Dexter Season 7 Episode 10 “The Dark…Whatever” Recap 12/2/12

Dexter Season 7 Episode 10 “The Dark…Whatever” Recap 12/2/12

Tonight is an all new episode of Showtime’s DEXTER called “The Dark…Whatever.” On tonight’s episode Dexter is unnerved when Hannah’s father pays him a surprise visit; the Phantom Arsonist’s crimes become more vicious; and Quinn defends Nadia’s honor and finds himself in a volatile situation. Did you see last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it for you here!

On last week’s show Dex came home to find not Hannah but Isaak Sirko waiting and making them a nice cup of tea. Uh-huh. Remember he just admitted to Dex that cop killing Viktor was the love of his life? Sirko pulled a gun just to let Dex know he has it, but stashed it and told him he just wanted a chat. He told him Hannah was safe and comfortable.

On tonight’s show they’ve given a name to the murderous arsonist – they’re calling him The Phantom and he’s struck again. There’s finally a witness that sees the arsonist leaving the scene in his silver fire-proof suit. She says it looked like an alien or a monster. Dexter’s got his eye on the arson investigator as the killer. I agree.

Twice he tried to overlook evidence at each of the first two crime scenes that Dex noticed. Dexter tells his honey about the flaming felon and she knows right away he’s thinking about giving him the plastic wrap and knife treatment. He tells Hannah he promised Deb he wouldn’t take any cases away from the police.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Dexter Season 7 Episode 10 — tonight at 9PM MDT! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Dexter season 7, so far and check out the sneak peek video below!

Live Recap:

The phantom arsonist has struck again! Deb tells Dex she was looking for him last night – she’s annoyed that he was with Hannah (of course.) This time the arsonist killed a mom and six year old child. Dex thinks it may be the fire inspector Bosso.

At Hannah’s, Dex tells her about the case and she says he wants the guy on his kill table. Dex tells her he can’t do it, that he promised Deb he wouldn’t take any cases from the police. He tries to explain his “dark passenger” but she doesn’t get it. She tells him she kills without anything inside her telling her to do it.

Hannah’s dad Clint shows up – she admits she hasn’t seen him since he went to prison. He was in for check kiting, but got out early for good behavior. Clint tells her he’s come to make amends. He tells her he loves her and always will. He tells her he has something for her in his truck. It’s her childhood dollhouse, all fixed up.

Clint tells her where he’s staying and says he’ll see her around. He tells Dex it was nice to meet him. His nickname for Hannah is “banana.” Odd. After he leaves, she tells him the gift was the worst possible thing he could bring her. She tells him her dad left her in a hotel room along for three days when she was little to go on a gambling binge and the dollhouse was his mea culpa. Hannah muses that the time in jail may have done her Dad some good.

At the briefing on the phantom arsonist, Bosso is describing the perpetrator, but Dex thinks he’s describing himself. Vince sees Dex texting with someone and wants to know if it’s a girl and if he has photos he can see to restock his “spank bank.” Vince is so gross. He wants to know who his girlfriend is and Angel tells Vince Dex is dating Hannah. Vince thinks it’s cool. Angel cautions him to be careful.

Deb is annoyed that Dex and Hannah have gone public. She says she’ll leave Hannah be unless she’s up to something. The guys are interviewing witnesses, with little progress. Dex is off in search of Bosso. He finds his car and sees some off stuff in it and runs into the inspector. He’s dressed up in Civil War gear for a reenactment.

They chat – Dex has to lie and tell him he’s into it too. Their chat reveals he has an alibi for the last murder. Dex decides Bosso’s weird but not the phantom arsonist.

Dex and Hannah are texting – she tells him she’s spending time with her Dad. He ends up at dinner with her and Clint. He tells them he’s headed down to Louisiana to invest in a crawfish farm. Hannah invites her Dad to come stay with her while he’s still in town. He demurs, but she insists. Dex promises to bring them donuts in the morning.

On a bus next day, a guy gets on with a huge backpack. He pulls out the silver suit and sprays down some of the passengers and sets them on fire. The rest of the passengers run off screaming.

At breakfast, Clint toasts Dex and Hannah as the cutest couple he’s ever seen. Clint asks Hannah to invest $20,000 in his crawfish venture. She tells him she doesn’t have the money. He asks her to take a second mortgage on her home. She refuses. He gets volatile and curses at her. He asks her what kind of daughter won’t help her f-in father.

Dex tells her that she’s right not to help him – that he’s a bad guy. She mocks him and wants to know if it’s his dark passenger that’s telling him her dad’s a bad guy.

At the crime scene, where before there’s been written “Bobby” this time it says “It’s Bobby.” Bosso’s sniffing the body and Deb’s grossed out. She asks Dex if his lizard brain has told him anything about Bosso and he tells her he doesn’t think it’s him. She’s a little annoyed that he was investigating when it’s a police case.

Hannah calls Dex upset. He heads over. Clint drove his truck through her greenhouse. He says whoops and that he’d been drinking a little. Hannah said he did it to get back at her. Clint curses at her and asks if she knows what it’s like to be the father of the killer Hannah McKay. Clint tells her she killed her mother when she ran off with Ray.

Clint says the whole world would be better off if she had drowned in the pond he threw her in as a child. Hannah’s crying like a child. Dexter threatens Clint and he calls Dex a loser and then takes off.

