Dexter RECAP 8/18/13: Season 8 Episode 8 “Are We There Yet?”

Dexter RECAP 8/18/13: Season 8 Episode 8 “Are We There Yet?”

DEXTER returns to Showtime tonight with the eighth episode of its eight and final season and the show is really getting crazy. On tonight’s show called, “Are We There Yet?” Dexter thinks his protégé may have murdered an innocent person. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here. So head over to get caught up before tonight’s episode.

On last week’s show Dexter tracked down Hannah to see why she was back in Miami.  Hannah was married again and we all know what that means.  Yep predictably, Hannah killed her new husband and Dexter helped her hide the body.  Yep it seems like Dexter still has a thing for Hannah, which Deb is not pleased about.  Meanwhile Dexter has been ignoring his new protege Zack and it looks like it had horrible consequences.

On tonight’s show Hannah has killed Miles she has going to have to get out of the country.  She knows Dexter still has a thing for her so she enlists him to help her.  Dexter realizes that ever since Hannah has come back she is all he can think about, he blames himself for Cassie’s death.  He knows if he paid attention to Zack he might have been able to prevent him from killing Cassie.  Dr. Vogel is still pleading Zack’s case and trying to stop Zack from ending up on Dexter’s table.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss, we are down to the last episodes. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Dexter Season 8 episode 7 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap check if you want to read some spoilers and see a sneak peek video from tonight’s episode, go here.

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As the cops work the brutal murder scene at Cassie’s (Dexter’s neighbor) he muses about Hannah instead of focusing on the crime. She’s all he can think about. He imagines her skin, her face… Vince interrupts the inner reverie for Dexter’s thoughts and he says it was an impulse – not well thought out. Vince says she must have known her killer since she let him in – he opines that it may be her boyfriend. Dexter laments to himself that if he had given Zack more time, Cassie might still be alive.

He notices a drop of blood on Cassie’s finger and wonders if it’s Zack’s. Quinn is grilling Jamie on who she thinks could have hurt Cassie. Jamie gets upset and Angel pulls her away to comfort her. Deb comes in after having put Harrison to bed and sees Dex collecting the spot of blood that may belong to Cassie’s killer.

Deb asks if he’s okay and then asks why she bothers. She asks after Hannah and wants to know if she’s still in town. Angel interrupts and Deb asks if Cassie may have owed anyone money. Angel invites her to come back to the department and she says she’ll think about it.

Dexter meets Hannah at the marina. He says she needs to get out of town. She says she needs a new passport and he says he knows a guy. Hannah asks why he came by instead of calling. He claims it’s on the way to work but it isn’t. She tells him they missed a spot of blood when they were cleaning up after her hubby’s murder. She said it reminded her of him and made her think of him. He asks if she cleaned it up with bleach and she promises. He says she’s got to get out of Miami and she agrees.
At the lab, Dex runs the spot of blood and gets a match for Zack. He muses that he could have had a great future and that now he’s got to take care of it so Miami doesn’t trace Zack to him. Vince comes in with Nikki and introduces her as the new part time staffer. Vince asks about the spot of blood on Cassie’s hand and Dex says he got no match.

Nikki is a little grossed out with the bloody details and says they need to cleanse the place of bad energy. Quinn comes up to show Dexter photos of Cassie and Norma’s bodies and injuries and says the crimes look similar. Dex asks about Angel telling him to back off of Zack and Quinn says he’s being careful but he knows the kid is a monster.

Dex meets with Vogel and they discuss that neither of them can get hold of Zack. He’s angry at Vogel because he says if she hadn’t stopped him from killing Zack, Cassie would be alive. Dex says Zack has killed two innocent women and knows too much about both him and her. She agrees that they don’t have many options for what to do with him. Vogel asks if it will be difficult for him to kill him since he had bonded with him to some extent. He says it will be fine and she says she doesn’t quite believe him.

Dex traces Zack’s credit card to a hotel in Fiesta Key and decides the kid is on the run. Deb comes to Dexter’s place and asks if he’s had any luck with Cassie’s case, but that’s not why she’s there. Jamie comes in and tells them she doesn’t know how they deal with this stuff every day. She leaves. Deb asks Dexter if Hannah is out of their lives yet. He says he’s on top of it and she asks if he’s on top of it – or her.

He admits she’s still in Miami and says that she came to town to get Dexter to kill him because he’d been abusing her. Deb asks if he did it and he says no. He insists that Hannah was never trying to kill either of them. Deb asks how he can still want to protect her. He says that he’s getting her a passport and she’ll be out of their lives forever. Deb says she needs to be locked up. He says he can’t afford the risk of her tattling about him. Deb says Hannah could be easily discredited and it’s not a real risk to him. She stomps out.

Dex finds Jamie outside of Cassie’s apartment staring in sadly. She tells him she needs to go and says she can take Harrison with her. She tells him she’s moved in with Quinn and goes to grab Harrison since she knows Dex needs to work.

