Elementary RECAP 11/15/13: Season 2 Episode 8 “Blood Is Thicker”

Elementary RECAP 11/15/13: Season 2 Episode 8 “Blood Is Thicker”

ELEMENTARY continues tonight on CBS with a new episode called, “Blood Is Thicker.”  On tonight’s show Mycroft makes a case for Sherlock to move back to London.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, arrived in New York and enlisted Holmes and Watson to help solve a case involving his former fiancée. Meanwhile, Sherlock had a difficult time accepting Mycroft and Joan’s relationship.

On tonight’s show when a beautiful young woman is murdered, Holmes and Watson investigate her ties to a billionaire CEO. Meanwhile, Mycroft makes a case for Sherlock to move back to London.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Elementary at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Elementary.  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Two men spar on a rooftop in the early morning sun with sticks. One smashes the other in the head and an egg cracks and falls to the ground. They take off their visors and we see it’s Mycroft and Sherlock. He tells Mycroft the egg was his invention to confirm a solid strike to the pate. Mycroft reminds him that they have dinner plans and that he missed the opening of Diogenes. Sherlock tells him that he was working a kidnapping case. He relents and says he’ll come. He puts a fresh egg on his brother’s visor and they go back to sparring!

A delivery guy heads into a market where a young guys sits out front of the store. There’s a thunk. He tells the driver he heard a noise from the truck but then they decide it’s nothing. He drives away and we see a woman (looking dead) on the roof of the truck with a bloody wound on the side of her stomach.

Bell says a woman saw the body when the truck passed by and called it in. Bell, Joan and Sherlock stand atop the truck. Sherlock hops up and goes in. He looks at the labels on the shelves and says he knows when the body got there. He tells Bell to get the driver. He asks about the numbering on the shelves.

He asks where a box was that set on a particular shelf. He doesn’t understand but Bell tells him to go with it. Sherlock says paint chips were dislodged when she fell. The pattern around the boxes tells him which boxes were there when she fell.

At the apartment building they’re ready to go door to door but Watson tells them to go to the third floor. All but one landing has the same plant. They head in there and find the obvious murder scene. There’s no name in the records because it’s an ultra private building.

Joan tells Sherlock she thinks it’s nice he and Mycroft were up playing that morning. Watson finds a driver’s license from Texas. Sherlock finds a suitcase and he can see that there are new clothes and shoes that have been recently bought as well as a diamond bracelet. He says she was a kept woman. Bell says the guy who was keeping her is the inventor of the best phone in the country and half the computers – Ian Gale.

Gale’s lawyer comes out and says he knew Ms. Tyler and the terms of their relationship. The attorney tells them his boss had nothing to do with the death – says he’s been in Kuala Lumpur and has been for a month. He shows them a film clip of Gale to substantiate the alibi. Sherlock busts him out and says the guy in the clip is an imposter – he’s the wrong height. The lawyer kicks them out.

Joan wakes to a call from Mycroft. He tells her that Sherlock never showed for dinner and didn’t answer his phone. She says she’ll try to get him there to see Mycroft on his last night.

Joan finds Sherlock in the kitchen – he’s been up all night trying to figure out where Gale is. His corporate stand-in was at all of his events for the past couple of months. Sherlock says whatever happens is about money. He says Gale’s private jet is in NYC and so he thinks he’s there too. He out out feelers at all the top hotels and other places he may haunt.

Joan asks why he ditched Mycroft and says he needs to go to dinner. He says he’ll go if the case breaks. He gets a text and says he found him. He’s at a nice hotel under the name Frank Beaufort. Sherlock says he reserved a whole floor for privacy. She asks how they’ll get in and he plucks a key card out of a plant and drops off a package. It’s a rare moose cheese you can only get three times a year and he got an all access card in exchange.

Sherlock and Joan come onto the floor and security tries to stop them. He tells them they are facing obstruction for standing in the way of an investigation and starts to call the police. But then they bring him in and he sees Gale in a bed hooked up to all kind of machinery. He’s obviously deathly ill. He introduces his wife Natalie. He says he’s not hiding from a crime – he’s hiding because he’s sick.

They used an imposter to fool people until the board of his company could make a transition plan and so the stock wouldn’t plummet if people found out he’s sick. He says Hayley – the dead girl – was not his mistress but his daughter!

Gale had a heart transplant a month ago but his body is rejecting the heart. He also has a rare blood type that he shared with his daughter. She was in town to give blood. He explains he met Hayley’s mother back in the day and it was a one night stand. He paid her mom off handsomely to go away.

Gale’s wife said Hayley came to New York voluntarily. She says he explained that he wanted Hayley back in his life before he died. He didn’t want to reveal his condition to her but he says now he doesn’t care if he has to go public to help find her killer.

Gregson says the Gales are giving all available help. There was one set of unidentified prints in her apartment. Sherlock gets a text from the morgue and says he’s going down there. Joan chastises him and tells him he has to go to dinner with Mycroft. She insists that she’ll handle the morgue. Sherlock tells her he can’t indulge in the ritualized fetishization of food. She tells him just to go.

The morgue doc says the killer knew exactly where to stab and they conclude he either had a medical background or it was dumb luck. The stab wound killed her, not the fall. She would have died even if she hasn’t fell. Hayley’s mother shows up then and tells them her last conversation with her daughter was an argument. Joan asks if that’s when Hayley found out Gale was her dad.

She says that Gale didn’t care about Hayley until he found out he needed her. She says she didn’t stop her from giving blood but didn’t want her daughter to come to New York. Marcus promises he’ll get her justice and her mom says she knows who killed her daughter.

