Dexter Season 8 Episode 4 REVIEW “Dr. Vogel Gets Creepier”

Dexter Season 8 Episode 4 REVIEW "Dr. Vogel Gets Creepier"

Another great Dexter episode this week and we have your weekly review.  Deb is having a flashback of the night she killed LaGuerta. Only is this scenario she shoots Dexter instead. Deb is in the trailer with Vogel. Vogel is giving her some kind of therapy session (I honestly didn’t think she would help her). Vogel tells Deb she is repressing what happened to her. Deb disagrees. Vogel tells Deb that Dexters need to kill was born in a container much like the one they are in and as a psychopath he can never break free of the walls. Deb can however if she lives the events of that night over and over (I take it back Vogel is trying to drive Deb crazy.) Deb explains what we saw at the beginning to Vogel. Vogel ask her how it made her feel to shoot Dexter. Deb tells her it made her feel better then worse and come to think of it what the f**k difference does it make anyway. Vogel ask her what she could have done differently. Deb says she could have arrested him. Vogel tells her she is so obsessed with the life she took she can’t see the life she saved. Deb says of course your f**king defending him, you created him, not to mention you have him hunting a serial killer for you. (Well played Deb, well played). Vogel tells her this isn’t about her or Dexter, this is about Deb getting better. Deb ask her why she even cares or why she should trust her. Vogel ask her if she is upset. Deb says yes. Vogel says that’s good that Deb is no longer avoiding her feelings. Vogel tells her they are done for today.

Dexter is at a crime scene. It is a woman. He starts taking pictures. Angel ask him what they are looking at. Dexter says they are looking for someone she knew. Quinn pops up. Angel tells Quinn not only did he pass the exam but he nailed it bro. Angie is telling Masuka that there was a hottie looking for him back at the station. Masuka seems to think it is someone he has already been with. Quinn walks up to Dexter and ask about Deb. Dexter tells him that Vogel says she is still day to day. Quinn tells Dexter to tell Deb he is thinking about her. Dexter tells Quinn that he will and that she is going to be ok. But the look on Dexter’s face indicates that he has his doubts.

Next we are looking at some guys cleaning and setting up some tables by the beach. Dexter is leaning on a wall with two coffees, one is for Vogel. Dexter tells her he wants to see his sister. Vogel tells him she hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. Vogel tells him he needs to get ready for the possibility that Deb may not want Dexter in her life. Dexter refuses. After a awkward minute of silence Vogel ask Dexter if he has had any luck with their killer. Dexter tells her that he has checked off three more from her little black book of nut jobs and has moved on to chapter seven. Vogel says the man to which Dexter is referring is Yates. Dexter tells her he will check back in once he checks him out.

We next see a guy with a rolling suitcase in a uniform walking away from some apartments (I’m guessing its Yates). Dexter is sitting in his car watching him. He works as a bundler for a cable company and Dexter wants to know if murder is part of that package. Yates takes his hat off and Dexter wonders if Vogel did surgery on him as part of a experiment.

Deb is at Vogels and thanks her for letting use her treadmill. Vogel says no problem, she isn’t into running in place anyway. Vogel ask her if she wants some tea. Deb would prefer a beer thank you very much. Vogel meets her thank you very much and raises it by a hell no. Vogel tells her the alcohol and drugs was keeping her numb. Vogel hands her some tea. Vogel then tells Deb to get her ass off her table. Deb ask Vogel how long she expects her to stay at her house. Vogel tells Deb she is a lot like her father. Vogel tells her Harry wrestled with a lot of the same doubts about Dexter, and that she isn’t as alone as she thinks. Vogel shows Deb one of her taped conversations with Harry. Vogel tells her that Deb protects Dexter just like Harry did. Vogel tells her she will get through it. Vogel’s doorbell rings, when she leaves to answer the door Deb sits down to watch the DVD again.

