Elementary RECAP 11/7/13: Season 2 Episode 7 “The Marchioness”

Elementary RECAP 11/7/13: Season 2 Episode 7 “The Marchioness”

ELEMENTARY continues tonight on CBS with a new episode called, “The Marchioness.”  On tonight’s show Sherlock has a difficult time accepting Mycroft and Joan’s relationship.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode when Captain Gregson’s home was invaded, Holmes and Watson worked to find the masked gunman before he struck again. Meanwhile, Gregson gave his team some insight into his private life.  Talia Balsam guest starred as Cheryl, Gregson’s wife.

On tonight’s show Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, arrives in New York and enlists Holmes and Watson to help solve a case involving his former fiancée. Meanwhile, Sherlock has a difficult time accepting Mycroft and Joan’s relationship.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Elementary at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Elementary.  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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At a meeting, the guy leading it wants to talk about the craziest thoughts they’ve had about their disease. Sherlock speaks up and says he feels like he was born at the wrong time. He says he has heightened sense and the modern times are cacophony to him. He says the distractions follow us home, into our beds and souls. He says copious drug use once helped his worn nerve endings. He says he wonders if he had been born in a quieter age would he have ever been a drug addict and have been a more realized person.

Another guys speaks up and asks if he means ancient Greece. Sherlock says the dental care was awful then. Someone else speaks up and asks if he means 200 years ago and Sherlock turns to find Mycroft. He’s horrified and Mycroft says he heard it was an open meeting. Sherlock asks where he was and how he got there and Mycroft says modern technology invented a flying conveyance.

He tells them a shared acquaintance is in trouble and he asks them to come to dinner with him. He also shows them his new restaurant – Diogenes. Sherlock is not happy about the acquaintance he mentioned – it’s Nigella Mason, Mycroft’s former fiancée. She greets Sherlock with a huge kiss and Joan asks isn’t she the one that you… And Sherlock says yes – the one he rutted with!

A chef that’s auditioning discusses their taste palate and asks if they have any allergies. Sherlock says he has an aversion to gold digging trollops. Nigella explains that she married a Marquess – Robert. She says they got divorced because he wasn’t terribly appetizing in the bedroom. She says she turned in loneliness to her husband’s stable master. She says private investigators were involved and it got ugly. She says she fell in love with a horse – Silver Blaze. She says she got the horse and her title in the divorce. She says the horse can’t race but is a stud now and Sherlock calls her a horse pimp.

She says Dalton (her horse managing lover) was shot when someone tried to break into the stable, they think, to kill her horse. She wants justice for her dead lover and to protect her horse. She tells him that when Mycroft fell sick her forgave her. Nigella realizes she put her foot in to because Sherlock didn’t know. Mycroft says it was leukemia and he had a marrow transplant and is doing better now. He says he tried to tell Sherlock.

Sherlock tells him he’s sorry for his troubles but that Nigella is awful and toxic. He says he wants her out of his life and he walks out. Sherlock listens to the police band and Joan asks if he’s looking for a crime. He tells her that her posture tells him that Mycroft makes her uncomfortable. He asks if Mycroft tried to seduce her and she says he didn’t. She asks if he’s upset about his brother’s illness and he says he’s more annoyed.

Then Mycroft is at the door and he comes in and tells Sherlock he owes him an apology. Sherlock asks why he didn’t ask him for bone marrow. Mycroft says he’s trying to be less stubborn and more compassionate. Sherlock says he’s doing the same thing all selfish people do when they’re sick. Mycroft says that Nigella organized a drive to find him a bone marrow donor when she heard he was sick and that he found his match from her efforts.

Mycroft says them helping Nigella will prove that they’ve put the whole “affair” behind him. He says otherwise Sherlock can just consider it solving a murder.

At the stable, the local cop explains the murder set up. He says Dalton came by to give the horse a shot and that a friend was with him. He says the killer shot Dalton and dropped his bag when he ran away. There are too many prints to be of use. He says the owner of the stables chased the guy for a while but lost him in a clearing. He says the guy was just gone. He had about 100 yard head start.

