Elementary RECAP 10/31/13: Season 2 Episode 6 “An Unnatural Arrangement”

Elementary RECAP 10/31/13: Season 2 Episode 6 “An Unnatural Arrangement”

ELEMENTARY continues tonight on CBS with a new episode called, “An Unnatural Arrangement”.”  On tonight’s show Gregson gives his team some insight into his private life.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode Holmes and Watson found themselves digging through the dark world of the mob to found a killer when they discovered the body of a former assassin. Meanwhile, Watson helped a close friend track down a mystery man who swept her off her feet.

On tonight’s show when Captain Gregson’s home is invaded, Holmes and Watson work to find the masked gunman before he strikes again. Meanwhile, Gregson gives his team some insight into his private life.  Talia Balsam guest stars as Cheryl, Gregson’s wife.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Elementary at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Elementary.  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Sherlock shows Joan a holding cell and says it’s the worst of the human condition. She asks him why they’re wasting their Friday night there. He wants her to look at the guys and diagnose why they’re there. She calls a drunk and disorderly and then a cheater with a hooker. A man in a shirt and tie asks if she can do him next.

A guy approaches Joan and introduces himself as Craig. He asks if she’s the consultant and tells her about robberies involving thefts at falafel carts. She says they’ll be happy to look at it and he says Sherlock insulted him once and asks if she can take a look without him. He says he’ll grab the case file.

A woman comes in while leaving a message for her daughter at college. There’s a masked intruder in her home who points a gun at her and asks where her husband is. She says she doesn’t know. When a car alarm outside distracts him, she runs and locks herself in her room. She pulls out her gun and shoots through the door when he tries to get in. She calls 911 and says the man is gone but wanted her husband. She says that her husband is a police captain – it’s Gregson!

The crime scene crew pores over Gregson’s house fingerprinting when Gregson comes in to hug and comfort his wife. She says she’s okay. A neighbor says he was working in his garage when he heard the gun went off. Sherlock arrives and points them toward blood on a car. Joan says maybe she just grazed the guy since there wasn’t a lot of blood.

She tells them that she doesn’t know how the guy got in and Gregson chastises her for not having the alarm on. She says he wore a mask she could describe to a sketch artist and that she would recognize his voice. Marcus asks if she or Gregson noticed anything odd around the house lately and he has to admit that he hasn’t been living there for the past month.

Gregson says he’s the target but his wife is the victim. He tells them he can’t run the case but gives some pointers and says if the guy has a vendetta against a cop he’s in the system. Sherlock tells him that he’ll need access to his personal private information and asks if that’s okay. Gregson says to do whatever it takes.

Joan and Sherlock look through his files. Joan says he turned down a great promotion because he didn’t want to work for Internal Affairs. Sherlock browses his email and says he has an affinity for videos of amusing kittens. He tells her he’s surprised that Gregson’s marriage didn’t fall apart before now under the stress of being a cop.

Joan found 20 cases with perps that fit the description. He tells her that he knows that reviewing old cases was a fool’s errand and now he’s sure of it. He says they’re hunting for a different class of criminal. He mentions Dustin Bishop. He found the guy in Gregson’s spam folder. Emails that seems stalkerish abound.

Next day Marcus tells Gregson they found no prints and there’s no DNA match in CODIS. He asks if there’s any chance their separation is tied into what happened. Gregson says it’s a trial separation that his wife wanted because she said she needed some time alone now that they’re empty nesting.

Joan and Sherlock go to Bishop’s house. He doesn’t answer and Joan says she hears the water running. She picks the lock and they go in. There is a wall of clippings about Gregson – a sort of shrine. They head into the bathroom. Bishop is passed out on the floor and has a gunshot wound.

At the apartment, Marcus tells Gregson that they pulled out a slug that matched the caliber of gun she shot with. Sherlock says he’s not the guy – he says that he shot himself so he could take credit for a crime he didn’t commit to involved himself in Gregson’s life. They get a text and Sherlock is proven right – no DNA match for Bishop with the blood from Gregson’s house.

A man walks into his home, picks up his mail and is shot in the back by a masked man!

Next day the crew is in the morgue and Gregson has no idea who the victim is – Clendon – even though he was shot by the same guy who broke into Gregsons. Sherlock says the guy was obviously ex-military- Afghanistan likely and wonder if that has something to do with it. Gregson again denies knowledge of the guy. Sherlock says he’s going to do more research. Marcus tells Gregson a dog walker in the neighborhood has seen a blue truck in front of house on a couple of nights and he says he has no idea (but obviously does).

Joan finds Baskin and apologizes for not getting back to him about the falafel case. He asks if she’s talked to Sherlock. She hunts him down and finds out he read the file, solved the case and emailed the culprit’s name to Baskin. He said he used the case as a palate cleanser. She is mad because he took it from her. He tells her they live and work together and it’s not his and hers. He says it’s about results but she’s not happy.

Marcus comes and tells them they’re going to talk to Clendon’s mom. That ends their argument- for now… Gregson’s wife greets them with hot coffee. He asks to talk to her alone inside. She tells him he looks heavier. He mentioned the blue truck to her and she says it’s just a friend. It’s a guy that Gregson knows – Steven – and she says nothing happened and nothing will. She tells him they’re separated and she can have dinner with whoever she wants. He says she never mentioned seeing other people and she says she clearly told him she wasn’t happy. He says he doesn’t want someone else – he wants his wife. She says that’s not enough for her – that all his time is on duty.