Dexter is at the door he ask her if Yates was one of her experiments since he has a scar on his head right where the serial killer cuts out the brain. Vogel shoes him out to talk. Vogel tells him that he a lesion on his brain and that she suggested to the new hospital that they remove and until Dexter told her she had no idea if they had listened to her. Vogel then asked Dexter what he really came to her house for , since he could have easily called about the scar. Dexter tells Vogel whatever it takes she has to get Deb to forgive him that he needs her in his life. Vogel says he needs Deb(its more of a question really). Vogel says he understands that Dexter loves Deb but she wants to know why he needs her. Dexter says I just do. Vogel again tells Dexter he isn’t a monster. Dexter tells her anyone on his table would disagree. Vogel tells him once he understands that he is part of the natural order and belongs in the world he won’t seek validation from Deb or anyone else. Dexter tells her he will still want Deb in his life. Vogel says want not need. (Impressive doctor).

Dexter drives to Yates house and lets himself in. He looks around room by room. He has a gift on his desk that says Happy Birthday Dad. He goes in a bedroom and opens a closet and finds women shoes (well one from a pair of shoes, he has quite a few of them to). Yates sees Dexter on a security camera, he takes a gun out of a drawer and starts walking. Meanwhile Dexter is lifting a print off one of the shoes. Yates comes up some stairs and out of a wall in the living room (secret passage) he heads down the hall where Dexter is. Dexter dials a number, Yates is getting closer and closer, he stops dead in his tracks when he hears Vogel’s voice on the other end of the phone. Dexter tells her he is at Yates and he found some shoes, individual shoes not pairs. Dexter doesn’t think it’s Yates. But he is pulling fingerprints to check the database for missing persons. Yates is standing in the hallway breathing hard. Dexter hangs up he hears a noise and goes to look. Yates is already back downstairs he says Vogel has found herself a hero. He goes and sits back down in front of the security cameras, its at this point that we see the girl chained and gagged to the cage behind him. Yates watches Dexter leave.

Dexter gets back to his place. She introduces herself as Cassie and explains that she is a friend of Jamie’s and that she ran out of laundry detergent and was borrowing some. Harrison comes running out and Dexter hugs him, Jamie hands her the laundry detergent. Jamie tells Dexter that dinner is in the oven and that she will see him in the morning. Jamie tells Cassie she will walk with her. Jamie gives Harrison a kiss and then walks to the door , both of them giggle as they close it. Harrison tells his dad that Cassie is nice.

Bar on the beach. Quinn is celebrating passing the exam. Angel and Jamie are celebrating with him. Quinn over hears some guy bad mouthing Deb and gets up,and goes over to him. When Quinn goes to walk away the guy says Deb got lieutenant by laying on her back. Quinn clocks him one. Angel comes running over. Too late it is ass whopping time. Angel breaks it up and ask what happened. Jamie tells him someone was defending his ex girlfriends honor. Angel tells her to get him out of the bar. Angel offers to get the other guy around on the house. Jamie and Quinn are in bed.

Dexter is asking Harrison how many pancakes he wants. He wants to one forbid and one for Dan(his imaginary friend). Dexter tells Harrison to make sure Dan doesn’t get any syrup on his couch. Jamie comes in and tells him she is sorry that she is late but that her car broke down and Angel had to bring her. She tells him that he made a impression on Cassie and that she is single. Dexter tells Jaime that she can borrow the SUV and that he will get a car from the police motor pool.

Deb is back at that damn trailer. Vogel is with her to, apparently the going rate for this little field trip,was one beer. Vogel closes the door and tells Deb to convince her that killing Dexter would have been the better choice. She pretty much baits her and ask her why Deb just didn’t let Dexter take care of it. She tells Deb that she knows deep in her own heart that she will always choose Dexter. Deb ask her how to make it right. Vogel tells her by accepting that she is a good person that was forced to do a terrible thing, and that she made the best of a impossible situation. Vogel tells her that the choice is hers and always has been.

Angel is walking through the station when the deputy chief stops him to tell him that Angie was three points higher than Quinn on the test, he tells him he should pick Angie. Angel wants to pick Quinn.

Dexter is in his lab and he checks the fingerprints. They all three are from women that are missing. Dexter thinks Yates killed them but he won’t know for sure till he is on Dexter’s table and they have a little talk.