The cop says maybe the gunman was further back. Sherlock thinks the killer went to higher ground to see who all was chasing him. They find a tree that looks likely and Sherlock spreads some powder on the branch and then dusts. He uses a black light app on this phone and finds prints – he snaps a photo and says they have the prints from the murderer and that he’s missing the ring finger from his left hand.

They go back to the station and run the prints. Sherlock tells Mycroft he can be helpful by taking notes. Joan and Sherlock examine the bag the gunman had. There is a map, some syringes, a large knife and a few other items. The map has impressions on it and Sherlock finds the number 2501. Joan wonders if it’s an address.

Marcus says they got a hit from the prints on a series of crimes – two mass shootings related to drug cartels. They think it’s an assassin named El Mechanico. The first massacre was in Tampa. Sherlock says for Mycroft to find out why drug dealers want to kill her horse. Mycroft texts Nigella and says they can see her at her hotel. Suite 2501!

Someone is watching Nigella through a scope. It’s a gunman. She gets a call and it’s Sherlock. He tells her that there’s an assassin targeting her. She says nothing is going on and she’s enjoying the view. He asks if the curtains are open and she says just the one. He asks her to go into another room and she asks why. Then she’s shot!

Nigella is in interrogation and insists she knows no one in a cartel. Marcus asks if Dalton may have been involved with the cartel. Sherlock says she’s lying and Nigella offers access to all her information, books and records and says there is no connection.

Sherlock comes into the kitchen and is horrified to find Mycroft cooking. He tells him a meal is an indulgence and that conversation is an annoyance within the indulgence. He says he’ll eat if it doesn’t interrupt his work.

Aguillar is the guy the police think could be involved because he’s a passionate horseman. Sherlock tells him that Nigella hasn’t changed and Mycroft wants to know why he has to think she’s a good person to help.

Joan tells Mycroft it’s the best risotto she’s ever had and asks why he won’t be the chef at his restaurant and Sherlock says he’s too lazy. Mycroft says for him to come eat before it’s cold.

Sherlock gets a text from a forensic accountant. He found a link to the money behind the horses and Aguillar. Sherlock says he has a list of horses owned ultimately by the Aguillar’s and that one of his horses was impregnated by Nigella’s horse Silver Blaze. The foal was sold off and Joan asks why he would sell off a foal that he paid so richly for.

Mycroft asks him to sit down and have dessert and they can go in the morning to check on the foal. Sherlock sits and then freaks and says there’s too much tension. He demands to know what happened between the two of them in London. Mycroft says dinner was a bad idea and leaves.

Joan demands to know why he’s blowing his shot to make up with Mycroft. He wants to know why she’s nervous around Mycroft and she says she’s nervous about being with him and Mycroft. She finally admits she slept with Mycroft and says he can choose to let it comes between him and his brother or not.

In the car the next day, Sherlock tells Joan he forgives her and tells Mycroft he’s disappointed in him. He asks them if it’s a one-time thing or will be ongoing. He then asks Joan if his brother has a talent for coitus and then asks Mycroft how Joan was. Neither answers and they look uncomfortable.

They look at the foil nutmeg and Sherlock holds out a photo. He says he’s looking for something and tells her to go find something to do and suggests doing his brother. Done looking he tells Mycroft that Nigella is a horrible person and that he knows why Aguillar wants her dead.

Back at the restaurant Sherlock tells her that the placement of cowlicks on horses is genetic. He shows her a photo of Silver Blaze and says he has a whorl between his eyes and so does the mare that he sired on. Yet nutmeg has whorls in a different place. He asks what happened to the real Silver Blaze. He asks if he died. She says he saw the horse and Sherlock tells her that horse is an imposter and she’s selling his sperm for 100,000 pounds a pop.