Dex meets Hannah again and snaps a photo of her to send to his passport guy. He tells her that he’ll have her new papers tomorrow. She asks if she can pick her new name and he says he doubts it. He tells her he’ll drop off her passport tomorrow but then he impulsively decides to invite her along to go to the Keys. She asks what or who is in the Keys and he says he’ll tell her on the way there.

Deb asks Elway if he wants to make a buttload of money. She shows him the reward offers on Hannah – totaling $250,000 and asks if he’s interested. He says he’s plenty interested but when they get to the marina, the yacht and Hannah are both gone. She tells him she knows for sure that Hannah was there but won’t give Elway any details on how she knows. He says her emotions are clouding her judgment and can tell that she hates Hannah. Elway goes to talk to the dock master.

Jamie tells Quinn that she doesn’t want to be alone and he reminds her that she has “the kid” to keep her company. Harrison pipes up to remind him of his name. She tells him she doesn’t want to be alone and if she was Deb, he’d stay to keep her company since she’s sad over her friend dying. The guilt works and he agrees to stay.

Deb is tracking Dexter’s car using the GPS tracker she put on his car. She asks where he is and he says he’s grabbing dinner. She asks where he is and he stammers. He asks to meet her tomorrow. She’s watching him on the GPS app and calls him “dick for brains” before heading out, presumably to track him down. Hannah comments that Deb is a real ray of sunshine.

Hannah asks who Dex is after and he says he’s after Zack – because he disappointed him. Dex tells her about Vogel the psycho-whisperer. He tells her that Harry had gone to her about Dexter when he was young. He tells her that Vogel invented the code and in doing so, created him. She’s floored. She asks how he felt meeting her.
He says it was like meeting a family member. Hannah says Vogel must be very proud of him. She asks if there are others like him out there. He says no – Zack was the first one they’d tried it with but it wasn’t working out because he’d already killed an innocent when they got to him. Hannah says Zack is a problem that Dex needs to solve – she reminds him that she was a problem he tried to solve too. She asks why he never tracked her down and finished her off. Dexter admits he liked knowing she was out there.

Deb calls Elway. He tells her the yacht is on the way to St. Kitts. Her husband is supposed to be in New York but there are no flights showing he left. Deb says he may have killed him and Elway scoffs. She reminds him that’s what Hannah does.
Dex and Hannah are enjoying a seaside lunch. They discuss shrimp as the bottom feeders of the ocean. Dex says they take out the trash. Hannah says that’s what he does. She talks about his clever descriptions for things. She asks what clever phrase he uses to describe her. He makes a joke but she asks again more seriously and he says “you’re just Hannah.”

She tells him he’s a flirt. He says he’s being honest and she says he’s a master manipulator. He asks what she calls him. A cop car pulls up and they get twitchy. Looks like the po-po is just ordering a snack though. Whew!

They arrive at Zack’s hotel and walk around cautiously. Hannah asks if she’s sure this is the place. He’s got his kill kit out and tells her to wait in the car. He picks the lock and comes into a room covered in plastic – a kill room just like he uses. He finds Zack’s set of knives and is disturbed that they are just like his.

Harry shows up and says A for effort. He tells Dex that it’s not bad for a first try. Dex says it’s not bad, but not great and Harry reminds him it’s better than his own first try. He asks Dex if he has to kill Zack and he says he does. He says he’s going to use Zack’s own set up on him.

Cassie’s boyfriend meets up with Quinn to talk. He says they were talking about spending their lives together and he’s devastated. That sounds good, but I seem to remember that Cassie still had a hankering for Dex… Is her BF fibbing? Quinn shows him a photo of Zack and asks if he recognizes him. He says he looks familiar, but he doesn’t know him. He asks if he’s the murdered and Quinn says he’s a person of interest.

Vince and Quinn are watching Nikki sage the bad murder juju out of the lab when Matthew walks up. He mocks it saying bad murder juju is their business. He asks Quinn if he’s got any leads on Cassie’s killer and Quinn says no.

Hannah and Dex sit in the now improved kill room chatting about Zack when he returns. Dex holds a knife at his neck and confronts him about killing Cassie right next door to his son. Zack says he didn’t do it, that he was after Sean Decker. He sees Hannah and asks who she is. Zack asks if she’s the old guy’s wife and asks Dex if he killed her husband. Dex tells him Hannah is with him now and slaps him down and asks again who Sean Decker is and he tells him it’s a guy from school who killed a girl over spring break one year and then bragged about it. He glances at Hannah and asks if she’s cool. Hannah answers that she is.

He asks where he was two days ago. He says he was at his place and then came down here. He tells him he’s been tracking Sean for days. He shows him proof that he’s been photo stalking Sean. He says Cassie was alive when he left. He asks if he likes the room and then asks if Dexter made changes to it. He tells him that he’s going after a killer like Dex told him too. Dex is impressed (internally) that he’s following the code without even realizing it. Dex tells him he traced him using his own credit card and Zack admits it was a rookie mistake.

