Dexter Season 7 Episode 9 “Helter Skelter” Recap 11/25/12

Dexter Season 7 Episode 9 “Helter Skelter” Recap 11/25/12

Tonight is an all new episode of Showtime’s DEXTER called “Helter Skelter.” On tonight’s episode as Dexter scrambles to track down Isaak, a power struggle erupts among the Koshka Brotherhood, which could prove to Dexter’s advantage.. Did you see last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it for you here!

On last week’s show Sirko told Dexter that the two of them are much alike and under different circumstances, could have been friends. But then Sirko tried to assassinate his would-be friend Dex at the Donut shop –  he buying donuts for cops? How cliché!

Meanwhile, Deb tells Dex that Hannah fits his code and wants to know why he won’t just off her. Dex confessed to Deb that he’s had feelings for Hannah.  We wonder what will Deb be angrier at more – that Hannah killed her new love interest Sal or that Dex has a love interest that’s not her?

On tonight’s show Dex comes home to find not Hannah but Isaak Sirko waiting and making them a nice cup of tea. Uh-huh. Remember he just admitted to Dex that cop killing Viktor was the love of his life? Sirko pulls a gun just to let Dex know he has it, but stashes it and tells him he just wants a chat. He tells him Hannah is safe and comfortable.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Dexter Season 7 Episode 9 — tonight at 9PM MDT! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Dexter season 8, so far and check out the sneak peek video below!

Live Recap Begins!

I’m so geeked out about tonight’s episode – if you haven’t watched any of the spoilers, I’ll try not to pre-spoil for you). Can’t wait to see how Hannah and Dex’s twisty complex relationship moved forward – same with his twisted sister situation… It’s starts now – yeah!

We open tonight’s episode with Dex on his boat – Slice of Life – musing on fear and love. Hannah is not loving the boat ride – seems she doesn’t have her sea legs just yet. She begs for a respite and he stops the boat. Hannah is terrified – her Dad did the classic toss in the deep end learn to swim method. She said she was 6 years old and already knew what it felt like to be dying. Her dad wouldn’t even dip her out when she was drowning – some fishermen pulled her onto the docks.

Hannah wants to know if Dexter’s ever been that scared. She encourages him to talk about it and he hesitates long enough for a body to be called in from work. Is she sitting at the stern instead of with him to draw a visual space that still exists between them?

Isaak and Yerg are in an anonymous hotel room where is henchman assumes him he’s safe. Isaak calls in and finds out there’s two hit men in town to off him. Dexter opens his door and Isaak’s there, telling him about the hit on him. Dex wants to know why Yerg can’t help him.

Isaak tells him they know Yerg’s face, so he’s no help. He explains that Dexter is a face they don’t know. Isaak says he’ll spare Dexter’s life if he helps him. Dex politely declines. He muses that he’s not sure if he wants them to whack Isaak or if he wants him for himself. He also thinks about how much they’re alike.

Miami Metro’s on the scene of a car-be-que and there’s a murdered main dish in the front seat. Angel says he’s a paralegal. There’s accelerant in the car, but they think it’s suicide. Dexter points out the burn rate is different behind the driver seat.

Dexter tells Deb (when they’re alone) that he’s glad she said it. He tells her it makes sense and that he loves her too. Just not in the same way. He tells her that it’s the way you love M&Ms even though they’re bad for you. Dex said they’ve always been the one constant in each other’s life and that’s why it feels like love.

He tells her it’ll be fine. He tells her she’s not crazy and she scoffs at assurance of sanity coming from the serial killer. Deb says their Mom got cancer to take the easy way out. Dex gets a text from Hannah to meet at his apartment after work. Deb stalks off while he’s still texting.

Dex comes home after work and finds the teapot boiling. It’s Isaak – who pulls a gun on him just to show him he has it. He tells him Yerg’s been following Dexter and he knows she’s important to him. Isaak makes it clear that if he doesn’t take care of the two hit men, he’ll take care of Hannah. Dex turns the tables and puts a knife at Isaak’s neck.

