Dexter RECAP 8/11/13: Season 8 Episode 7 “Dress Code”

Dexter RECAP 8/11/13: Season 8 Episode 7 “Dress Code”

DEXTER returns to Showtime tonight with the seventh episode of its eight and final season and the show is really heating up. On tonight’s show called, “Dress Code” Dexter takes on a protégé and begins teaching him the Code.  Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here. So head over to get caught up before tonight’s episode.

On last week’s show Hamilton’s son Zack was on Dexter’s radar, there was something off about the kid and Dexer knew it.   Zack was totally setting Dexter’s spidey sense off.  Dexter suspected Zack killed Norma and he finally found the proof he needed.  Dexter told Dr. Vogel that he wanted to kill Zack because he met the code, Dr. Vogel was not pleased.  It seems Zack is another one of Vogel’s projects.  Dexter also realized that Zack was stalking another women to kill.  Dr. Vogel felt that Zack had potential and she wanted Dexter to teach Zack Harry’s “Code.”   One of Dexter’s girlfriends returned at the end of the show.  OMG, it was Hannah and it looks like she drugged both Deb and Dexter, I am sure she has nothing good in mind for the two.

On tonight’s show Dexter tracks down Hannah to see why she is back in Miami.  Hannah is married again and we all know what that means.  Hannah is the black widow!  Deb feels that the moment she asked Dexter to kill Hannah was the moment she started to lose herself and she wants Dexter to eliminate Hannah, she wants her dead and gone.  Dr. Vogel thinks Hannah and Dexter, two psychopaths together is not a good thing and she does not want Dexter to take matters into his own hands.  I wonder what Hannah has in mind for Dexter and Deb, she has already tried to kill them once, is she back for another attempt?

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss, we are down to the last episodes. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Dexter Season 8 episode 7 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!

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On tonight’s episode “Dress Code” Dexter wakes to the sound of his phone buzzing. He’s asleep by a canal. It’s a call from Dr. Vogel – the last in a series of calls he missed. Dex is in a panic – sure that Hannah has taken Deb (remember last episode she drugged the siblings!). Vogel tells him Zack Hamilton called her and that she’s glad he didn’t off the kid. Dexter tells her he can’t talk. Deb calls and she’s okay.

She’s at her house but Dex doesn’t know where he is. He hits his GPS and founds out he’s in Kendall – a little ways away. He asks her to come get him. Deb has no idea what happened. Dex fears that Hannah’s back to kill him and can’t figure out why they were left alive.

Deb shows up and Dex tells her he saw her before he passed out. They muse over why she didn’t kill them. They wonder if they didn’t eat enough of the poisoned food or if cray-cray Hannah is toying with them… Deb says if they were normal people, they’d call the US Marshals since Hannah’s a fugitive but Dexter agrees they can’t since Hannah knows everything about him.

Deb thinks they have a chance since Hannah didn’t rat him out before but Dex reminds her that was back when Hannah was still in love with him. Dexter suggests they pull the traffic camera footage and try to pull her plate so they can find her. Deb confesses that the moment she asked Dex to kill Hannah was the moment her life went downhill. She tells him she wants Hannah gone and he agrees he’ll take care of it.

Back at his place, Dex logs onto the computer aggravated about Hannah. He’s putting in a request for the traffic footage when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Zack and Dexter’s upset that he showed up there. Dex missed their 10 am date (due to Hannah) and the kid apologizes but says he really needed to see him and that he lost Quinn. Dex tells him they can never be seen in public together.

He says he went to see Vogel and Dexter asks what she told him. Zack says Vogel told him there’s a way to live while channeling the way they both are. Dex tells Zack he’ll help him and answer his questions, but that he needs to get a day job as a cover and to help him look ordinary. He promises to help Zack and the kid thanks him and leaves.

Next day. Deb is on the phone with the Marshals and is dismayed that there hasn’t been a Hannah sighting in months. Elway comes in and peeks over her shoulder and wants to know why she’s looking up Hannah McCay. He remembers her from the news. Deb tells him that Elway’s making her uncomfortable with his flirting. He tells her he just came to see if he could bring her lunch. She holds up a takeout wrapper and tells him she’s set.

