Dexter RECAP 8/4/13: Season 8 Episode 6 “A Little Reflection”

Dexter RECAP 8/4/13: Season 8 Episode 6 “A Little Reflection”

DEXTER returns to Showtime tonight with the sixth episode of its eight and final season and the show is really heating up. On tonight’s show called, “A Little Reflection” Dexter monitors a young psychopath. Dexter and Debra get back to normal. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed review, right here. So head over to get caught up before tonight’s episode.

On last week’s show Yates came after Dr. Vogel and kidnapped her.  Yates was totally pissed he knew Dr. Vogel sent Dexter after him.  Dexter and Deb tred to keep her safe. Deb and Dexter got therapy from Dr. Vogel.  Dr. Vogel questioned Deb about trying to kill Dexter and herself.  Her explanation she found out their Dad killed himself because of Dexter.  Finding out about her Dad committing suicide traumatized her.  Dexter was not impressed.

On tonight’s show  Hannah is back and you know that is not going to be good.  Also Mr. Hamilton’s son, Zack who Quinn suspected killed Norma is back at it and he is on Dexter’s radar.  Dexter realizes the young Hamilton is drawn to blood like him and hopes if he follows him he will discover the truth.  The picture gets a little murkier when Dexter realizes that Zack is a patient of Dr. Vogel.  More reasons I don’t trust that women.  Dexter confronts Vogel about Zack.  Vogel wants Dexter to teach Zack Harry’s code.  Dexter is shocked!

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss, we are down to the last episodes. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Dexter Season 8 episode 6 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!

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Dexter is at the scene of what looks like a fatal motorcycle accident – Zach Hamilton is there taking photos of the carnage. Zach is the rich kid Dex thinks may have killed Norma the maid. He hasn’t come to any conclusions from vetting Zach, but something about the teen is tickling Dexter’s serial killer not-so-funny bone. Dex follows the boy and sees him show up to Dr. Vogel’s place. What’s that about? He lurks until Zach leaves and then goes to the good doctor for a what’s up.

Vogel tells him that Zach’s dad sent him to therapy with her because Daddy dear knows she works with psychos and rich Mr. Hamilton is worried about his kid’s behavior. She asks if Dexter’s planning on killing him and they decide they have a conflict of interest. He asks her how she can work with Zach after just surviving Yates. She says danger is an element of risk that comes with her job. She refuses to talk to him about Zach because of ethics. He laughs internally while she admits that she threw out her ethics when it came to Dexter, but won’t do it with Zach. She tries to extract a promise from Dex that he won’t act against Zach without coming to her first. He gives her a “we’ll see.”

Vince is looking over the background check of his daughter Nikki. He sees she’s got credit problems and assumes that’s why she looked him up. Deb encourages him not to read too much into it. He says his daughter seems to always forget her purse when it comes to paying. She tells Vince he should wait it out since he likes his daughter and see how it goes. Vince hugs her in thanks. Ewwww!!!! Deb looks less than thrilled.

Elway brings in a new case for Deb. It’s his sister’s “ass-chasing shithead” boyfriend Kevin. He wants to investigate the loser because his sister Susan won’t listen to him. Deb doesn’t want to work the case, but Elway threatens her job – he wants to work it as a couple and she agrees with no other choice available.

Harrison and Dexter are doing a puzzle when Jamie reminds him about her birthday beach party. She tells him the cute neighbor Cassie will be there and she asks about the date they have today. He tells her it’s just a make up lunch. Jamie tells him the remote is missing and she thinks Harrison made off with it. He says no and Jamie says she’ll have to keep looking for it.

Dex heads off to a homicide. The victim’s boyfriend was nabbed leaving the scene with blood still on his socks. Dex sees Zach shooting photos of the bloody crime scene. He approaches the kid and Zach asks if they found who killed Norma. Dex tells him it was a dead end and asks if he likes to shoot crime scenes. He tempts the kid by inviting him on the other side of the yellow tape and the kid eagerly follows him. Zach is awed by the blood and Dexter muses that it reminds him of himself at that age.

