Dexter Season 8 Episode 3 Review “Dexter Isn’t Giving Up On Deb”

Dexter Season 8 Episode 3 Review "Dexter Isn't Giving Up On Deb"

Tonight’s episode title poses a question I’ve been asking since the first episode of this show. Maybe I’ll finally get some answers, or a million more questions. We shall see.

Dexter wakes up to Harrison saying “Daddy”. He follows his voice down the hall and has a mini freak out when he sees a puddle of red in the bathroom floor. Dexter swings the door open and sees Harrison sitting in the floor. Harrison ate a whole box of Popsicles because he loves them and now his stomach hurts. Dexter gives him some Pepto and starts to clean him off.  Dexters voice tells us that a shot of pink makes his sons pain go away, and he wishes it was that easy for Deb.

Speaking of Deb she is passed out in her car. The cop thinks she is drunk. Especially after he sees the open container in the car. Deb ask him to cut her some slack. The cop tells her he wishes he could but she damaged public property. Deb gets out and sees she parking meter she hit, she starts to laugh, then follows it up with “mother shit”. (I’m going to start using that expression). The cop offers to call Dexter but Deb answers with a hell to the no. Deb takes out her cell phone and calls Quinn who is in bed with Jamie. Jamie ask him if everyone is ok. Quinn lies and tells her it’s just a cop stuff and takes off.

Quinn is next seen at the police station picking up Deb. Meanwhile Dexter is at a crime scene (Sussman,s cabin to be exact) only the Lyle’s body is no longer hanging by its head by a hook, it’s inside the cabin with a gunshot in it to hide where the hook left its mark. So does that mean the killer saw Dexter? After he gets over the shock of it all,he gets to work,he notices his two front teeth are broke, so everyone ( besides Dexter of course). Masuka thinks suicide makes his job easier. Dexter just wants to know where Vogel is. Speaking of wanting to know where someone is Angel wants to know “Where the F**k Quinn is”.

No worries Angel, he is giving Deb a ride to work. Quinn offers to take her home to take a shower. When Quinn gets her to work he ask if he should be worried. She gets all high and mighty and chews him for caring. Deb brings up what a drunk Quinn used to be. Quinn tells her it’s because she declined to except his marriage proposal. He ask her what her excuse is. Debs boss Elway conveniently shows up before she can think up a good lie. Deb gets out of the car and meets Elway at the front door.

Vogel walks into her home office and puts her coffee mug on her desk, and grabs a file to put in her briefcase. She gets a text on her phone that tells her to look outside. Naturally she does just that, I mean its not like anyone is out to get her or anything.

Two little black boxes tied with a red ribbon that say His and Hers are sitting outside her front door. (I totally know what’s going on now, this melon baller guy is absolutely a old patient, probably someone who we know, and he is jealous of her love for Dexter, hence the His and Hers boxes, I bet he did see Dexter at the cabin to, or what if its a she, she could be Dexters “spiritual sister”, okay enough of my chaos theories and back to the show). Vogel gives the brain holding jars to Dexter, he tells her he will analyze them back at the lab. Dexter thinks the male brain part belongs to Sussman, and like I said in the above the killer is now aware of Dexter. Dexter thinks because both boxes were sent to Vogel the killer doesn’t know where he lives or his name, and that he should find him first. Dexter tells Vogel he has been going through her little black book of nut jobs and found some guy in it named Ron that he thinks could be the guy they are looking for. Quinn calls Dexter over and he excuses himself. Quinn tells him about the whole Deb getting brought in for a DUI thing. Dexter tells Quinn thank you and that he will,take care of Deb.

Angel comes up to Quinn to ask him if he is trying to make him look like a asshole ( I’m pretty sure Angel does a good enough job of that all by himself). Dexter packs up s car to leave and tells Vogel he needs to check on Deb. Dexter tells Vogel that Deb knows who and what he is, and that it is his fault Deb is in trouble. Vogel tells him it’s unusual that he feels badly. Dexter tells her he doesn’t have time, gets in his car, and leaves her standing there.

