Dexter Season 8 Episode 9 REVIEW “The Brain Surgeon Revealed”


Dexter Season 8 Episode 9 REVIEW "The Brain Surgeon Revealed"

On last night’s episode 9 of DEXTER – Dexter is laying in bed with Hannah in post sex bliss. Dexter tells Hannah that he wants to stay with her, Hannah tells him that he can’t. Hanna tells him she is spry about Zach. Dexter tells her he needs to go see Vogel. Hannah needs to get money from a friend that has been stashing it for her. They both say I love you and then they kiss.

Vogel is upset about Zach’s death (probably because she is out one perfectly made to order psycho). She tells Dexter they have to find a way to notify his family. Dexter tells Vogel to give him a minute before they go and get Miami Metro involved. Dexter plays her the song that was on when he found Zach’s body. Vogel recognizes it and says one of her patients could have heard it playing in her office ( or you know maybe Cassie’s boyfriend, who will probably turn out to be Vogel’s long lost son or thought to be dead son ..point is that guy is totally the melon baller).

They are looking over the crime scene. Dexter notices tiny signs of a struggle but no blood and Dexter assumes that means the killer cleaned up. Vogel wants to know what the message is the killer is trying to send ( and she calls herself a psycho whisperer). Dexter could give a damn about the message all he cares about is killing the guy for leaving Zach in his place, where Harrison might have found him. Dexter finally comes across some blood, a fingerprint, and a few strands of hair. Dexter thinks Zach left him the clue. Vogel points out that Dexter isn’t acting rationally. Vogel ask if its because he had to send Hannah away. Dexter tells her he didn’t send her away and that he is going to try and make a life with her (Hannah’s a goner). Vogel tells him he isn’t the perfect psychopath that she thought he was (this b**ch, she needs to shut up with that nonsense already, Dexter is more human than she would like, too bad, suck it up). Dexter tells her once he handles the brain surgeon (melon baller) he plans to focus on a life with Hannah. Vogel seems to think he can’t have a full emotional life without killing. Dexter tells her she underestimates him ( I think she has made him realize a lot about himself mostly that he is more human than he realized and therefore he feels he can control the urge to kill by channeling it into something else that gives him the same amount of satisfaction).

Elway is chatting with a US Marshall about Hannah and shows him some pictures. Elway then ask robe on the team chasing her (because that will totally get Deb in the sac), the Marshall tells Elway no but that he will get the reward money.

Angel sees Deb outside at the food truck at Miami Metro and hugs her. Angel ask if she is there to see him. Nope Deb is there to see Quinn (naturally). Angel ask her again to come back on the force. Deb tells him that Matthews would never let her come back. Angel disagrees.

Quinn tells Deb that he knows who killed Cassie, but can’t continue with it (no worries Quinn its just going to lead to a dead end). Quinn shows Deb Zach’s photo and she instantly recognizes him as having been with Dexter and Hannah (wonder if Debs ever heard that old saying about how killers of a feather flock together). Quinn tells her that the kid is a serial killer in training, (for once Quinn was spot the f**k on).

Deb gets into it outside the lab with Nikki, until Vince tells Nikki that Deb is allowed in to see Dexter. Deb immediately calls him on knowing Zach. Dexter tells Deb he was helping Vogel out. Dexter tells her that Zach is dead and that no one else knows. Deb didn’t really want to know either. Deb tells him she was thinking about coming back to work there but that it will just f**k up her life (so sick of her whining). Deb leaves in her usual pissed off way.

The hair comes back as a match to Vogel (Im freaking magic, I wished it and it was so, well that and it was a obvious conclusion to draw at this point). Dexter tells Vogel the news face to face ( that the melon baller is related to her). Vogel counters with the fact that she has no family. Vogel says that she had two children. Richard drowned in the pool, and after some time realized that his older brother Daniel had killed him. Vogel tells him that Daniel was devoid of empathy, no sense of fear or right or wrong (sound familiar) Vogel tells him her son being a psychopath was what led her to the field. She tells Dexter her and her husband covered up the murder and had him put in a institution in England when he was 14. Vogel says he was killed in a fire at the hospital three years later. Dexter thinks Daniel son faked his death. Vogel gives him a picture of her son.

Dexter is photo aging the picture and first nothing obvious pops up, but as he continues to mess with it a face emerges and it’s Cassie’s boyfriend (allow me to be the first to say I f**king told you, I’m two for two). He pulls up his DMV record and compares the license photo to the one he has been messing with. The bone structure matches. Dexter then finds out that he assumed the identity of a dead person.

Angel brings in the Marshall who’s searching for Hannah. Angel thinks that Dexter might be a target. Angel offers to give Dexter uniformed escorts. Dexter doesn’t want them but would like him to put them on Harrison. Angel agrees to that. Dexter wants to know how they plan on finding her. Angel says by getting her face put to the local media.

Dexter calls Hannah and tells her that the Marshals are in Miami because they know she is there and that she can’t go to her friends to get the money. Hannah tells him she needs the money, Dexter offers to give it to her till he finds out its 500 k. Dexter offers to give her a ride to her friends instead. Dexter picks her up and they both agree that can’t be seen together in Miami but that they will come up with another plan.

