Dexter RECAP 7/14/13: Season 8 Episode 3 “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”

Dexter RECAP 7/14/13: Season 8 Episode 3 “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”

DEXTER returns to Showtime tonight with the third episode of its eight and final season. On tonight’s show called, “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”  Debra’s PTSD kicks in and she makes a desperate plea to confess to LaGuerta’s murder.  Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed review, right here. So head over to get caught up before tonight’s episode.

On last week’s episode Miami Metro continued their hunt for the Brain Surgeon, while Dr. Vogel enlisted Dexter to do her bidding based on her own personal experience with her previous patients. Debra continued to track down her PI case and had to take matters into her own hands.

On this week’s episode Deb is going to get it into her head that she has to confess to LaGuerta’s murder to clear her conscious, oh crap…. How is Dexter going to deal with that?  Will he be able to help her.  Dr. Vogel does not think he can.  Since Dexter is the reason she is out of control, how can he hope to help her?  Dexter continues his manhunt for the Brain Surgeon. Dr. Vogel tries to prove to Dexter that he’s perfect as a psychopath.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss, we are down to the last episodes. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Dexter Season 8 episode 3 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!

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Dexter wakes to Harrison calling “Daddy” and goes to investigate. He finds a trail of what looks like blood, but it’s Harrison with a box of popsicles complaining that his tummy hurts because he ate a whole box. He tells his Daddy he at them all because he loves them. Dex doses him with Pepto but little H still looks like he’s covered in blood… Dexter lovingly cleans him off and muses that a little shot of pink made his son feel better, but he can’t fix Deb that easily.

Speaking of Deb, she’s drunk (or high) in her car and gets rousted by a cop who knows her. He asks if she’s been drinking and points out the open containers in her car. She says she pulled over and wasn’t driving and asks him to cut her slack. He tells her to get out of the car after she curses at him. Apparently she hit a parking meter and she giggles when she sees it.

The cop offers to call Dexter and she reacts badly. Instead, she calls Quinn who agrees to ride to the rescue. He tells Jamie it’s just “cop stuff” and rolls down to the jail to pick up his ex-partner who’s passed out in the waiting area of the pokey. She tells him she feels like she got hit by a truck and tells him to save the lecture. Quinn asks if she’s been booked and she says no and that they nicely didn’t toss her in the drunk tank. Quinn goes to talk them out of booking her.

Next morning, there’s a crime scene at Lyle Sussman’s cabin but there’s no body hanging! Remember he was hanging on the porch… Instead, the body has been moved to inside the house and Dexter notices the front teeth are broken. It looks like a gun was put in his mouth and the trigger pulled to obscure the hook that had been in the back of his head. Vince and Angel seem ready to believe it’s a suicide. Quinn’s missing the action because he’s running Deb to work. He offers to take her home for a shower but she refuses even though she’s ripe.

She thanks Quinn for the ride and he asks her if he should be worried. He tells her she might have a problem. She laughs that he’s accusing her of drinking too much since he used to show up to crime scenes drunk. He tells her he had a reason to be a wreck and reminds her it was because she dumped him when he proposed. He asked her what her problem is and she pushes away the discussion. Elway pulls up and she heads in as well. Elway tells her to clean up because there’s a new client coming in at 9.

Vogel is at her office when she gets a text from a blocked ID telling her to look outside. She opens the door to find two boxes wrapped in red bows. The tags say “his” and “hers” sets of occipital lobes. She and Dexter discuss that it’s a sign that they know the two of them are working together. He muses that her psycho doesn’t know who Dexter is or how to find them. Dexter is working his way through her book of psychos and is on a guy named Galutzo who strangled a classmate. Vogel has defended him at first then changed her mind.

Quinn finds Dexter and tells him about Deb’s DUI and tells him he’s worried about her. He asks Dexter what’s her problem and what can they do about it. Dex thanks him and tells him he’ll take care of it. Angel chews Quinn out for being late to the crime scene when he’s putting him up for sergeant.