Deb and Elway are with the 9 o’ clock appointment. When she leaves Elway makes her the miracle cure to heal all hangovers. Dexter shows up right then (so deb is about to have a headache for a whole different reason) Dexter tells her he is worried and that he wants to have dinner with her, she tells him no, he tells her he will,keep,showing up at her job until she does, so she agrees. Dexter tells her he will pick her up at 8.

At the police station they are have a meeting. angel tells them since Sussman killed himself the melon baller case is now closed, and that they can move onto the Hitman case. Dexter is sitting in the back of the room not giving a crap about any of this because he knows the real score. He decides he will pay Ron boy a visit at work.

Angel tells the Deputy Chief he wants to make Quinn Sargent . The Chief tells him yeah right when pigs fly (cops do have helicopters but I digress). Anyway he doesn’t think Quinn can pass the exam, Angel tells him he will. The Chief tells him good luck with that and walks away.

Deb and Elway are sitting in his car taking pics of some guy banging some chick in the front seat of a van. Elway ask about Quinn, Deb tells him it’s. one if his damn business.
They circle around it for a minute and then she finally tells him that Quinn proposed and she said no. She then goes on to call Elway a pussy.

Dexter is roaming the mall looking for Ron. Hem finds him at his kiosk. Rn ask to take a body measurement. Dexter is trying to read him. He finds a machine for Dexter to try out. Dexter puts Vogels book down for Ron to see, Dexter ask him if he has ever heard of her, Ron lies and says no.

Dexter is at Vogels house and she is a tad upset that Dexter went to see Ron. Dexter informs her it was worth it , he could tell Ron is hiding something. Dexter tells Vogel he is going to break into his apartment when Ron is at work tomorrow. Vogel wants to know now she is to do if he comes after her before then. Dexter ask her if she has away to protect herself. Vogel tells him she has a gun. Dexter tells her to keep it close and loaded, he is going to dinner with Deb and he will check in later. Vogel tells him that when Harry and her came up with the code Harry insisted that he only kill bad people, Vogel says that she insisted the first rule be “Don’t Get Caught”, which gave Dexter wiggle room. She then ask why when Deb found out why he didn’t kill her. Dexter tells Vogel he would never kill Deb that he loves her. Vogel ask him what he loves about Deb. Dexter tells her he doesn’t know…. That he loves having steaks and beer with her that he loves that she looks up to him and how close they used to be. Vogel points out all those things are about him and not Deb. she tells him he is perfect as a psychopath and doesn’t need to worry about Deb. Vogel offers to help, but Dexter tells her no and that he can take car of Deb he has been doing it his whole life.

Quinn is sitting at the table with Angel. Angel is asking him questions from the handbook for the test. Jamie is in the kitchen cooking. Quinn gets the question wrong. Quinn says he is confused. Angel tells him of course he is he is a idiot. Jamie tells him to cut him some slack Quinn is still tired from the case he was called to in the middle of the night. Angel tells her there wasn’t a case. Angel realizes he made a mistake and leaves so that they can talk. Jamie sits down. She ask him where he really was. Quinn tells her he was helping Deb and that she has been going through a hard time. Jamie ask why Deb calls Quinn that he isn’t her brother. Quinn tells her he doesn’t think Deb and Dexter are getting along and that she is a friend. Jamie says she is more than a friend he used to sleep her and now Deb is calling him for everything. Quinn tells her nothing is going on. Jamie ask why he lied about it then, Quinn tells her he didn’t hunk she would understand. Jamie tells him he is right and that she doesn’t, she gives him a plate of food and tells him to enjoy his dinner. Jamie gets up from the table and walks to her room and shuts the door.

