Disney’s “Planes” Movie Review – CDL Exclusive

Disney's "Planes" Movie Review - CDL Exclusive

Summer is in full swing and summer movies are officially delighting crowds all around America. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to go and see the newest movie brought to us from the creative minds of Disney. If you’ve never seen a Disney movie then of course your childhood suffered. Because every time they come up with something, be it a princess story or simply one about an adventure, they create a precious memory. Bambi’s story was really sad. Personally my favorite was always Little Mermaid. But back to their latest addition, Planes. Is it another must-see for Adults and children alike? Yes.

Coming from the same world as Cars, this film is a delightful combination of adventure, personal growth, and fun. I was totally caught up in the enjoyment of the film. Yes me the adult. If the adults don’t fall asleep the way my own parents did back in my Power Rangers faze that’s when you know it’s a good movie. So Planes really captured the audience’s attention.

Well the movie starts off with the story of an underdog getting his chance to become a hero. Dusty Crophopper is a crop duster but he’s always dreamed of becoming a racer. Dusty want to enter the Wings Around The Globe competition. He has many friends that stick by him through the good and the bad all because, not only do they believe in him, but he’s also a pretty nice plane. Even when the others are mean and sometimes cruel, he never sinks to their level.

It’s being true to himself that offers him what he always dreamed of. The chance to race among champions and show them that anyone could do it if they just believe. Thus many parents are hoping some, if not all of the educational value of the movie, will fully sink into young minds and help in their character development.

One of the main lines from the film is “To be more than what they were made for”. Now you or anybody else try and tell me who doesn’t want to teach their child that. Of course apart from the didactic value of Planes the movie is lots of fun!  A most enjoyable experience for children of all ages, including adults!  Planes gets a most highly recommended from CDL!