Dexter asks where Sean is and he takes them to his trunk. Sean’s battered body is there. He didn’t mean to bludgeon him to death but it was an accident. He says he was thinking about dumping him in the swamp. Dexter chides him for not having a back-up plan and for not putting plastic in the car. He tells him he’ll help him clean it up and destroy any DNA evidence. He asks Hannah to deal with the room and he says he’ll be back in two hours. Zack looks from Hannah to Dex and says “Dude.”

He tells Dex to be careful getting in because the door handle on the used crap car is sharp and he cut himself a couple of days ago. Dex muses if that’s how Zack’s blood got on Cassie. Zack is upset realizing he also forgot gloves. Like a good dad, Dex tells him to put on his seat belt.

After Hannah dumps the plastic she comes back to the room and finds Deb there. Deb tries to arrest her and Hannah says she’s not a cop. Deb says it’s a citizen’s arrest and then Hannah says she can make a citizen’s arrest for Deb aiding and abetting a serial killer. Hannah tries to explain that the things she’s done were because of circumstances.

Dex watches Harry in the rear view mirror while Zack catches a nap. Harry seems proud that he’s showing Zack the code. Harry tells him that Hannah is a complication he doesn’t need. Harry asks if there’s a need in him now stronger than the need to kill. Hmm… Interesting notion.

Hannah tells Deb that she doesn’t enjoy killing. She says she only does it when she’s cornered and has to fight back. She tells Deb that she loves Dex and wouldn’t hurt him or Deb. She says Dexter loves her and that arresting her would hurt him. Dex comes in and finds them talking. Deb admits to tracing him using GPS. Zack comes in and asks who the f- she is. Deb has had enough and storms out. Zack asks if he has girls fighting over him.

Zack is riding in the back and asks Dexter “are we there yet?” Too funny!!! Dex shows up to Vogel’s with Zack and tells him that he’s a fast learner. She invites them in for dinner. Dex says he can’t stay, but Zack says he’s hungry. Vogel asks who is in the car and when she realizes it’s Hannah she’s eager to meet her. She insists that Dexter invite her in for dinner. He relents and goes to get his honey.

Dexter introduces them. Vogel invites her to call her Evelyn. She brings out food and says she trusts that there are no vegetarians there! HA! Since they’re all killers… Hannah compliments the food and Vogel offers her the recipe saying she must be good in the kitchen – guess she knows about the poisoning. Hannah asks about her work and Vogel says that she’s fascinated by her work and that she can see why by looking around the table.

She chastises Zack for having elbows on the table and he responds. Vogel tells Hannah that she never would have thought that they would be capable of the level of emotion they obviously have for each other. She says they’re a good couple and a bad couple at the same time. Zack chimes in with “you think?”

Dexter seems distracted and Vogel asks why. He says it’s about Cassie’s case. Zack asks if he has photos and he shows them to him. Zack says it looks just like Norma’s killing. He tells him he found his blood under his fingernail and Zack asks how it ended up there. They muse that someone may have damaged Zack’s kill car so that it would slice his finger and they could get his blood. But who knew about both crime scenes and could duplicate the kill? Quinn obviously, but he’s an idiot, not a killer.

Angel comes in and finds Jamie and Harrison hanging out. Harrison is drawing a zombie. He asks where Quinn is and why she’s at his place instead of theirs. He invites her to stay if she promises to cook.

At her office, Deb is distracted. Elway comes in and asks about Hannah. He assumes she couldn’t find her and Deb says she’s probably left the country and it’s a lost cause. Elway asks what happened to her personal vendetta and she tells him she took his advice and let it go. He asks her why she’s at the office and she says she’s not sure. She tells him she’s not cut out to be a PI. He says she is but she tells him she needs to know what she does means more than zeroes on a paycheck. He asks if she’s going back to being a cop. She says maybe. He says cop work pays slaves wages and she shouldn’t throw away the opportunity.

Dex and Hannah leave as he asks Vogel to give Zack a ride home. Zack asks if he can drive and Vogel tells him not a chance. Dex checks Hannah into a hotel and he says he’ll pick her up in the morning. She tells him she can’t say good-bye to him again. He offers her food and she reminds him that they just ate. She tells him she’s going to shower, sleep and then leave in the morning. He reminds her of her travel plans and asks where she’ll go ultimately. He advises her to consider Argentina. He asks if she’ll let him know and she says yes. He sooo obviously doesn’t want to leave.

Hannah asks for the passport and he hands it over. Their hands touch. Her new name is Clare Thompson. He says it’s a name that won’t get flagged. He gives her a credit card too. He gives her more advice and she interrupts him with a kiss then tells him he should go. He agrees that he should go and then he kisses her. He pulls off her blouse and then things start to get steamy!!!! They fall on the bed naked. Nice butt shot Dex!

Dex comes in to find his iPod playing and Zack dead in his chair. The back of his scalp had been sawed away. Part of his brain is gone. We see Vogel holding another jar with a piece of brain in it. Deb is looking at her old uniform. Dex is tossing Zack’s body overboard. Elway calls in Hannah’s fake name Maggie Castner to the US Marshals. Dex muses that everyone we meet makes a change in our lives – some more profound than others.

Dex rushes to find Hannah getting ready to fly away. He asks her to stay with him – not to leave. They embrace…