Dexter and Deb are sitting in a Italian restaurant. A waitress comes up and ask them what they want to drink. Deb wants a bourbon, Dexter orders to cokes she is not going to be drinking on his watch or tab. Dexter ask her if she recognizes the man sitting across from them. Deb tells him no, Dexter shows her a video on his phone of her saving the guys life. Deb tells Dexter so what that was a long time ago. Dexter tells her the man in the video is the guy sitting across from them, and if it wasn’t for her that his daughter wouldn’t have a father. Dexter tells her she is a good person. Deb just looks at him and tells him she is starving, they share a little smile, they both pick up the menus, Deb still looks broke.

Dexter is sitting in his car watching Ron leave for work. He has on gloves and is drinking a coffee.

Den and Elway are sitting in his office showing the woman the pictures of her husband cheating. The lady tells them she doesn’t think the man in the pics are her husband. She tells them it’s all a mistake and she would write a check on the way out. Deb can’t believe it.

Dexter is roaming around Ron’s house. Dexter goes in the kitchen and notices how clean it is. Dexter notices the crock pot is on and goes to take a peek. He stirs it up and lifts the spoon and a finger is on it. ( He has a look of horror of his face that is absolutely hilarious for a killer, you would think he had never seen dismembered body parts before Dexter turns around sees the meat grinder, Ron’s kitchen is his kill room. Dexter opens the fridge and pulls out a plastic container,he lifts the lid and inside is a brain, it’s marinating in some kind of sauce with garlic. Dexter puts it back and leaves.

Deb is sitting in her car watching the video Dexter showed her earlier getting drunk (quite possibly drunker). She just watches it over and over. Deb is parked in front of the police,department. She goes in and sees Quinn. Deb tells him she wants to confess to killing La Guerta. Quinn grabs her and put her face in his chest so what she says will be muffled. He takes her to interrogation room and turns the mic off. Quinn ask her what she is talking about. Deb repeats that she killed La Guerta, she says she killed her New Year’s Eve , that she called dispatch found out where she was and shot her. Quinn tells her she just feels guilty. Deb says no she is guilty. Quinn gives her a pen and paper and tells her to write down everything she remembers. Quinn leaves the room.

Vogel and Dexter are at her house going through files when Quinn calls him. Quinn tells Dexter he needs to get down to the station that Deb confessed to killing La Guerta. Quinn also lets him know that she is drunk. Dexter tells Quinn to keep her there and that he is on his way. Dexter hangs up and tells Vogel that the call was about Debra and that he wants her to go to the station with him.

Dexter is in his car with novel, swerving in and out of traffic trying to get to the station. Dexter tells Vogel he wants her to say that Deb is having a nervous breakdown. Vogel tells him that Deb needs to confess in order to not feel any guilt and that she probably needs professional help. Dexter tells Vogel that he loves Deb and that he isn’t going to give up on her.

Deb is still sitting in the room. Quinn is standing outside the room watching her. Quinn sees Dexter and Vogel walk in. Dexter explains that Vogel is a old family friend and that he thought she could help. Dexter ask if she is still in the interrogation room. Quinn tells him yes. Vogel tells Quinn it’s probably PTSD. Dexter says they have to get Deb out of there. Dexter goes with Vogel. Deb is not happy (she says the f word a lot, by that I mean more than usual). She gets hysterical and gets right in Dexter’s face, he gives her his famous nighty night cocktail in the neck. Dexter hands Vogel the syringe and picks up Deb. Quinn comes in and leads them out the back.

Dexter carries Deb into her house and lays her on the couch. Dexter realizes he can’t help Deb. He wants Vogel to do it. She tells him to leave and let her do what she does. (I’m worried about Deb, especially since she is looking at her bottles of pills). Dexter comes back with some handcuffs and cuffs Deb to the couch. Dexter tells Vogel thanks and leaves.

Next we see Dexter suited up and ready to kill.(Finally). He has got Ron strapped down. Dexter gets a meat cleaver. He tells Ron how disgusting he is.  Then you see the cleaver go up in the air, you hear it come down and the muffled screams of Ron.

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