Angel is walking down the hallway again. Angel ask where they are on the case from the beginning of the episode. Quinn goes to answer but angel,shuts him up and ask Angie instead. Dexter tells him they are still waiting on results to,fins out if the seamen belongs to her ex boyfriend. Angel seems to think the ex boyfriend is the guilty party. Angie agrees. Masuka walks up and tells them he needs everybody to stay away from the lab, the hottie is coming up in the elevator. Everyone scatters. Dexter heads out.

Quinn catches up with Angel. Quinn apologizes for the night before. Angel is telling him that he had to run a tab so the guy wouldn’t press charges against Quinn. Angel tells him if he wants to make up for it he needs to solve the case.

Masuka is sitting in the lab when the hottie walks in and ask him if he is Vince Masuka. He says the one and only (gag). Her name is Nikki. Masuka is totally hitting on her. Then Nikki pops out with the I think your my father line. She knows he donated sperm in college (of all the guys on this show to donate sperm why Masuka?) Masuka is taken shocked for a sec I wish I could say he recovers nicely but he doesn’t. Nikki says it was a bad idea and turns to leave. She knocks some stuff over, Masuka goes to help her pick it up and notices she has his eyes, she also has his giggle (one more time why Masuka?)

Elway finds Deb sitting in the floor of one of the rooms of the office going over cases trying to find one to start on. Elway takes off his jacket and orders them some take out. Elway is trying to chit chat her. Deb is listening but not talking much. Elway is talking about his father. Elway hands Deb a beer. Deb tells Elway her father was everything to her. Elway toast to dead dads. Deb doesn’t open the beer (you go Deb).

Dexter goes back to Yates at night but he isn’t there and all of his stuff is gone. Dexter sees the light from the secret passage and goes down into it. He sees the camera and realizes Yates was probably watching him when he was there the other day. Dexter hears a noise and heads towards it. He opens a tool cabinet and finds the girl from earlier. Yates stabbed her and left her for dead. Dexter ties a cord around her to keep her from bleeding, and drops her off in front of the ER.

Vogel is with him at Yates this time. Dexter is going through his laptop and finds Vogel’s patient files. He finds one on himself. He is uber pissed. Dexter figures out he is a experiment to her. Dexter tells her when Yates is dead she is out of his life for good, he wants to know if she understands or if she needs to write it down. Vogel tells Dexter she understands.

Deb is sitting at Vogel’s, pretending to read a book. She picks up the DVD Vogel gave her, she decides to go into Vogel’s office and break into her desk and get out another DVD and watch it. Harry is talking about Dexter and his table. How he found Dexter in the middle of cutting someone up. He tells Vogel he can’t live with it. Deb says and she is supposed to.

Dexter calls Yates and pretends he is the nursing home and tells him his fathers heart is failing and that he needs to come quickly. Yates arrives and sits down by his father. Dexter shuts the door and tells Yates he was counting on him being a good son. Yates pulls the tube out of the ventilator. Dexter can believe he was willing to take his fathers life in order to save his.

Dexter is in his car and driving. Vogel calls him but he declines the call. Angel hands Dexter a bag of clothes as soon as he gets inside. They belong to the girl he founding the cabinet. She is still alive but all of her toes are broken. Dexter sits the bag down on his desk and walks away.

Deb is walking around outside when Quinn sees her. Quinn ask her if she is their to see Dexter. Deb tells him yes and that she is sorry for the position she put him in. She tells him to make work with Jamie that she wants him to be happy and that he is important to her and not to forget it. Deb hugs Quinn and gives him a kiss on the cheek. (This is not good). Deb walks away, Dexter comes out of the police department and sees her. Deb sees Dexter and smiles,she tells them they need to talk. Dexter says that he would like that. Deb wants to go for a ride. Dexter tells her he isn’t on good terms with Vogel anymore.

Deb tells him about the DVD of Harry right before he died. The she ask if Harry killed himself. Dexter tells her yes that he just found out a few years ago. Deb ask if it was because of Dexter. Dexter tells her that Harry thought that he had created a monster. Deb says she thinks she knows how he felt and why he killed himself, but that he only got it half right. She grabs the wheel of the car and drives them off the road and right into the water. A guy jumps in the water and gets Deb out. Dexter is unconscious and the car goes down. Deb swims out to it, goes under the water and………comes back up with Dexter.

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