Clendon’s mother tells them that Sam’s tours of duty were rough. She says everyone liked him and Sherlock says not everyone. He mentions that he was stabbed. She tells him that there was a guy on his last TOD that couldn’t adjust and one day he snapped and came at him with a knife – she says it was Jason Esparza. She tells him that James Monroe was his CO – that’s the guy that said he heard the gun shot – Gregson’s neighbor.

They call Gregson and tell him to get his wife into protective custody. Apparently Gregson’s house shows up when you do a search for James Monroe – it’s mistaken identity that led the killer into Gregson’s house. He’s at Monroe’s, knocks and enters and there’s a guy dead on the floor.

Marcus tells them that Monroe is dead from the same shooter. They think it maybe Esparza – the guy who attacked Clendon. Monroe’s report had sealed the deal and got Esparza kicked out of the military but he claimed the two had trumped it all up.

Sherlock stays behind to talk to Gregson because he said he glanced at him. He says he was thinking of asking him something but then changed his mind. Sherlock asks if it’s about his wife. He tells him about the guy he thinks his wife may be seeing. Sherlock asks if he wants him to investigate the guy and Gregson says he was going to but changed his mind. He thinks his marriage is over. Sherlock says if you need someone to talk to… and you think he’s going to offer to hear him out but instead he offers Joan’s ear.

They’ve got Esparza in interrogation and he says even dead those two guys are messing with him. Marcus says he seems calmer than he expected based on his record. He tells them that while he was gone he found out his fiancée was fooling around. He says it hit him hard and that Clendon was cheating with a married woman so he approached him and it turned into an altercation.

They ask if he has an alibi and he says he was home but no one can verify it. Marcus asks him to take off his shirt. If he has no bullet wounds he’s not their guy. He pops it up and sure enough – no wound.

Sherlock interrupts Joan’s tooth brushing and tells her they’ve got a lead. The woman Clendon was cheating with was an archaeologist who was working in Afghanistan. Sherlock wonders if she’s been cheating again and maybe her hubby got jealous enough to kill. She has an annoying barky dog. He asks if her husband is around. He tells her that the man she was having an affair with is dead. She says they weren’t having an affair. She says Clendon’s unit was her security people. She says she was already in the process of a divorce when she met Clendon.

Joan asks her about Monroe and she says she wasn’t involved with him. She says that her ex was a nice guy who wouldn’t have hurt Clendon even if he had known about it.

Joan finds the falafel file at her door and Sherlock says he put it there in case she wanted to go back and see what she missed. She says she wanted to solve it when it was unsolved. She says this was a learning opportunity he robbed her of.

She thinks Sherlock is meditating but he’s learning about Mezizac – the site the woman was working out. Turns out China wanted access to the location because it’s a huge copper mine. Sherlock thinks that there may have been a robbery at the dig site of the valuable artifacts.

Next morning Sherlock shows her a list of catalogued artifacts. He says a particular copper bowl was found in each of the temples but not the one Beth was working at and the GIs did security for. They think that she’s got an accomplice and they’re killing off the other people who know about the valuable artifact.

At her house, they see a dust ring where the bowl was sitting. Sherlock says she hid it after their visit the day prior. Marcus says it’s their only evidence.

They’ve got Beth in interrogation. They searched her place but can’t find the stolen artifact. Beth says Joan and Sherlock are mistaken about what they saw. Sherlock says she may have handed it off to her accomplice. She was on a video conference all night so the guy must have come to her. They have to cut her loose with no proof.

Sherlock throws a little tantrum and says he’s giving up on meditation. Sherlock says she has no friends or boyfriends and her life is all about work. Joan smartly says she wonders how that would be. Sherlock brought her down a trunk from the attic that has his cold cases that he has never been able to solve. He says he’s given them his all and can’t crack them. He says she might even success where he failed. She thanks him.

Joan says her partner was a man. They show back up at Beth’s place. Her dog is barking like crazy. They have an arrest warrant for her. Turns out her ex hubby was her accomplice but it wasn’t about jealousy – it was about the million dollars worth of artifacts. They realized the lack of noise was the clue. The only person that could have come in without setting off her crazy dog was her ex that the dog knew already. Based on that they found her hubby in NYC and he quickly rolled over on her.

Sherlock comes into Gregson’s with a background report on Steven. He tells him that he’s clean. Sherlock asks if his wife knew he hated Steven. He says it’s been very clear. Sherlock tells him that she picked the guy on purpose to push his buttons. Sherlock says she also still has his photos all over the house and Gregson says that’s just for the kids. Sherlock tells him that his wife was his partner and may still be…

Gregson shows up at his wife’s house with Beth’s dog Gotham. He says she doesn’t like strange men. She gets why he brought the dog to her. Gregon tells her he knows the separation is because he put in her second place for too long and he wants to work to make it better and that he’ll give her space but he’s not going to give up. He says he’s going to take the time to figure out what he can do better. He tells her goodnight sweetheart and leaves.

Joan happily opens the trunk of cold case files. Sherlock watches while she does with a cryptic look on his face.