he sought her help with Dexter when he was younger. Apparently his dad knew he was a psychopath. He talks about how much Dexter enjoyed the crime scene and took a trophy (a blood slide). Vogel tells Dexter she helped create him ( ego much). She goes on to say that her and Harry were forced with a dilemma has to what to with Dexter. It was her who convinced Harry that Dexters urges couldn’t be stopped but they could be focused. They realized killing animals wasn’t enough for Dexter, so they found a way for him to hunt other “types” of animals ( other psycho killers, that’s just a guess mind you). Or as she put it people who deserved to die. Dexter ask if she came up with the code. Vogel says Harry had a hand in the details and that his law enforcement background was certainly a asset. Vogel never one to share credit says Harry was operating under her guidance. She considers herself Dexters “spiritual mother”. (This lady is a nut job in her own right).

She goes on to say she came to care for Dexter and still does. Dexter ask why she is telling him all this. Vogel says she saved his life and needs him to do the same for her (a favor). She gets a jar from her cabinet and inside is a piece of brain ( its from the melon baller case from last week). Vogel believes the melon baller is one of her patients sending her a message. Dexter ask if she thinks its a threat. Vogel says its hardly a love letter ( who’s to say it isn’t, I mean who knows what this guy thinks a love letter is). Vogel says sooner or later someone is going to be holding a piece of her brain in a jar. She wants Dexter to find him and do what her and Harry taught him to do. Dexter informs her he doesn’t take request. Dexter says she has friends in the FBI and Miami Metro that she can get them to help her. Vogel says she can’t because she has used other unorthodox methods on other patients. (Some which wouldn’t you know might be considered illegal). Dexter understands that if she gets caught she could go to jail, but its still her problem. Vogel hands him another DVD and tells him that it will help to put things into perspective. Dexters curiosity gets the best of him and he picks it up. She tells him to think about it but not for too long that the killer is out there.

We see a guy taped to a chair. Someone walks up to him and puts a bag over his head and suffocates him to death.

Dexter is at home watching the DVD. Harry is telling Vogel that Dexter killed a drug dealer last night. (Not literally last night, although he did kill a drug enthusiast last week, apples and oranges I suppose). Vogel is all well at least he is sticking to the program. Harry says Dexter told him before he killed him he made him look at pictures of his victims. Vogel asks Harry if he asked Dexter why. Harry tells her Dexter said it was something he felt he had to do. Vogel’s only concern is that after three kills Dexter is following the process. Harry is now sitting in front of Dexter telling him that Vogel believed in him at a time that Harry was in doubt. Harry thinks Dexter should help her for helping him and that maybe she can help him with Deb. Dexter knows that Harry must have told Vogel a lot about Deb ( that little fact I guarantee will be important as this all plays out) Dexter tells Harry that Deb said she hates him and she should have shot him. Harry says that Vogel might open up some possibilities. At the very least she is a window to his past. Dexter says he doesn’t trust her. Harry says that even more of a reason to keep her close.

Next day Deb is at work talking to her boss about what happened to Briggs. Deb says she was also supposed to find the jewelry. Elway ask if that’s what he is supposed to believe. She says yes he wasn’t just going to live the jewels you know lying around. She slips and tells him that her and Briggs shared a room. Elway is not to happy till she whips out the keys to what she thinks is a storage locker with the jewels in it. Deb says he would love her if they found the jewels.

Dexter is at a crime scene, it’s the guy that was tapped to the chair earlier. His skull is also cut open and the same piece of brain is missing as with the one form last week. They guys are calling him the Brain Surgeon (I’m going to stick with melon baller).
Dexter says they have a serial killer and that Vogel was right. Dexter says judging from the lack of blood ts one w done postmortem too. Masuka says he was suffocated. Dexter finds a plastic bag (the murder weapon). Vogel shows up and tells him she got another delivery. She says if it is one of her patients she wondered if she could have prevented it. Dexter ask if she ever felt guilty about what he was doing. Vogel tells him no that all she felt was pride, that he is not evil and that he is making the world a better place. Dexter says not for everyone (Deb), she ask him what he means. He just says he is going back to the lab to try and find a print. Dexter ask her why Harry came to her about him. Vogel tells him that she was the a expert witness on a case that his father was working on and that Harry and her became friends. Vogel says that Harry knew of her work with young psychopaths and that Harry had no one to talk to, and that there was no judgement on her part. Vogel says she knows Dexter doesn’t trust her, he says she should have expected if she knows him so well. He walks away. She smiles.

Deb and Elway are entering Briggs apartment with the keys she had. They start looking around. She tells Elway that if she had just brought him in instead of trying to get the jewels Briggs would still be alive. Deb heads off to the storage place by herself because Elway has a meeting. They get in their cars to leave. The hit man from last week is watching them.