Deb asks if they’re done and Elway reminds Deb that she showed up six months ago as a hot mess in desperate need of a job and he helped her out. Elway blows up a little at her and tells her she should show some gratitude instead of being such an f-ing bitch. Then he tells her – now we’re done and stalks out.

Dexter’s watching traffic cam footage and finds his ex. He gets her tag from a car rental place and calls the rental place. He pretends to be a cop – complete with fake badge number. He tells her they have a possible hit and run with one of their rentals. She offers him the info without a warrant. He gets a name – Maggie – a phone number and an address at the marina. Harry shows up to ask his son if he found her and Dexter muses that is seemed a little too easy and wonders if she wanted him to find her.

Harry says that Hannah being around could derail all of Deb’s progress. Harry wants to know what he’s going to do and Dex said he’s going to take care of it. He wants to know why Dexter is excited instead of scared and Dex tells his Dad she doesn’t scare him…

Quinn and Jamie are talking about her getting a new place. She isn’t sure if she wants to sign a one year lease in case their relationship moves forward. Quinn gets antsy and she backs off.

Nikki comes to apologize to Vince for freaking out about the check. She tells him she thought he was trying to get rid of her and realizes now that she over-reacted. Vince asks his daughter to have dinner with him and she says she has to work after class. He asks where she works and she says a “sports bar.” I have a feeling it may be an “exotic” sports bar and that Vince is going to be horrified (despite the amount of time he’s spent in nudie establishments).

Dex is at the marina looking for Hannah’s slip. He finds a yacht at that number and sees Hannah with a likely looking rich guy. He thinks it’s brave of her to be walking around Miami so brazenly – then he wonders if she’s found a protector. (BTWs the guy she’s with looks like Michael Bolton). Dexter follows them and sees them get out at a fancy restaurant. Dex tries to follow them in and gets the brush off – it’s a member’s only club. They have a strict dress code to boot and Dexter can’t talk his way in.

He sits at his car and Harry tells him he doesn’t need to go in because he’ll be at a disadvantage on their turf. Dex calls up the kid and asks if the elder Hamilton is a member and if he can get Dex in. Zack agrees and they dress up and head in together with no roadblocks. Zack asks why they’re there and Dex says they’re looking for someone. Zack says he thought they weren’t supposed to be seen together and he tells him this is different.

Zack asks who it is they’re looking at and Dex admits she’s his ex and they’ve got to find out who the guy is. He sends Zack to keep an eye on the guy and he goes to confront Hannah about drugging them. He asks why she’s back. She demurs and tells him she’s having a martini and he should leave before her husband comes back. He checks out her ring and Dexter is disgusted. She tells him he has other talents besides his money – says he’s the “adventurous” type. Hannah tells him to leave but he won’t.

Her hubby comes up and Hannah introduces them. Miles recognizes the name and says he knows he betrayed Hannah and turned her in to the cops. Miles is annoyed because Dex left her in a predicament. Miles tells the bartender to take care of Dexter and stalks out with Hannah.

Zack wants to know why Dex didn’t walk away when he sent the text. Dexter tells him he did a good job and he was the one who made a mistake. Zack wants to know if they’re going to kill Miles and he tells him he only kills people who deserve it.

Harrison watches TV while Dexter stalks Miles online. They guy made millions in casinos and has enough dough to get Hannah a new identity. Deb shows up and can’t get Harrison’s attention off the TV. Deb tells him she can’t find any law enforcement sightings of Hannah. Dex tells her that he found her and she’s married. He tells her that Hannah’s new hubby is worth $700 million. Deb asks for the name and he ignores her but them gives it up when she presses.