Nigella tells him she fought a huge legal battle to get Silver Blaze and says she deserved something for all she went though. Sherlock says that it was only 22 months. She says he died of heart failure but that he had a brother that never amounted to much. She says that with studding most of the scrutiny falls on the mare and that she took hair and blood from her horse’s body before they disposed of it.

She says no one could know and he says that Aguillar knew and he planned to poison her horse and then come kill her. Nigella asks if they will turn her into the police.

Joan and Sherlock watch the witness statement from the Tampa massacre. She’s not impressed. She asked if he’s still pouting about Mycroft and her. Sherlock says he can’t put it into context. He says they have an intimacy that helps them work well together. He says that it is unlike her to introduce something unlikely into their productive relationship. She says he’s overthinking.

Sherlock says the witness’s metaphors were too much. He says the guy is selling an idea rather than describing a person. He says “he looks like vengeance.” They look at the footage and see he’s missing a finger. He wasn’t the witness, he was the perpetrator – El Mechanico.

Gregson asks why he made the statement and Joan says the police got there before he could get away and he had the alibi persona already set up. The police only got partials at other crime scenes and there’s was the first full set that helped them realize about the missing finger.

They want to know how to catch him and Sherlock says he’s probably monitoring her phone conversations. Gregson doesn’t want to use her as bait and Sherlock says they can do it without risking her. She uses her phone to make an appointment to meet someone. They figure out where he would likely be shooting from and hid a police squad on the roof and pick up “El Mechanico.”

He’s got a lawyer and she’s struggling. Gregson says they’ve got his fingerprints at three murder scenes. Myrcroft congratulates Sherlock and says he caught a mass murderer.

Marcus says that the prints from the guy they caught don’t match the prints from the murder scenes. They can only hold him for trespassing and will have to cut him loose soon!

Sherlock, Joan and Mycroft sit in the car and Mycroft says they must be frustrated because they’re wrong. Sherlock says they’re not wrong and the only possible explanation is fake fingerprints. He says El Mechanico uses fake prints and Joan asks how it’s possible. Sherlock says you need human hands and a high cost lab. He says working for the cartel means both of these are easy.

Sherlock pokes Joan’s bed and he says he was checking to make sure his brother isn’t in there with her. He says they need Mycroft because they are heading to Denning to visit El Mechanico’s (Newell) house. Sherlock says he has a new theory. The prints were also found at a low level liquor store robbery. The fingerprints he was wearing belonged to the perpetrator of that crime since it predated the first massacre.

They go to see the sheriff in the small town where the liquor store robbery occurred. She says there was a homeless guy that only drank Straw Dog and stole it from the liquor store but then went missing. The sheriff shows them the place where the homeless guy slept. Sherlock is excited and says there’s one tree that’s abnormally tall – Sherlock says they’ve found Straw Dog Jed. He says we need men and shovels.

Gregson apologizes to Newell for the trouble about the incorrect prints. The lawyer starts to leave but then Gregson tells him they found some hairs buried with Straw Dog’s body. They got a DNA match. Next we see the news about Newell getting a plea bargain and confessing to being a hit man for the cartel.

Mycroft comes to the door and Joan smiles broadly at him. He tells her he’s there for Sherlock and they sit awkwardly. Finally he asks her to be his guest for the opening of his new restaurant and she starts to say yes but then pauses and asks if it won’t make things more awkward. Mycroft tells her that he’s glad she’s in Sherlock’s life and he wants them to be friends.

Nigella comes into the restaurant and finds the brothers waiting for her. Sherlock says he got in touch with Aguillar’s attorneys and saved her by threatening to expose the fraud he undertook when he sold the foal he knew wasn’t of proper bloodline. Mycroft tells her that she’s out of the stud business and they want her to repay the victims of her fraud. Mycroft tells her that they will oversee the payments and that she needs to find a new way to run her life. Mycroft tells her to go so he can have coffee with his brother.

Sherlock tells him he doesn’t want to wax nostalgic and they search for other topics to discuss.