Zach asks to take photos and Dex tells him it’s against protocol, but lets him do it anyway. Zach asks what happened and Dex walks him through what the blood spatter tells him about how the death went down. Carotid artery, wall spatter, blood proof of the crime. Zach asks how they caught the perp and he says the guy was sloppy. He says the killer should have worn long sleeves and gloves and Dex thinks the kid must be learning. Zach thanks Dexter and says he has to leave. Dex gives him his card and says he’d like to look at the photos once he prints them up. Zach agrees and leaves.

Cassie and Dex are on their lunch date sharing peanut butter Nutella fries from a food truck. She owns a food truck herself and likes to scope the competition and eat. She asks Dex what he does for fun. He tells her he likes his son and his job. She asks what his passion is and he says he likes to bowl. Then they laugh. Of course, he can’t tell her about his real passion… She asks about his weekends and free time. He tells her he has a boat. She asks if he skis, dives or races. He says no to all and she asks what he does on his boat… Dump bodies. Oh wait, he can’t tell her that. He tells her he drives it out and then back and she sooo doesn’t get it. Dexter muses that dating is harder than he remembers.

Elway and Deb are in a bar watching Kevin the male slut. Deb asks if he and his sister have a strained relationship. He admits that he left because he hated their dad and she was young when he left. Deb tells him that family just f-s you up. Elway seems intent on keeping her from making a mistake. Kevin’s not making a move on anyone so Deb offers to set him up. She says she used to work vice and had to do worse, but Elway turns her down for now.

Dexter comes to Zach’s photo studio to see the crime scene pics and brings donuts for their chat. He has bloody photos hung up everywhere and seems to glorify the red of the blood. Zach says he likes the saturation of the color. Dexter says the photos are great and offers him copies of the prints. Dex says no and says he has some from their unit. Zach says he forgot it’s a crime scene and says it’s like she spilled all that blood just for him.

There’s a photo on his desk of a girl in a blue dress. Dex asks about her and Zach says it was a lens test and tosses it in the trash. Zach gets a call he’s not happy about and tells Dexter he has to go. He gets short with Dexter and he leaves.

At the office, Matthews finds Angel and asks why he hasn’t announced the new sergeant. Angel admits he hasn’t decided between Angie and Quinn. Angel says Angie looks better on paper, but that Quinn has street smarts. Matthews gives him until the end of the day to make a decision. Angel stares at both of the candidates and then the ceiling, torn. If Jamie wasn’t dating Quinn, we know it would be Angie…

Dexter is cooking steak for him and Deb and they chat awkwardly as they drink a beer. They sit down to eat and she tells him about Elway’s case with his sister’s boyfriend. She tells him about offering to be the bait and Dexter doesn’t like it. He reminds her she hated that angle when she was in vice.

Dexter muses that is steak is a little tough and he reminds her that once she said a steak he made for her was “worth living for.” He asks if she’s still seeing Vogel and she said she is. She doesn’t like it that Vogel knows everything about them and she knows nothing about her. She asks who Rich is and Dex tells her it’s Vogel’s husband.

Jamie tells him Harrison is asleep and she found the remote broken under his bed. Dex asks Deb if he should be alarmed that he lied to him (signs of a future psycho maybe???) but Deb says not to stress since he’s only four. They agree the steaks taste “like butthole” and order a pizza.

Angel sits in his office staring at Quinn who can’t take the stares and comes in to see his boss. Angel tells him Angie’s getting the promotion and Quinn is aggravated because Angel got him all hyped about it. Angie tells him there’s too many things he can’t ignore – Nadya (the mobbed up stripper) and about 100 other things… Quinn thinks it’s because he didn’t solve the Norma Rivera case linking it to Zach. Dex said there’s nothing hard and Quinn says he’ll just stalk him – Dex muses that with Quinn stalking Zach he can’t. Quinn insists he’s on the kid like white on rice so Dexter asks to ride along. He tells Quinn he’s stir crazy with nothing to do and the future-sergeant-no-more consents.