Dexter tells Vogel about Deb and she tells him that he can’t take blame for her, but then he explains that Deb knows all about him – all of his secrets and Vogel is surprised that Dexter is genuinely upset about his sister. Vogel seems stunned that he can actually feel empathy and concern for his sister.

Elway’s new client is a woman who suspects her husband of cheating. Elway tells her they’ll find out the truth and Deb tells her that the truth is overrated. Elway tells her she needs to work on client relations. Then he mixes her up a supplement drink to fix her hangover. She asks how he knows she’s hung over and he gives her a look. She takes the drink and thanks him just as Dexter shows up. She’s not pleased to see him.

In private, he tells her that he and Quinn are both worried about her and her near miss DUI. She dismisses it and tells him she didn’t get a DUI. She tells him she has work to do and he asks to have dinner with her. She says no but he tells her he’ll keep showing up so she relents and he tells her he’ll pick her up at 8.

At work, Angel is holding a briefing to close the brain surgery serial killer case based on Sussman’s apparent suicide. They start talking about El Sapo’s case but Dex feels confident he cleaned up after Deb and can focus on his and Vogel’s psycho case.

Angel talks to the Deputy Chief about putting Quinn up for sergeant and Matthews tells him there’s no way Quinn can pass the test and that he’s not up to it.

Elway and Deb take photos of the new client’s hubby getting busy with a babe in his car and he asks Deb about the guy who dropped her off for work. He wants to know if it was a walk of shame and she says no. He tells her it’s okay if she’s a “player” and she laughs. She tells him Quinn was an ex and he wants to know why and she tells him she refused the marriage proposal. He tells her Quinn’s a good man to stay her friend after that and she calls him a pussy.

Dexter’s at the mall looking for Galutzo the psycho who sells fitness gear at the mall. He lurks near the kiosk and the psycho ditches the chicks he was talking to so he can help Dexter. He wonders if Galutzo was at the dark cabin and recognized him. But it looks to me like he’s flirting as he takes Dexter’s body fat measurements. Dexter relaxes because he doesn’t seem to recognize him. He sets Vogel’s book down on the machine to see if gets a response from him. He lies about knowing her and seems to be hiding something but doesn’t give the response Dexter expected.

At Vogel’s, Dexter tells him about the interaction, but they’re not sure if it’s him. She tells Dexter she has a gun she hasn’t used in years and he tells her to keep it close. He says he has to go have dinner with Deb. She tells him that she told Harry when he was developing the code that the first rule should be don’t get caught. She says that even though he was only supposed to kill bad people this clause would give him an out. Vogel then asks why he didn’t kill Deb when she found him out.

She asks what he loves about Deb. She tells him love for psychopaths is different. He tells her he doesn’t know. He says he likes having steak and beer with her, that she was always there for him, always looked up to him. She says that’s about him – not about Deb. He asks if she’s trying to make him feel bad and she says she thinks he’s perfect. She offers to help Debra. She reminds him he’s the cause of Debra’s pain and asks how he can also be the solution. He tells her he’s been taking care of Deb his entire life and can continue to do so.

Angel is quizzing Quinn for the sergeant’s quiz but he’s not doing well. Angel tells him that Matthews was right and he’s a lost cause. He tells him not to f- it up. Jamie tells Angel to lighten up because he was out late on that case and Angel tells her there was no case. Then he realizes Quinn’s in trouble and he bails. Jamie asks where he went at 4 am and he admits he went to help Debra. He tells her that she and Dexter are having problems so she called him. Jamie is angry and stalks out.

Deb and Dexter are in an Italian place and Deb orders a drink which Dexter shuts down and gets her a Coke instead. He points out a Dad across the restaurant and asks her if he looks familiar. She doesn’t know and then he shows her a video of her attacking a perp – the Dad is the guy she saved. He tells her he brought her there to show her the life she saved. He tells her she’s a good person no matter what. Deb tells him she’s starving and they share a small laugh, but then Deb looks teary.