He threatens to kill him and leave his carcass for the Kashkas to find. Isaak said if he does, Yerg will kill her. Dex asks him how he knows she means anything to him – Isaak said if she didn’t, Dex would have killed him already. He allows a proof of life call from Dex to Hannah. Yerg tells her if she screams or tries to escape, he’ll hurt her badly. Hmm… I don’t think either of those two have any idea what they got when they kidnapped Dexter’s old lady!

Isaak shows Dexter the two assassins and explains their methods – one’s an up closer killer and one prefers sniper rifles. Isaak wants to know how many men Dexter’s killed – he tells him a lot. Isaak says one of the assassins was eager to brag that he’d killed 16. He wants to know why Dexter kills – he says he kills for revenge, others for money. He asks again why Dex is a killer and he says if anything happens to Hannah, he’ll find out.

Dex goes to see dear old sis and asks her to call of the 24/7 surveillance on him. He explains about the hit men. He tells her that Isaak has Hannah and that he needs to help him to save her. Deb tells him he doesn’t need to save her – that they have no future. He tells her he doesn’t know about the future – only that he doesn’t want Isaak to kill her. Deb agrees to kill the surveillance, but makes it clear she’s not okay with him and Hannah.

La Guerta comes to see Tom Matthews (former Captain and then Deputy Chief of Miami Metro). He wants to know why the hell she’s there and she tells him the Bay Harbor Butcher is alive and well. She tells him about the blood slide at the church. She gives him a list of Miami personnel that have boats – he’s not surprised to see his name on the list. He reminds her he had hernia surgery during the Bay Harbor killing spree. She asks him to look at the list and he tells her the only help she’ll get is a lift back to Cuba… Ahh, ever a racist.

Next day, Dexter’s at the only firing range that sells the type of ammo the long distance shooter assassin uses. He finds his man and watches him target practice. Dex puts a knife through him right there in broad daylight. He calls Isaak to tell him Mickic is dead. One down, one to go. They agree that when word of the kill spreads, the other assassin will go aggro.

Deb texts Dex and he comes to see her. She tells him uni’s found Yerg’s car abandoned. He tells her again not to get involved. She comments that he’s always detached except when it comes to Hannah. She asks if they’ll be getting a call about a body and he tells her the kill was outside their jurisdiction.

Deb is still struggling with the Hannah/Dex relationship. She tells him she’s a killer and he’ll never be safe with her. Dexter reminds him she’s safe with him. She asks him to think about it and he promises.

At the Kashka strip club, the other assassin comes to tell George that Mickic isn’t calling in – they muse how to figure out where Isaak is and George tells him he’s been stalking Dexter. Aha! The plan is working – Isaak and Dexter were hoping they would send the other assassin to stalk Dex.

Dex asks for another proof of life call with Hannah. He tells her he’s sorry she’s mixed up in it and she tells him it’s okay. She tells him she misses him and he says “likewise.” Isaak chews out Dexter for being so callous with her – he says if he had one last call with Viktor, he would have said more. Isaak pulls a gun on Dexter and tells him Viktor was his world. Dex tells Isaak he killed him by sending him to Miami where he was in over his head. Isaak backs in – seems Dex struck a nerve.

George comes on the floor of the strip club and pulls Nadya off a customer. He tells her to get dressed and leave with him.

Dexter’s talking to Dad and he tells him the sitch with Hannah’s reminding him of when he lost Rita to Trinity. He tells Dad that Harrison’s a reminder of Rita every time he sees him. He says he’s not sure if after he’s able to save Hannah, their relationship is doomed if his human side can’t let her be close.

Dexter examines the pic he snapped of Hannah while they were on the call and thinks he knows where she’s been held. Angel interrupts Dex and tells him they’ve got another burner – this time at the university. It looks like the same accelerant used. Dex sees something on the floor and asks for doors closed. He tells the fire guy he sees a void. It looks like there was someone in a fireproof suit that stood there and watched. The fire guys tells him it’s relatively painless. Dex isn’t so sure.