They watch Zach taking photos of girls doing yoga in the park. Quinn gripes to Dexter that if you dig deep enough in the department, everyone has shit – he says some people just get away with it. He’s worried that Jamie’s going to dump him because he didn’t get the promotion. They wonder how many pictures of women in tights the little pervert needs.

Quinn asks if he and Deb have worked out their problems. He asked who shit in who’s cheerios. He asks Dex how screwed up it is that she confessed to killing La Guerta. Dexter muses he should have stayed in his office. Then he realizes that the girl from the photo is in the class and that’s who Zach is shooting reams of photos of. He’s glad to notice that Quinn didn’t notice. Dex notes her license plate and they head off to follow creepy Zach.

Deb’s dressed all nice and sexy when she meets Elway at the bar. He’s wowed by how nicely she cleans up. He tells her she didn’t leave a lot of room for the transmitter and says he doesn’t want to touch anything he’s not supposed to. Deb hikes her skirt and straps the transmitter around her thigh and buries the mic in her boobs. Elway promises he didn’t look but he is – says Deb – blushing like a little girl. He thanks her and she heads off to flirt with slimy Kevin.

Kevin is telling Deb he’s celebrating a big real estate closing. She flirts heavily and says she wishes she had a present for him. He invites her to his private suite with a bar and says it’s quieter. In Deb’s ear, Elway whispers “we’re done here” but Deb doesn’t stop. At the elevator, she fends off Kevin and when he touches her, Elway comes up and tells him to keep his hands off her and punches him in the face. He tells him she’s wired and they have the goods on him. Elway demands he call Susan and break it off immediately. Kevin is pissed! He stalks off but it seems like the break up with sister Susan will be a fait accompli.

Deb asks what his problem is and Elway admits he couldn’t stand to see the guy’s hands on her. Deb looks disgusted and walks away.

Dex runs the tag on the yoga girl. She works at a yacht club Zach’s family owns. Dex thinks he takes photos of his victims before he kills them. He breaks into Zach’s office to poke around. He finds lots more yoga photos of Sofia – who he thinks is Zach’s next victim. He goes looking for photos of Norma Rivera to tie him to her murder. He finds an old camera and pries it open. Inside is a tiny flash drive. He plugs it into Zach’s laptop (which has icky crime scene photos as the wallpaper). On the disc are photos that prove Zach killed Norma.

Dex prints the photos and brings them to Vogel as proof. She tells him she already knew – that Zach told her in their first session. Dex wants to kill the kid, but Vogel says she sees potential in him. Dex reminds her that he doesn’t kill innocent people. Vogel says that’s only because of her and Harry and the code. Vogel says he could be on death row right now. She wants to teach Zach the code.

She says it never occurred to her to try it again since she didn’t have Harry anymore. Dex says it’s not a science project and she agrees, but says it’s a matter of life and death. She tells him she sees something in Zach. Dex gets mad and says he’s nothing like Zach. Vogel agrees that he’s one of a kind. Dex says he’s getting ready to kill another innocent person and he’s not going to let him get away with it. He leaves Vogel angrily.

Harrison and Dex are headed for Jamie’s beach party as Dex muses that he never thought he’d have a son. Harrison runs off to play as Dex sees Cassie flirting with another guy. Jamie tells him if he likes her to get a move on. Vince tells Nikki he likes her and she says she likes him too but isn’t ready to call him Dad.

He agrees and says he has something for her. He hands her a check for $5,000. He tells her he know she needs the money and she asks how he knows. He says he did a little research on her. Nikki gets mad and says she would never have asked him for money. She says maybe she made a mistake coming to meet him.

Angel gives a toast for his sister Jamie. She thanks them all for coming and everyone toasts. She starts to toast Joey as Sgt Quinn and he has to stop her. She blows up at Angel for not giving him the job and then chews him out for encouraging Quinn to go for it in the first place if he wasn’t going to give it to him. She storms off.

Cassie approaches Dexter and he makes awkward small talk. The guy she was flirting with walks up and she introduces them but doesn’t explain who the other guy is. Dexter walks off to check on Harrison.

