Elementary RECAP 12/12/13: Season 2 Episode 11 “Internal Audit”

Elementary RECAP 12/12/13: Season 2 Episode 11 “Internal Audit”

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies, continues tonight with an all new episode entitled “Internal Audit.” On tonight’s show Sherlock contemplates sponsoring a fellow recovering addict.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode Sherlock was forced to testify in an official police inquiry after an investigation went horribly awry, which jeapordized his and Watson’s future with the NYPD. Oh, no!

On tonight’s show when a hedge fund manager who was also running a Ponzi scheme is murdered, Holmes and Watson must determine which of his clients is guilty. Also, Sherlock contemplates sponsoring a fellow recovering addict.

Are you looking forward to Elementary season 2 episode 11 “Internal Audit”? Be sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap of this episode, which is sure to be an awesome one. In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know what you think has been the best part of this wonderful season!

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Marcus is back at work but struggling to write with his left hand. Watson comes in and tells him he’s doing good converting to southpaw. She brings him some food she made and asks if he has news about his hand. He says they don’t know yet if he’ll recover use. She tells him learning to write with your other hand is good for your brain. Watson asks if he needs to talk to someone and he says he needs to talk less. She leaves.

Sherlock is working on breaking into a car with his sober sponsor/carjacking coach Alfredo. Sherlock sets off the alarm and is annoyed with Alfredo tells him he beat it 10 times today already. He says he thinks Sherlock is off his game because of what happened to Marcus. Sherlock says he did everything correctly on the case so he doesn’t know why it’s nagging at him.

Alfredo says he needs to go to a meeting. Sherlock says he needs to beat the car alarm not a meeting. Alfredo agrees but says they’ll go to a meeting tomorrow.

The news talks about Donald Houser, a NY hedge fund manager accused of running a scheme. The reporter says Rosalie Nunez was the whistleblower. Houser drinks and then pulls out a gun and goes to kill himself when he is shot in the knee. Someone is in house and then shoots him in the other knee. He says he was about to kill himself and what’s done is done. The shooter says that‘s what he wants to talk about.

A girl comes in the next morning calling Donald’s name and sees him dead in the chair shot in the chest and the word thief is written in blood on the wall. At the scene, Watson says it looks like someone had a lot of anger to work out. The woman who found him is Mrs. Butler – his personal chef. Gregson asks if she knows who would want to hurt him and she says plenty of people. She asks what Sherlock is doing.

He’s peering into Houser’s mouth. Gregson says he thinks Houser had his gun out to defend himself but Sherlock says he was about to kill himself. He says that the drawer where it was kept was closed – not something you would do if you had an intruder. He points out he was drinking a bottle of scotch that’s terribly expensive and rarely moved. He says he drank a glass and was ready to shoot himself. He shows them there’s gun oil on the roof of his mouth.

Sherlock’s theory is that the intruder stopped him from killing himself so he could torture him. Sherlock wants to start by investigating Chef Chloe because she seemed jumpy. Watson doesn’t like her for the shooter but Sherlock says they’ll start with her. She gets a text to meet someone in an hour. Sherlock asks about Marcus and she says he’s better. She leaves to go meet the texter.

Sherlock sets to work. It was Chloe that texted Watson. They hug each other! Watson knows her and comes in the house. She has a baby and she says the baby daddy was an addict. Chloe was someone Watson sober coached. Chloe says she didn’t know if she was obligated to reveal she knew Watson when she saw her at the crime scene.

Chloe says she tries to keep that part of her life secret if she can. Watson asks if she still goes to meetings and Chloe says she does. Watson asks to tell Sherlock about their relationship because he noticed something was off and that he now suspects her. She says her confidentiality agreement will extend to Sherlock as well. Chloe agrees.

Sherlock sees Marcus at the station but doesn’t approach him. Watson explains to Sherlock about Chloe being an addict and that she was one of her first clients. She says that she started a new business to stay away from the triggers in the restaurant industry. Sherlock thinks it’s interesting that he didn’t detect another addict or that Watson was lying to him.

Sherlock says they need to get to work on other suspects and is interested in Rosalie Nunez. Watson tells him Chloe had an idea of who to look at. She says the last person to see him alive may have been Jacob Weiss – the director of a non-profit. They go to see him. He had an alibi but they ask if he had a financial motive. His nonprofit recovers money for holocaust services. He says the group never lost money because of Houser and did all his accounting work pro bono.

Watson wonders if Houser could be a swindler with a heart of gold. Sherlock gets a call he thinks is from Rosalie but it’s the cops that call him. The cop tells him to come to her house and says he may have some consulting questions for him. The shot backs out and we see she was tied to a chair just like Houser was!

Sherlock says it looks like the same MO as Houser’s death. She was killed just a couple of hours after Houser. Watson asks why they would both be killed since if you hated one you’d be a fan of the other. Sherlock says it seems like a literal case of shooting the messenger. Watson thinks her laptop may be missing. Sherlock notices it looks like forced entry and sees something gold on the door. He says they kicked the door and there is sap from the Osage orange on the door which tells Sherlock the likely route.

He tells her they were called monkey balls. He takes her to the only local place where you find the fruit. Sherlock gets a call – the ringtone is the theme from cops – and he says it’s Alfredo who wants him to go to a meeting but he’s got to focus on the investigation. Sherlock notices there are skateboarders there and this may help them even though they’re a societal scourge. Alfredo calls again and she says to go to the meeting and Watson says she has experience stitching up skaters in the ER so she’ll check with them.