He tells Deb that he seems to know who Hannah is and even knows about Dexter. He tells her that she seems to really like him. He says she can’t actually love the guy. Deb is floored and tells Dex he’s still in love with Hannah. He says no and that she’s probably trying to kill him. Deb tells him she knows what it’s like to fall in love with the wrong person (brother love again – ewwww). She tells him that Hannah represents everything wrong with their lives and said she’s a black hole that sucks everything leaving nothing behind.

She tells him to get his head on straight. She tells him they have to get Hannah out of their lives and he says he’s working on a plan. Deb questions his objectivity and that Hannah makes him a moron. Harrison runs up and asks if Hannah is there and Deb is disgusted that the kid likes her too. Deb stalks out and Harrison asks where Hannah is. Dex tells his son that she’s on a bog boat with her husband.

Vince walks into the “sports bar” where his daughter works and finds her waitressing topless. He calls it a “breasteraunt.” He admits he goes to places like this all the time but never thought of them as daughter boobs. She laughs and says it will do until something better comes along. They make plans to have dinner later, but he’s not happy.

Deb is chatting with Vogel about Hannah and she says that Dex is thinking with his penis and not his head. Deb says she thinks Hannah is toying with them. She tells Vogel she would like to turn her in but she can’t risk Dex. She also says she doesn’t want to have to worry about what’s in her morning coffee. Vogel tells her that she trusted Dex to take care of the brain surgeon and that Deb should trust him too.

Dex muses that he needs to get Hannah alone and doesn’t want to deal with her husband. Vince pops in and complaints about their workload. He says they could use some help and Dexter admits it’s not a bad idea. He looks out his lab window and sees Zack coming in and wonders what’s up. Zack and his lawyer come into Angel’s office to tell them to back off of the 24 hour watch they’ve got him under. They’ve got photos Zack took of Quinn following him. Matthews promises that Quinn will back off ASAP. He leaves to show out the kid and his lawyer.

Angel lays into Quinn and wants to know what he’s doing. Quinn says he knows the kid is guilty and Angel tells him to back off – that it’s an order. Quinn is pissed off so he hits back the only way he can – he tells Angel that he and Jamie are moving in together. Before Angel can absorb that fully Vince barges in and tells him that he and Dexter need some support in the lab. He tells him it was Dexter’s idea and Angel agrees to a part time support person. Vince dances out thrilled.

Dex is lurking near Zack’s car and tells him that the photos are a nice touch. Zack says that now they can get down to business and Dex says eventually. Dexter tells him that he has to learn about timing – learn how to wait – learn how to control and channel his urges. Zack tells him that he can’t control. Dex says he can and he’ll teach him how to survive – how to do what he does and get away with it.

Dexter’s pumping gas when a car pulls up – it’s Hannah’s hubby. He asks what he wants. Miles tells him he’d rather see Hannah in jail than lose her. He tells him that if he doesn’t leave them alone, he’ll see Dex in jail and that won’t be good since he’s got a son. Harry shows up and asks Dexter what he’s doing as Dex sends a text to Hannah. He thinks Miles is a threat to Hannah and Harry reminds him it’s about keeping him and Deb safe. Dexter says he can do both.

He goes and meets her at her old greenhouse. Her flowers all dead and she’s sad. She asks why he’s there. He tells her about the confrontation with Miles. Hannah says he likes to be dramatic. Dex asks if he’s a threat – and she says not a chop you up and dump you in the ocean type of guy. Dex wants to know why she married him and she says because Dex wasn’t there. She met Miles a few years ago when she did flowers for an event and knew he had a crush on her. She knew he could help her when she needed it.

He wants to know why she’s there and why she drugged them. She says she had to know whether Dex would turn her in. He presses some more and she tells him that she had wanted him to kill Miles for her. She tells him he’s crazy possessive and would rather see her in jail than lose control of her and that he follows her 24/7. She says she can’t kill him because if the cops came to investigate they’d recognize her. She says she thought Dex might help her because he owed her for turning her into the cops.

He asks why she changed her mind about killing Miles and she tells him he was the love of her life and she didn’t want to manipulate him into doing something for her. She says he’s the only person she could ever be honest with. Dexter tells him it was the same for him and how he felt about her. He steps closer and she backs off and leaves – says she has to go before Miles finds her.