Dexter is sitting in his office when Vogel comes in. Dexter tells her he is running the prints from the bag. Dexter says he doesn’t remember Vogel, she says its because Harry wouldn’t allow it. Harry didn’t want Dexter to feel like he was sick. They get a hit Lyle Sussman. Vogel doesn’t no anyone by that name. Dexter tells her he needed someone to talk to after Harry died.vogel says that is strange. Masuka comes in and says he also got a partial. Dexter knows he has to hurry, on the way out he ask why him needing someone to talk to was strange. Vogel says people like him don’t usually seek out emotional connections( wouldn’t be horrible if Dexter was programmed to be a killer?)

Dexter breaks into Lyles place. His voice over says it all looks innocent just like his apartment. He starts looking around, he even wonders if the guy would keep trophies like he does. He finds a dead plant and realizes that maybe Lyle hasn’t been in his apartment for awhile. He sees a pick him at a cabin by Lake Nona. He hears a car and peeks out the window, angel gets out, and Dexter takes off.

Deb opens the storage locker and starts rummaging through Briggs stuff. Bingo she finds them. The hit man from last week comes in and grabs her gun. They start fighting. He gets her down and kicks her. He points the gun at her head but doesn’t shoot her. He only kills people he is paid too.

Angel and Quinn are outside a house. Angel wants to know why he hasn’t taken the Sargents exam. And they he needs to focus on his career if he is going to date his sister. (Oops my bad I was calling Jamie his niece last week). They knock on the door and they are talking to Lyle’s mom. They ask her if she knows where her son is. She doesn’t. Their phones beep, dispatch needs them.

Dexter is at another crime scene. It’s the hit man, he was shot in the head and the chest. Dexter wonders if he has been killed if that means Deb is in trouble. Dexter gives them a scenario. They pull a gun out of the glove compartment (the one he took from Deb), Dexter finds some blood on the broken window. Quinn calls him over. Quinn knows Deb was involved with these two guys, Dexter says he knows and takes off.

Dexter is in his car driving and taking to Vogel on his cell phone. Vogel is curious to know why he isn’t heading to the cabin to look for Lyle, he says he has to do something first he needs to go to his sisters. They hang up Vogel looks troubled. Dexter finds Deb’s sliding glass door open. Dexter sees her sleeping on the couch, and then closes her sliding glass door. Deb sits up as she does Dexter sees her side. Deb tell Dexter the hit an followed her to the storage locker grabbed the jewels and beat her up. Deb says Dexter doesn’t need to worry that no one is coming after her (warning bells should be going off right about now). Dexter tells Deb she can’t hate him all she wants but he is her brother and he loves her. Deb says she didn’t want to hate him she wanted the opposite. She then tells him to leave.

Dexter has driven up to Lyle’s cabin. He is relieved he got their before Miami Metro. Dexter goes to the door. It’s open. Dexter goes in and looks around. He hears something. He goes out back and finds Lyle dead hanging from a hook.

Dexter goes to Vogel, and they try to figure it out. Dexter says she talks about him like he is less than human. She tells how she believes psychopaths are not a mistake of nature but a gift, that help the human race become civilized. (This lady wants to be a psychopath, or maybe she is, maybe she is the melon baller). Vogel has faith that he will find the killer. She ask what is going on between him and Deb. He refuses to tell her anything.

Jamie hops in Quinn’s car. Jamie tells him that all he does is talk about Deb. he gets pissed and they start fighting. Jamie gets out of the car, and goes in the house. Jamie then chews Angel in English and Spanish.

Dexter is searching for a match to the blood on the car window( and boy does he get it,) Deb killed the hit man. Dexter looks up and there is Deb. Quinn has some questions for her. Angel and Masuka both hug her. Quinn takes her in a interrogation room. Dexter sits on the other side turns on the mic and listens. Quinn is asking her about the hit man and Briggs. She tells him that Briggs was her case to work, she tells Quinn that she went to go get a sandwich and when she got back Briggs was dead. As Quinn lays it out for her, Deb has flashes of killing the hit man. Dexter gets her and takes her outside, he tells he knows she killed the hit man. Deb doesn’t remember what happened she says she is a little fuzzy, next thing she remembers she was standing over a dead body ( she is using the Jodi Arias defense). Dexter tells her they found a gun, is it hers. Deb says it might be and she wants Dexter to switch it out. He does.

Deb pulls up to a bar to meet Angel and Quinn. But she stays in her car. Quinn sees her and they make eye contact and she drives away.

Dexter is in his car and he gets a call from Vogel she says she thinks someone was in her house because when she got home the door was open. Dexter tells her to get back in her car. When he gets to her house he goes in, nobody is there. Whoever it was left behind a red DVD. Dexter tells Vogel to play it. She puts it in. It’s a video of Lyle killing the man that was taped to the chair, you can see Lyle is doing it because he was told to, by someone you can’t see.

Dexter realizes he made a mistake. Vogel tells him it’s not his fault. He says the only thing he has ever been good at is stalking and killing people. He tells Vogel he destroyed Deb. that he is a mistake. Vogel tells him he is exactly what he needs to be perfect. She hugs him. He cries.

2 down. 10 to go.

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