Elway sits in the conference room when Deb comes in. She asks if Kevin broke up with Susan and he did. He’s upset because Susan was crying to him off the phone, thinking it was her fault. Elway feels like crap and thinks he’s the one who made her cry. Deb tells him that it’s hard. Elway asks if Deb cares about him and she says only to the extent that he signs her check. He smiles, but you can tell he digs her.

Dex is getting Harrison ready for bed and asks about the remote. Harrison said he was playing with it and didn’t mean to break it. Dexter tells him the accident was no big deal, but he doesn’t like the lie. Harrison tells Dexter that he lies. He opens a drawer and pulls out a stuffed dog. He says he loved the dog and Dexter told him the doggie was lost, but then he saw him throw it away.

Dexter says he tried to clean it but since he couldn’t he threw it out. He apologizes for lying to Harrison and Harrison asks to keep the dog. Thing is, the dog has blood on it that ties Dex to a murder case… Dex tells him that he can keep doggie but says he has to live under the bed.

Dexter muses that it’s no wonder that Harrison caught him in a lie – he worries that Harrison will eventually see through his bigger lies and be disappointed in him. He asks Jamie to stay late and goes out hunting Zach even though Vogel asked him not to.

He see Zach’s car at the photo studio and knocks and goes in but can’t find him. He finds a receipt for a car that Zach bought for $1,200 and realizes he’s gone to kill Sofia tonight. Zach learned from his last killing not to take his own car. Dex calls the yacht club and founds out that Sofia gets off work in a few minutes. He speeds out to try and stop the killing.

He spots Zach lying in wait in the cheap car he bought for the crime. He also spots Quinn still tracking Zach. He needs rid of Quinn. He calls Jamie and tells her that Quinn thinks she’s going to break up with him over him not making sergeant. He tells her she should invite him over. She tell him that’s so sweet and calls Quinn. He watches as Quinn leaves his stalking spot to head to Jamie.

Dex sees Sofia leaving work. But wait!! There’s Zach’s dad and he kisses Sofia. She was having an affair with the elder Hamilton just like Norma was! Zach is killing off his Dad’s side babes. Zach hops out of his car and sneaks p behind his Dad, not Sofia! Dex puts a shot in his neck and pulls him aside just before his dad turns around. He drags him behind a dumpster and drops him just as Quinn pulls up and says “I know what you’re doing.” Quinn says Dex is playing detective. Quinn’s glad to see him there and asks him to keep an eye on Zach for him.

Oh yeah. Dexter will. Plus a few yards of Saran Wrap… Zach comes to and demands to know what’s going on. Dexter asks him why he was going after his dad. Zach says he didn’t do it. Dexter tells him if he tells him one more lie and he’ll kill him. Zach says that his Dad is killing his mom – she’s drinking herself to death over his cheating. He says he thought killing Norma would stop him, but then he went right out and started banging Sofia. Dexter takes the knife off his neck and sums up by saying it’s about protecting his mother.

Dex tells him the crime scene photos and the blood are about more. He tells Zach he killed because he wanted to kill. Zach says no. Dex says that taking a living person and making them dead – smell the blood – hear their heart as it stops beating – and Zach admits that he can’t help it. He says it builds up inside him. He says Norma was the first time he followed through. Dex asked how it felt when he did it. Zach says it felt like a huge weight was lifted, like his life was okay.

Zach tells Dexter to go ahead and kill him because he knows he’ll do it again. He says he can’t help it – that he’s a freak. Dexter says “a monster” and Zach agrees. Dex asks if he’s told anyone besides Dr. Vogel. He says you never had a Harry. Zach is confused. Dex muses whether he’s ready to be a spiritual father to Zach and train him in the art of killing since he could never do it with his own son Harrison. He cuts Zach loose!!!

Next day Dex and Deb are chatting. She tells him the sting worked out but is worried because Elway likes her. She doesn’t want that because of all her baggage. She asks about Cassie and he says it won’t work. Deb says maybe the Morgans aren’t built for relationships. Dex tells her he’s feeling good and may take on an intern. She thinks he means at work… Deb doesn’t feel good. She feels dizzy and slumps over. Dex starts to pass out too. In his last moments of consciousness he sees Hannah walk in – she asks “do you remember me?”