Sherlock goes to meet with Alfredo but it’s not him – it’s a guy named Randy. Then Alfredo comes in too. Alfredo says he met Randy at a meeting and thinks Sherlock should be his sober sponsor. Randy says Alfredo says he can learn a lot from Sherlock. He asks to speak to Alfredo alone. He tells him he must be joking and Alfredo says he’s been thinking for a while that he needs a sponsee. Alferdo says that he’s distracted because he feels guilty. He says that he has empathy from the recovery program. He says that since Marcus won’t let him help him, he should help someone else. Sherlock says he can’t help because his availability is limited.

Sherlock gets a text from Watson and says he has to go. He meets her at home and she has videos from the skaters she’s reviewing. He tells her that Alfredo ambushed him with a demand that he sponsor Randy. He says his life isn’t conducive to it and she says that no one is.

Watson recognizes a guy on the tape and says she met him through Chloe. She IDs him as Nelson Maddox and Chloe says he was her ex and they were together when they were using. She says Donald introduced her to him. She says he’s a criminal and she only knows that it had something to do with drugs. She says after rehab she broke up with him and he got angry and came to see her. She says she hasn’t seen him since the night he confronted her.

Watson thinks Houser may have swindled Maddox but that doesn’t explain why he killed Nunez. Chloe says that she can’t tell the police that she was an addict because she’s in the middle of a custody battle for her baby. Watson says people are dead but Chloe demands she uphold her confidentiality agreement and she has to find another way to connect Maddox to Houser.

Sherlock isn’t happy about the confidentiality agreement and says that Chloe is the connection between them. He says he would have exposed himself as an addict if a murder was at stake. Watson tries to explain it’s about the custody battle. Sherlock wants to tell Gregson Maddox’s name and then they can work out the back story later. He says Maddox is out there and may kill again or is at least covering his tracks.

Alfredo hears a car revving outside his house and wakes up. He heads down to the garage and sees Sherlock sitting in the sports car. He finally cracked the alarm! Alfredo notes that Sherlock also beat his home security system. Alfredo hops in the car with him and tells him to talk. Sherlock says he’s always had compassion for the victims he’s helped. He says that it’s never been a detriment to his work. He says that giving him a sponsee will make things worse. Alfredo says it’s not about him – he says he’s gotten a lot out of the program and should give something back.

Sherlock comes home and finds Watson still working on the couch. She says that even though Chloe says Maddox was a client of Houser’s she can’t find his name on the client list. She says she gave Gregson the video of Maddox in the park so he can release it to the public. She reminds him about Rosalie’s missing laptop. She says she saw the laptop bag on Maddox’s shoulder and pointed it out to the captain.

Sherlock says it was all they could do and tells her well done. Watson gets a text and Gregson says a tip was called in. Weiss (the nonprofit guy) knows Maddox and says he thought he had something to do with the art world because he had donated art work. He also says Houser managed his money. Watson is still frustrated because he’s not on the client list.

Sherlock and Watson come into a high end gallery and show her the photo of Maddox. She says she doesn’t know him or his name. Watson says she was lying about knowing Maddox. They browse the gallery of weird artwork. Sherlock notices odd marks on the floor and asks if she opened the gallery that morning. She says she did. He asks if anything was out of place. He sees marks that indicate that someone was dragged. They follow the marks into a hallway to a storage area and then outside where there are dumpsters.

Sherlock pokes around and then pulls some debris out of the way. Maddox is dead and in the trash. Sherlock asks Fabiana (the gallery girl) if she’d like to revise her answers about knowing him…

Gregson and the cops are at the gallery working the crime scene. They found Maddox’s car with the gun in it along with rope used on the victims. He says Fabiana told him that Maddox was a silent partner in the gallery which was a client of Houser’s. They still need to figure out why he killed Rosalie and who killed Maddox.

Sherlock says that Rosalie knew there was more to the gallery than meets the eye. He points out red dots near the items that indicate they have been sold. He says they are at every third painting and indicates someone placed them there as a shoddily executed lie that make it look like they are selling paintings but it’s really a money laundering front. Sherlock asks who bought the red dot paintings and asks who bought them.

She sends them to Weiss (the nonprofit guy) and Gregson tags along. Sherlock asks how the holocaust survivors would feel that he was making claims on the behalf of people who never knew was making the claims. Sherlock shows names on the large star of David sculpture that were listed as painting buyers.

Sherlock says that it was Houser that told Rosalie about what Weiss was up to. He says then when Weiss saw Maddox on the news he killed him. Gregson asks Weiss if he’d like to explain how names on the lsit never knew they had a wartime settlement.

Marcus comes into Gregson’s office and finds Deputy Commissioner De Silva. He asks if he knows about his division and he says it’s called the demographics unit. He says they keep an eye on certain groups and listen to chatter – it’s an intelligence division. De Silva wants to recruit Marcus. He says he heard he’s an exceptional detective who has been derailed and is facing a desk job. He tells Marcus he could work for him instead of being a paperwork jockey and protect New York City from the next attack.

Sherlock stares at his watch as the doorbell rings – he yells enter – it’s Randy (he calls him Randall). He tells Sherlock his place is cool. Sherlock is acting weird and Randy says if he doesn’t want to be his sponsor, it’s okay. Sherlock says he does. He says when he chose Alfredo he did it on a whim. He says he had low expectations of him and of sponsorship in general and says he was wrong because Alfredo has taught him a lot. Sherlock says he won’t coddle him or be his therapist but will be his sponsor and work to keep him sober. Randy says since Sherlock has been long time sober he finds these terms acceptable.