Diddy’s Baby Mama Kim Porter’s Cocaine Drug Problem – Nanny Dawn Drago Says Kids NOT SAFE!

Diddy's Baby Mama Kim Porter's Cocaine Drug Problem - Nanny Dawn Drago Says Kids NOT SAFE!

Are Diddy’s kids at risk? According to one nanny, Dawn Drago, she walked in on the twins, D’Lila and Jessie, not only surrounded by drugs but also covered in a white powder. For legal purposes no one can come out and said cocaine however that’s what we’re all thinking. Does Kim Porter have a drug Problem?

The incident happened during the nanny’s tenure of 2011-2012. Apparently the nanny was fired after complaining about all the marijuana smoke. Now Ms. Drago is suing Kim over verbal abuse and possibly wrongful termination. Admittedly out of all Diddy’s baby mama drama, Kim has always taken the cake. If I was asked about this last year, I might have been doubtful but now I can see a possible grain of truth.

Since 2013 has started, Kim has made a mad dash back into the modeling world. She’s already made the cover of a magazine. Also back in March she did her best to make herself relevant by putting on Instagram a picture of herself posing on a cross on – Good Friday.  Even Global Grind stated in their article on her, “it’s not often we get to see the beautiful Kim out publicly”.  So what gives?

She has three kids by Diddy. All of whom are younger than 18 so she still gets a paycheck for them and yet she’s doing in everything in her power to get more gigs. Kim, where’s the money going? What would drain child support for three kids, by a millionaire, so quickly?

My guess would the bag of white powder she claimed was “medicine” might be draining on the account books. Too bad Social Services never check in on the rich.  Unless it’s Kris Jenner of course! I would like to know if the ganja smell really does stink up the house?

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