LaGuerta’s meeting with Matthews and she pretty much says upfront that she thinks Dexter is a candidate. Matthews says there’s no way that it’s Dex. They agree to retrace Doakes’ last days since the real BHB was probably who killed him.

At Hannah’s, Dex has fixed her breakfast to try to make her feel better. Hannah says Dex was right about her Dad. She says she doesn’t know why she wants to believe that he’s a good person on the inside. She says she hopes he’s gone for good – she said Dex scared the hell out of Clint. She says his face and voice were terrifying – she asks if that’s his dark passenger manifesting.

Hannah finally gets it – she says it does seem like a different person, so it makes sense to name it. She asks if it takes over and wants to know where Dexter goes when it takes over. He says he’s still there, but it’s like an intense feeling. He tells her has to go to work unless she wants him to stay. He kisses her sweetly and heads out.

Another phantom briefing and they’re looking at footage of the phantom on the bus, but can’t see his face. Dex watches the footage of him burning the people and thinks that keeping his promise to Deb is getting hard.

Quinn’s got to go get Nadya from the club because George is going to send her to work in a sex club. Angel agrees to be his back-up. When Quinn comes in, George has a gun on him and is slapping Nadya around. Quinn shoots George and then has Nadya shoot him with George’s gun using George’s hand. He tells her to go to the safe, grab her passport and some money and go.

Angel says she can’t go because she’s a witness but once Quinn explains she’s there illegally and that the Kashkas will kill her, Angel agrees to let her leave.

At the lab, Dex runs the phantom’s print through AFIS, but doesn’t get anything. Deb rues that they can’t run it against sealed juvie records. Dex sneaks into someone’s office that has access to juvie files and finds it’s a kid that was locked up for burning down his school and just got out.

Dex and his Dad chat about the arsonist – Dad thinks he should give it to Deb – call it in as an anonymous tip. They also talk about the dark passenger. Harry says he didn’t give him that concept. Dex says he needs it, because if there’s no dark passenger, Dex is the only one to blame. Harry tells him the dark passenger may be no more real than him.

LaGuerta and Matthews are out at a trailer talking to a guy who used to rent to Doakes. He mentions Santos Jimenez. Matthews tells him that Jimenez is one of the guys who killed Dexter’s mom. He also tells her that Brian was Dexter’s brother – the Ice Truck Killer! La Guerta says Doakes always thought Dex was off, plus he saw his mom get hacked up, plus his brother was a psycho killer.

She wants to go to talk to Dexter but Matthews talks her into letting him do it. He says he’s known him since he was a kid and he won’t f*&^ it up.

At Dexter’s house, Jamie’s getting ready to take Harrison for a swim when Clint shows up. He says a bunch of smart ass things to Dex and comments about the water wings his son is wearing and says it should be sink or swim. Jamie and Harrison leave and Clint tells him he’s got evidence about Hannah that he’ll take to the police unless Dex pays him off.

Dex tells him he talked to the author and there was no witness to the counselor Clint says Hannah killed and her roommate witnessed. Clint reveals he was the source for Sal’s book on Hannah and when Sal died, his income dried up. He tells Dex to ask Hannah about Arlene.

At the strip club, Quinn tells Deb his version of the shooting. She buys it, but Angel knows the timing of the shots is off. He agrees to cover for him.

Dex tells Hannah what her Dad says and she wants to pay him off. She says Arlene is the one person that could send her to jail. Dex thinks Hannah should poison her dad, but she says she can’t. Dex and Harry agree that although he’s despicable, he doesn’t meet the code. He’s frustrated so he goes to kill Joseph Jenson.

Joseph comes into his garage to get his silver fireproof suit. He reaches out for it and it grabs him! Dexter’s in it. Joseph wakes up on Dexter’s table. He wants to know who Bobby is. Joseph says Bobby’s his best friend and he set the fire that sent him to the psych hospital for years. He says it’s his fault that he kills. Dex starts lecturing Joseph about how he can’t blame something that happened to him as a kid for him being a killer today. Right before he stabs him, the irony hits Dex in full.

Deb and Angel are at Joe Jenson’s front door in response to an anonymous tip. They find him unconscious in the basement, knocked out from kerosene fumes. Angel muses that it was awfully easy to catch the killer. Deb thinks so too. She calls him to thank him. She says she knows he wants her to lay off Hannah, but she says she’s not going to – that she always gives in to him – but she won’t anymore.

Dex goes to meet Clint with a payoff, but instead he gives him some payback. Clint wakes up wrapped in plastic on Slice of Life. He begs for his life, promises not to tell anyone about Hannah and then tells Dexter he’s evil. Dex knifes and dumps him.

Back at Hannah’s, Dexter tells her that he talked to her Dad and told him he couldn’t bother her anymore. Does Hannah realize Dex killed dear old dad? She seems happy anyway and hugs and thanks him. Dex admits to her that he doesn’t have a dark passenger, that it’s just him. He says she knows him better than he knows himself. Hannah tells him that she loves him and he says he thinks he loves her too.

Back at Miami Metro, Deb tells Angel she needs his help to find Arlene – she says she got a message from Clint McKay saying she’s a witness to a murder Hannah committed. Looks like Deb will go to whatever lengths she needs to so she can get Hannah out of Dexter’s life. Is it love for Dex or hatred of Hannah that’s driving her?