Debs hanging out with Quinn (and he wonders why Jamie is so jealous). Deb alibis Zach out for the murder of Cassie. Quinn ask how she knows but Deb won’t say. Quinn tells her that Jamie is jealous of her and always brings Deb up. Deb says that’s weird. Then she offers to talk to Jamie to get more info on Cassie (apparently it isn’t I should just stay away from the girl weird).

Hannah and Dexter get to her friends. The first thing the friend wants to know is if Dexter is the asshole who turned her in. Dexter does not deny it. The friend wants to know exactly how this relationship will work. Dexter says they are trying to fire that out. The friend hands Hannah a suitcase, but there is a Marshal walking up to the door. Dexter tells Hannah to hide, and the friend lets the Marshal in. The Marshal ask Dexter what he is doing there. Dexter tells him that he came to warn her about Hannah. The Marshal ask how she can afford the house. Dexter tells him that he has been seeing her and he pays for the house.

Deb goes by Dexters to see Harrison (sure). While she is there she decides to ask Jamie a few questions. Jamie tells her that Oliver is still in shock. Jamie goes on to say that Cassie was getting ready to dump him but Oliver had been asking her to go to the Bahamas and the trip was next week. Deb leaves, she calls Quinn and tells him to look at the boyfriend again.

Dexter wants to put Hannah at Debs , Hannah agrees to it. Both of them know Deb is not going to like this…not one bit.

Quinn and Deb are talking to Oliver who lies the whole time. Oliver tells them he was inspecting a building the night she died. That it was Cassie’s idea to go to thee Bahamas and they he really did not want to go and that they were in love.

After they leave Deb tells Quinn he was lying the whole time. Quinn tells her he is glad to be working with her and he enjoys the rhythm. Quinn kisses her and then quickly apologizes. Deb says to pretend like it didn’t happen.

Deb comes home to Dexter and Hannah and wants to know what the f**k? Dexter goes onto the balcony with Deb and explains he needs a place for Hannah to stay, dexter tells her it will only be for a couple of nights till he can get Hannah out of Miami. Deb says only for a couple of nights. Deb tells Dexter he needs to thank her for getting Quinn off of Zach and on to the boyfriend. Dexter tells her to stay away from him that he is very dangerous. Does Deb listen nope.

Dexter tells Hannah she will be ok there, and the runs out to se if he can find Oliver. He doesn’t but he does find a can he can run with s DNA from the hairs to try and get a match.

Dexter is fixing breakfast for Hannah when Harrison ask if he is going to see her. Harrison tells Dexter that he likes her.

Dexter gets a DNA match, the boyfriend is Vogel’s son. Dexter goes to Vogel and tells her and brings her a picture. Vogel ask Dexter what he is going to do if he finds him. Dexter tells her to take a guess. Vogel says she can put him in back in a institution and that she won’t let Dexter kill him because she has a second chance with Daniel (uh oh).
Dexter ask if there is a way she can get a message to him. Vogel thinks the song is the key. They play it on a jukebox at the Kings Bay Cafe. Dexter thinks that Daniel monitors her laptop and tells her to make a journal entry that she is going to the cafe the next morning. Dexter is sure Daniel will show up.

Lovey dovey stuff with Dexter and Hannah. He decides to quit work and he and Harrison will go to Argentina with Hannah.

Matthews ask Angel if he knows where Zach is. That he has been missing for days. Matthews tells Angel if he is found he wants to know first.

Deb is in Angels office and he gives her back her badge and welcomes her back. Deb tells him she still isn’t sure and it is all happening so fast and that she needs to think about it. Angel tells her to hold on to the badge. Deb runs into Quinn in the hallway and it is super awkward.

When Deb gets home she notices that Hannah cleaned. Hannah sets the table and ask Deb if she is going to eat. Hannah sees Debs badge and ask if she is going back. Deb ask her how she can when her brother is a serial killer and another one is in her house eating salad.

Dexter tells Jamie he is sorry about the police protection. Jamie is fine with it and tells him it’s a good thing because Harrison would run right into Hannah’s arms. The Marshal show up to check on them. The Marshal ask Harrison what he is drawing and Harrison tells him it’s a picture of his mom.

Elway comes into Debs office and ask her why she didn’t tell him that here brother used to date Hannah. He tells her if she isn’t in the game she should leave so he can use the office for someone who his he slams the door on his way out.

Dexter goes to Vogel’s and when her back is turned he drugs her. She is so excited that she going to see her little boy Daniel, she sips her tea. Vogel trembles and then Dexter catches her and her cup as she falls.

Daniel shows up at the cafe and orders a coffee. He flips through the jukebox finds the song and listens to it as he sips his coffee and waits. Daniel plays the song over and over and over and over and……. After about a hour Daniel gets up to leave and Dexter follows him. Daniel turns a corner and Dexter sees him get in a truck. Dexters tires are slashed. Daniel looks at Dexter as he drives by.

Dexter worries that he is headed to Vogel’s house. Dexter calls but doesn’t get a answer. Next thing you know he is banging on her door. Vogel is mad that Dexter drugged her. Vogel tells him that it is a family matter. Dexter tells her that he is leaving with Harrison and Hannah after he kills Daniel.

Vogel goes inside and Daniel is there. Daniel wanted proof she didn’t send Dexter after him. Vogel ask him if he wants breakfast. Daniel calls her mom. They share some creepy smiles.

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