Mycroft asks Sherlock if he enjoyed his dinner and he says it was exquisite (but grudgingly). Mycroft gives him the keys to 221B – he says he had his things moved out of Sherlock’s former home. Sherlock says he lives in NYC now and Mycroft asks if it’s permanent. He says he hasn’t decided and then say he needs to get back to work.

Mycroft says he has news of their father. He says their dad is angry that Sherlock has stayed in NYC after his recovery. Mycroft reminds him their dad saved his life and Sherlock says it was only to save him embarrassment. Mycroft lets him know their dad could take access to his trust fund and the building he lives in. Sherlock says he only uses the trust fund money to pay Joan. Mycroft says he needs to think about how it will affect Joan if Sherlock tells their dad to bugger off. He says he cares about him and Joan both.

Gale’s wife is at the police station asking her about the changes to the will and they want to know if she was perturbed about losing out on that cash. They ask her where she was when she left the hotel – she as seen by hotel staff during the hour when Hayley was killed. She left her phone and says she just went for a walk. Joan asks about her background and she admits she was a pediatric doctor.

Gale’s wife tells them that she’s going to call her attorneys – all of them – to stop them from taking it public. She tells them that changing the will to give Hayley the money was her idea. She says that her medical background is no reason to suspect her. She says even if Hayley died the money would go to Maureen – Hayley’s mom!

Sherlock is looking at apartments on his tablet and isn’t happy with the offerings. Joan tells him that the will confirmed what Natalie (Gale’s wife) told them. Sherlock says that doesn’t mean she was wrong about Natalie. She says there is no motive. Marcus calls Sherlock to tell them they got a match on the prints. Ray McKibbon from Texas. He’s Hayley’s on and off boyfriend according to Maureen. Marcus put out a BOLO on him.

They head back to Hayley’s place to look for signs Ray had been there. They surmise she may have kept him secret from her mom and the Gales.

Joan asks about the dinner with Mycroft and he tells her the news about his dad and says they may need to move and take on more paying cases. She asks if his dad wants him back in London and Sherlock says he doesn’t really he just doesn’t realize it. Joan is horrified he was paying her from his trust fund and he says he did it because they don’t work a lot of paying cases because he prefers the better cases from the NYPD.

Sherlock mentions they could both move to London and work for Scotland Yard. He says Mycroft told him his dad would support them there. She asks if that’s what he wants and he admits he enjoyed visiting London but prefers NYC because he has a better support system and that he thrives there because of who he has come to know more so than who he is. He says he’s not ready to give that up. He tells Joan it’s her turn. She says screw his dad – they can find a new place to live.

Sherlock turns on the TV and she asks if it will help them find Ray. He says DVRs are idiot helpers because we teach them our habits and tastes. He says that can help them profile. He shows recordings on horse racing yet all of her cosmetics are cruelty free. He surmises that the program was Ray’s and it’s about upcoming races. They conclude he may be at the races in person!

They nab him and Ray complains that as his horse – literally – came in they arrested him. He says he was out and came home and saw all the blood and that she was gone. He says he didn’t call the police because he knew they wouldn’t believe him. He says he went to get her medicine because she was sick. He says it was like a flu and she had been getting sicker for two weeks. He tells them the name of the pharmacy.

They take Ray away and Sherlock asks Joan what’s going on. She says that Hayley gave blood a week ago and wouldn’t have been allowed to if she had been ill. They call the hospital tech and he says there was no mention of her being sick. He was the guy who took her blood and he says she was completely well. Yet pharmacy footage shows Ray was there buying flu meds so he’s in the clear.

Sherlock gets a call saying Gale just died and that the company will be releasing a statement soon. Joan says this case is not about Hayley’s murder, but perhaps it’s about Gale’s! They head back to see Natalie – the new widow. She’s with the attorney. Gregson comes in and tells the lawyer that he knows they can’t harass her about Hayley’s murder but they are there about Gale’s death.

Sherlock says the survival rate of a heart transplant is about 80%. They tell her they know she contacted a divorce lawyer a few years back but because of her pre-nup quickly figured out it wouldn’t have worked out well for her. They say that when she found out he needed a transplant she saw a chance. The lawyer says you can’t make a transplant reject and Joan cuts in and says actually you can.

She explains that Natalie got him first to reconnect with Hayley. Then she gave Hayley a shot that would produce antibodies to the new heart. That’s what made her sick. This incubated a custom made poison to kill Gale. They found a witness – Christian Suarez – a lab tech that was helping with her husband’s care.

He provided biopsy tissue from the new heart to create the antibodies. Sherlock then explained she had to kill Hayley so that no one could tie her illness back to Gale’s. Gregson explains they’re running new tests on Hayley’s blood and they’ll have the proof they need soon enough.

Mycroft shows up at Sherlock’s. He changed his flight til the next day to tie up loose ends and see his brother. Sherlock gives him a letter for their father. Mycroft asks if he’s to play messenger and he says he did for their dad. Sherlock tells him recovery from addiction is about structure and says what he has here with Watson is working. He says one day returning to London may be possible, but it’s not now. He says the letter explains his gratitude for what their father has done for him and why he has to stay.

Mycroft says that must have been hard and Sherlock says it was like carving them into his very flesh. Mycroft takes the letter and says he hopes it works but says their father is capricious. He tells Sherlock he has changed so much and Sherlock says he is so much the same. Mycroft sits at the bar in his restaurant drinking wine. He takes out the letter and then tears it up. He calls someone and says his gambit failed. He says they are going to have to come at the problem a different way. He says that since Sherlock and his dad haven’t spoken in years, he doubts either will find out.

OMG – could Mycroft be working with that she-devil Moriarty?

The End!