Deb comes in apologetically to Elway’s office to borrow a high tech GPS scanner. He says she’s being nice because she wants something. She tells him he doesn’t want to get involved with her – that she’s trouble. He says he would have liked the chance.

Deb is sticking the tracker on Dex’s SUV but she’s spotted by the one date neighbor Cassie. She makes an excuse and Cassie asks her about Dex. She tells her that Jamie told her he’s still hung up on his ex (Hannah). She says she has a thing for unavailable men and Hannah tells her that Dex is not a mystery she wants to solve.

Nikki finds Vince outside her work and he tells her that he got her a part time job at the lab. He tells her how much it pays and she says she makes more there. She calls him Dad and he’s floored. She reassures him that she’s not going to become a stripper. She kissed him on the cheek and tells him that she’ll think about it.

Vogel and Dex are talking about Zack. She tells him that the kid is agitated. She wants to know what he’s going to do about it. He tells her that Zack can wait just like he did. Vogel says that because Zack has already killed he can be fast tracked. She tells him the moment he let him off his table it made him Dexter’s responsibility. Dex calls Zack and arranges a meet for the next day.

Dex walks out the next day and spots some suits. They grab him and proceed to beat the holy crap out of him! They leave him in the trash, bleeding and hurt. He figures this means that Miles knows he saw Hannah. He wonders what Miles will due to Hannah in retribution.

Elway finds Deb watching the GPS monitor and asks who she’s tracking but then backs off when she looks gun shy. He asks if she needs anything. She tells him that she knows she can be a dick and says he doesn’t deserve it. He tells her that most people think he’s a dick too. She tells him the last year has been rough and she wouldn’t have survived it if it hasn’t been for him. She thanks him.

Zack is at Dexter’s knocking, knocking, knocking. He’s frustrated and yelling his name when Cassie comes out and asks if she can give him a message. He says yeah – f-him and stalks off.

Hannah comes in from shopping and Miles tells her he knows she was at her old greenhouse yesterday. He says he knows she was with Dexter. She says he asked to see her to find out if she was okay after the confrontation. She says she doesn’t care about Dexter. Miles says then she won’t mind what he has to do to Dexter. He hurts her and holds her tight. She struggles and he holds her down. He tells her she belongs to him and crushes her to him. Meanwhile Dex is sneaking up on the yacht…

He heads downstairs and finds Hannah there with his corpse. She says she tried to run but he grabbed her. She killed him – looks like she cut his throat. Dexter asks if she’s hurt and she says she’s okay. He tells her they need bleach, bags and an axe. He asks if she can get those things without alerting the crew that there’s a problem. She starts to walk away and he tells her she needs to change – her dress is covered in blood. He tells her it will be okay. She tells him she owes him. Dex dumps Miles in the deep blue as Hannah goes along for the ride on his boat. She tells him she remembers the kill table wrapped in plastic part.

Deb watches as they walk off Dex’s boat. Hannah asks him if ever regretted not killing her on his table. He says no. He asks if she regretted not killing him. She says she was never going to kill him she just wanted his help with Miles. She tells him she takes no pleasure in killing like he does. She tells him she told the crew that Miles flew to New York to buy her some time.

He gets a text and tells her that he has to go to a crime scene at his apartment building.

He asks her not to leave town until they talk again and she promises. Hannah gets in her car as Hannah watches.

Dexter comes in to the crime scene at Cassie’s musing that it’s just like his apartment. Cassie’s new boyfriend is there crying – says they were supposed to have a date that night. Angel asks if he’s okay to work the case since he knew her. He says he is. Angel asks what happened and Dex tells him someone held her down and bludgeoned her to death – just like Norma Rivera.

Dex wonders if he had a better teacher because his dad was normal. He muses whether nothing good come from putting two killers together. He thinks about both he and Zack and he and Hannah…. BTWs Miles was played by the ever excellent and too-little used Julian Sands!!!