At the office, Elway shows the client wife the photos they got of her husband. Deb offers to forward them on to her attorney and the wife seems uncertain. She says she doesn’t know if that’s her husband in the pictures. Deb points out that you can see his face but the wife seems to be in denial and says she’s sorry she wasted their time. She says she’ll leave a check and rushes out. Deb is stunned that she didn’t believe it. Elway tells her people find it easier to live in denial.

Next day, Dexter watches Galutzo as he leaves his house. Dexter breaks into his house, certain that he’s the guy he and Vogel are looking for. He finds a soup cooking in a crock pot with a finger in it… There’s a meat grinder. Dexter realizes that he wasn’t checking his body fat for a sale, but to see if he wanted to eat him. He finds body parts in the fridge and finds a brain marinating in garlic sauce. He’s crazy and a cannibal, but not the psycho they’re looking for.

Deb sits in her car drinking booze watching the video Dexter showed her of her saving the Dad at the restaurant over and over. She’s outside of Miami Metro PD but isn’t moving. She staggers into the department and Quinn goes to intercept her. He asks her what she’s doing and she says she wants to make an official statement. He asks how much she’s had to drink and she says one or two then tells him she wants to confess. She tells him she killed La Guerta, but she’s mumbling.

When she raises her voice, he buries her face in his neck and hauls her off into a room and turns off this mic. She tells him she killed La Guerta on New Year’s Eve. She tells him she called dispatch and followed her to the shipping yard. She tells him she’s guilty and he thinks she’s feeling guilty for letting her go. He reminds her that Estrada killed al Guerta. He insists that her bullet was traced to Estrada’s gun. She tells him it’s not true. And Quinn tells her that Dexter walked them through it. When he says her brother’s name, she really starts crying. He gives her a notebook and pen and tells her to write down everything she remembers from that night then leaves her there.

Vogel and Dexter are going through more possible files when Quinn calls and tells him to get down to the station and tells him that Deb is drunk and confessed to killing La Guerta. He tells Vogel that he needs her to come to the station to help him with Deb. He fills Vogel in on the way. He says he needs her help to get Deb out of it. She tells him it could be the best thing for her and for him. He says no. Then Vogel asks him if he’s worried because it means he’ll be in jail next. He tells her he loves Deb and she tells him it’s not in the same way that Deb loves him because she sacrificed everything to save him. He tells her he can’t give up on her and Vogel insists Deb needs professional help.

Quinn is waiting as Dex and Vogel come in – Dex explains that Vogel is an old family friend that knows their family. She tells him that she’s likely suffering from PTSD and feeling guilty because she didn’t prevent La Guerta’s death. Deb freaks when Dexter comes in with Vogel. Dex tells her she was a close friend of their Dad’s. She starts screaming and Dex hits her with one of his magic paralysis shots which impresses Vogel. Dex tells Quinn that Deb passed out and Vogel says they need to get her home to rest. Dex carries her limp body out.

They bring her to Deb’s house and Vogel asks if Deb will be okay with the other alcohol she had in her system and he tells her he gave her a low dose. He tells her he doesn’t want to keep making Deb worse and asks Vogel is she can really help. She tells him she can. He consents and Vogel tells him to go and let her work.

Vogel looks at the prescription bottles Deb has lying around. Dex handcuffs Deb even though Vogel says she can handle her. Dex says she’s likely to be violent and she doesn’t know Deb. He muses to himself that Vogel is right and that he is perfect but only at one thing. Next thing you know he’s got the cannibal under the plastic wrap and he’s ready to take him out! He tells the cannibal that he too consumes everyone he loves and then takes a big knife to the psycho. It’s been sooooo long since we’ve seen Dexter kill. Yippeee!