Dex also sees the other assassin – Caffrey – at the fire scene. He’s glad they took the bait. Since they’re no blood, Dex gets ready to head back to the lab. He pulls Deb aside and tells her he thinks Yerg has got Hannah at one of the dead Columbians from the bar murder.

Dex calls Isaak and tells him Caffrey’s on his trail. Caffrey calls George to tell him he’s on Dexter’s tail. Quinn shows up to see Nadya at the club and she has to tell him George made her have sex with him. He busts in the office and beats the crap out of him. He tells him Nadya’s quitting.

At the Columbian’s place, Hannah offers to cook for her and Yerg. She sends him out to the garden to pick green tomatoes. Ha! Hannah may not need rescuing after all – she’s a killer cook.

Deb calls Dex to tell him she thinks she knows where they’re holding Hannah. He tells her to not go on – she says she’s got it. Dex leads Caffrey onto the docks and Isaak shoots the second assassin dead – but he doesn’t shoot Dexter. He tells him he’s a man of his word.

Matthews shows up to see La Guerta and tells her he’ll help her. He tells her he knows a lot about the names on the list. He agrees to help if she’ll help him get reinstated long enough to get his pension. He asks her how bad she wants it. She nods and they sit down to chat.

Back at the Columbian’s place, Hannah’s frying up green tomatoes for Yerg. He tells her it would be a shame to have to kill her after she’s cooked him a lovely meal. Yerg starts choking and she says she’s sorry for the extra pepper. She bashes him with a frying pan and they begin a tussle. She clocks him good, but he’s stabbed her. She can’t leave the house because she’s chained to a table and is just out of reach of the key.

Dex and Isaak throw Caffrey’s corpse off the tanker. Dex says they need to go. He asks Isaak if it’s really over. They toss the gun and knife overboard. Dexter says he’s going to spray away the blood. George is suddenly there – all beat up – and he shoots Isaak. But then he hears Dexter’s footsteps and runs off. Dex is ready to take him to the hospital, but Isaak says he knows he’s a dead man. He asks for a favor in lieu of medical treatment.

Deb peeks in through the window of the Columbian’s place and sees Hannah on the floor, motionless. She feels for a pulse and calls for an ambulance. I think she’s upset that Hannah is still alive.

Meanwhile on the Slice of Life, Dex is taking Isaak for a ride. I think Isaak wants to be cast into the sea where Viktor was dumped. Isaak wants to know what Dexter’s going to say to Hannah when he sees her. Dex gives a limp suggestion and Isaak tells him he needs to offer her more emotionally. Dex tells him that death soothes and calms him.

Isaak says that the calm doesn’t last and Dex agrees. Dex says he doesn’t have any control when he’s with Hannah. He’s not comfortable with it. Isaak said he was detached as well until he met Viktor. He tells him he never had to hide who he was with Viktor – that he was finally… Alive says Dexter – Isaak says there’s hope for him yet.

Isaak dies, Dexter closes his eyes and sits with him. He muses that in Old Westerns, men after revenge dig two graves – one for their victim and one from themselves.

At the hospital, Deb is grilling Hannah over what happened with Yerg. She’s trying to make sure her story matches the crime scene I think. Hannah wants to know why she was even there – Deb says she was following an anonymous tip. Hannah asks where her back up was. Hannah wants to know why she didn’t just let her die. Deb says that unlike her, she can’t be responsible for someone else’s death.

Dexter shows up and Deb asks if it’s all been taken care of and he tells her it is. Deb says she’ll be fine and leaves. Dex is shaking and tells Hannah he’s been scared twice in his life. Once when he was three and saw his mother murdered and when he realized he might never see her again. He tells her he’s not sure what this is or where it’s going. He says maybe it’s supposed to be out of his control.

He cuddles up to her and breathes into her neck. He tells her when he’s with her he feels safe. She seems content as well. Or perhaps she’s luring him into a false sense of security… Nah. I think it’s love.